September 6, 2020
by Marcus Parsons

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2020 Works II is a flowing video made of art created this summer and
set to music. Watch it
here (the Squeezeshot YouTube channel). 

It is a sequel to 2020 Works I, which included art from the first
half of this tumultuous year. Viewers have called the videos
dreamlike, poetic, forceful.... And one viewer found that
combining the art with music as the videos do
"...lifts (the artworks) up into a new

realm, into their own universe,
into some world...altogether
 brilliant and odd...of great
artistic force and imagination



You can also view the new artworks in's
2020 art galleries H through L. Click here to go there.
(Above, thumbnails of a few of those works.)

A note: The images are large, for good viewing, so
they may take some seconds to load to your device.


An Election Special
Art  •  Photography • the Squeezeshot Saga • Verse  •  Video
Whatever pearl you seek,
look for the pearl within the pearl.

— Rumi

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