Learning through manufacturing challenges 

Join an international networking session with industrial companies to hear other experiences and share yours on the relevant topics of new digitalization technologies:

•Digitalization. Company case from Czech Republic.
•Cloud Computing, Real Time Analytics and IoT technologies. Company cases from Lithuania.
•Additive Manufacturing. Company case from Spain.

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EU project ManuLearn invites to participate in an international networking event for manufacturing companies with the title “Industrial challenges to become digital manufacturer: Experiences of EU companies”, which will take place online on 29 September 11:00–13:00 CEST time.
The purpose of the event is to share visions, discuss and co-create solutions on how to approach future manufacturing challenges. It addresses industrial companies that are considering the adoption of new technologies of digitalization or they have started such digitalization process to face present and future manufacturing challenges.
The first part of the event will consist of three presentations of companies that already have gone through the digitalization process. They will focus on specific areas or specific cases, point out barriers and good practices / business opportunities that they handled in their companies.
After the key-note session every participating company will be invited to choose one of the three parallel dialogue sessions according to their areas of interest / technologies. Participants in the parallel meetings will have the chance to discuss the most relevant challenges and nowadays concerns in smaller groups with other companies.   

11:00-11:15 Introduction to the event (EIT Manufacturing)
11:15-12:00 Keynote presentation panel: Practical experiences of companies in Digitalization:
  • Digitalization: Czech Republic company case.
  • Digitizing traditional manufacturing industries: introduction of cloud computing, real time analytics and IoT technologies. Experiences of Baltik Vairas, Diab Group and Vilnika. Mr. Andrius Vilčiauskas, CEO of GK Proact (Lithuania).
  • Additive Manufacturing: Spanish company case.
12:00-12:30 Parallel Dialogue Sessions in small groups (split by areas of interest/ technologies)
  • Which are our most relevant challenges on Digitalization?
  • How are we facing such challenges? What are the drivers and barriers?
12:30-13:00 Conclusions in Plenary

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* ManuLearn project is funded by EIT-Manufacturing EU initiative.

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