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Faculty at the University of Florida Levin College of Law continue to produce cutting-edge scholarship analyzing the use of law to improve health outcomes, including through the regulation of medical technology, better integration of mental health in criminal law, and ongoing identification of the unique health needs of agricultural workers. Through their research and a generous $20 million gift dedicated to health law, UF Law’s health law program is stronger than ever before. I invite you to learn more below.

Laura Ann Rosenbury
Barbara Evans
Stephen C. O'Connell Chair; Professor of Law; Professor of Engineering, University of Florida Wertheim College of Engineering 

Law Review Articles 

  • Barbara J. Evans & Ellen Wright Clayton, Deadly Delay: The FDA’s Role in America’s COVID-Testing Debacle, 130 Yale Law Journal Forum 78 (2020).
  • Barbara J. Evans, The Streetlight Effect: Regulating Genomics Where the Light Is, 48 Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics 105 (2020).
  • Barbara J. Evans, Minding the Gaps in Regulation of Do-it-Yourself Biotechnology, in Symposium: Democratizing Health Care, 21 DePaul Journal of Health Care Law 1 (2020).
  • Barbara J. Evans, Gail Javitt, Ralph Hall, Megan Robertson, Pilar Ossorio, Susan M. Wolf, Thomas Morgan, & Ellen Wright Clayton, for the LawSeq Quality Working Group, How Can Law and Policy Advance Genomic Analysis and Interpretation for Clinical Care?, 48 Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics 44 (2020).
  • Mark A. Rothstein, John T. Wilbanks, Laura M. Beskow, Kathleen Brelsford, Kyle B. Brothers, Megan Doerr, Barbara J. Evans, Catherine M. Hammack-Aviran, Michelle L. McGowan, & Stacy A. Tovino, Unregulated Health Research Using Mobile Devices: Ethical Considerations and Policy Recommendations, 48 Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics 196 (2020).
  • Barbara J. Evans, The Perils of Parity: Should Citizen Science and Traditional Research Follow the Same Ethical and Privacy Principles?, 48 Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics 74 (2020).
  • Jessica L. Roberts, Alexandra L. Foulkes, Paul S. Appelbaum, Wendy K. Chung, Ellen Wright Clayton, Barbara J. Evans, & Gary E. Marchant, Can Clinical Genetics Laboratories be Sued for Medical Malpractice?, 29 Annals of Health Law & Life Sciences 153 (2020).
  • Barbara J. Evans & Susan M. Wolf, A Faustian Bargain That Imperils People’s Privacy Rights and Return of Results, 71 Florida Law Review 1281 (2019).
  • Barbara J. Evans, The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act at Age 10: GINA’s Controversial Assertion that Data Transparency Protects Privacy and Civil Rights, 60 William & Mary Law Review 2017 (2019).
  • Ellen Wright Clayton, Barbara J. Evans, James W. Hazel & Mark A. Rothstein, The Law of Genetic Privacy: Applications, Implications, and Limitations, 6 Journal of Law & Biosciences 1 (2019).
  • Amy L. McGuire, Jessica Roberts, Sean Aas, & Barbara J. Evans, Who Owns the Data in a Medical Information Commons?, 47 Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics 62 (2019).
Books and Book Chapters 
  • Barbara J. Evans & Frank Pasquale, Product Liability Suits for FDA-Regulated AI/ML Software, in Innovation and Protection: The Future of FDA Medical Device Regulation (I. Glenn Cohen, Nicholson Price, Timo Minssen & Carmel Shachar eds., forthcoming 2021).
  • Barbara J. Evans, Programming Our Genomes, Programming Ourselves: The Moral and Regulatory Limits of Self-Harm, in Do-It-Yourself Gene Editing, in Consuming Genomics (I. Glenn Cohen, Hank Greely, Nita Farahany & Carmel Shachar, eds., forthcoming 2020).
  • Transparency in Health and Health Care in the United States: Law and Ethics (Holly Fernandez Lynch, I. Glenn Cohen, Carmel Shachar & Barbara J. Evans, eds., 2019).
  • Barbara J. Evans, The Interplay of Privacy and Transparency in Health Care: The HIPAA Privacy Rule as a Case Study, in Transparency in Health and Health Care in the United States: Law and Ethics 30 (Holly Fernandez Lynch, I. Glenn Cohen, Carmel Shacher & Barbara J. Evans, eds., 2019).
  • Barbara J. Evans, Ethical Standards for Unconsented Data Use in Genomic Data Commons, in Routledge Handbook of the Study of the Commons 294 (Blake Hudson, Jonathan Rosenblum & Dan Cole, eds., 2019).
  • Jim Hawkins, Barbara J. Evans & Harlan Krumholz, Nontransparency in Electronic Health Record Systems, in Transparency in Health and Health Care in the United States: Law and Ethics 273 (Holly Fernandez Lynch, I. Glenn Cohen, Carmel Shachar & Barbara J. Evans, eds., 2019).
Peer Reviewed Articles 
  • Sara H. Katsanis, Peter Claes, Megan Doerr, Robert Cook-Deegan, Jessica D. Tenenbaum, Barbara J. Evans, Myoung Keun Lee, Joel Anderton, Seth M. Weinberg, Jennifer K. Wagner, A Survey of U.S. Public Perspectives on Facial Recognition Technology and Facial Imaging Data Practices in Health and Research Contexts, PLOS ONE (submitted June 17, 2021, under review).
  • Sara H. Katsanis, Peter Claes, Megan Doerr, Robert Cook-Deegan, Jessica D. Tenenbaum, Barbara J. Evans, Myoung Keun Lee, Joel Anderton, Seth M. Weinberg, and Jennifer K. Wagner, U.S. Adult Perspectives on Facial Images, DNA, and Other Biometrics, IEEE: Transactions on Technology and Society (submitted April 29, 2021, under review).
  • Andrew Paek, Justin A. Brantley, Barbara J. Evans, and Jose L. Contreras-Vidal, Concerns in the Blurred Divisions between Medical and Consumer Neurotechnology, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Systems Journal (accepted September 2020, online ahead of print).
  • Wylie Burke, Ellen Wright Clayton, Susan M. Wolf, Susan A. Berry, Barbara J. Evans, James P. Evans, Diane Korgiebel, Anne-Marie Laberge, Bonnie S. LeRoy, & Amy L. McGuire, Improving Recommendations for Genomic Medicine: Building an Evolutionary Process from Clinical Practice Advisory Documents to Guidelines, 21 Genetics in Medicine 1 (June 4, 2019).
Lars Noah
Chesterfield Smith Eminent Scholar Chair; Professor of Law

  • Lars Noah, Censorship Is So Last Century: Therapeutic Products, Propaganda, and Compelled Speech, 66 St. Louis University Law Journal (forthcoming 2022). 
  • Lars Noah, Confronting the Inevitability of Diagnostic Uncertainty Across Multiple Legal Domains, in Diagnoses Without Names (Michael D. Lockshin et al. eds., forthcoming 2021).
  • Lars Noah, Law, Medicine, and Medical Technology: Cases & Materials (5th ed., forthcoming 2021). 
  • Lars Noah, Time to Bite the Bullet?: How an Emboldened FDA Could Take Aim at the Firearms Industry, 53 Connecticut Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
  • Lars Noah, Banning Off-Label Drug Promotion Offends the U.S. Constitution: Making the Strongest Case, 83 Albany Law Review 301 (2020).
  • Lars Noah, State Regulatory Responses to the Prescription Opioid Crisis: Too Much to Tolerate?, 124 Dickinson Law Review 633 (2020).
  • Lars Noah, Federal Regulatory Responses to the Prescription Opioid Crisis: Too Little, Too Late?, 2019 Utah Law Review 757.
  • Lars Noah, Giving Personal Injury Attorneys Who Run Misleading Drug Ads a Dose of Their Own Medicine, 2019 University of Illinois Law Review 701.
Joan Flocks
Associate in Law; Director, Social Policy Division, Center for Governmental Responsibility; Affiliate Faculty, Center for Latin American Studies 

  • Joan Flocks and Maria Espinoza, Historical and Current Insights on Environmental Health and Agricultural Guestworkers 48 Ecology Law Quarterly (forthcoming 2021) . 
  • Madelyn C. Houser, Valerie Mac, Daniel J. Smith, Roxana C. Chicas, Nezahualcoyotl Xiuhtecutli, Joan Flocks, Lisa Elon, Malú Gámez Tansey, Jeff M. Sands, Linda McCauley, & Vicki S. Hertzberg, Inflammation-Related Factors Identified as Biomarkers of Dehydration and Subsequent Acute Kidney Injury in Agricultural Workers, 23 Biological Research for Nursing 676 (2021). 
  • Michael Lauzardo, Nadia Kovacevich, Anthony Dennis, Paul Myers, Joan Flocks, & J. Glenn Morris, Jr., An Outbreak of COVID-19 Among H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers, 111 American Journal of Public Health 571 (2021). 
  • Roxana Chicas, Nezahualcoyotl Xiuhtecutli, Nathan Eric Dickman, Joan Flocks, Madeleine K. Scammell, Kyle Steenland, Vicki Hertzberg, & Linda McCauley, Cooling Interventions Among Agricultural Workers: Qualitative Field-Based Study, 19 Hispanic Health Care International 174 (2021).
  • Valerie Mac, Lisa Elon, Jacqueline Mix, Antonio Tovar-Aguilar, Joan Flocks, Eugenia Economos, Vicki Hertzberg, & Linda McCauley, Risk Factors for Reaching Core Body Temperature Thresholds in Florida Agricultural Workers, 63 Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine 395 (2021). 
  • Valerie V. Mac, Lisa Elon, Daniel J. Smith, Antonio Tovar-Aguilar, Eugenia Economos, Joan Flocks, Vicki Hertzberg, & Linda McCauley, A Modified Physiological Strain Index for Workplace-based Assessment of Heat Strain Experienced by Agricultural Workers, 64 American Journal of Industrial Medicine 258 (2021). 
  • Joan Flocks, The Potential Impact of COVID-19 on H-2A Agricultural Workers, 25 Journal of Agromedicine 367 (2020). 
  • Jacqueline M. Mix, Lisa Elon, Valerie Vi Thein Mac, Joan Flocks, Eugenia Economos, Jose Antonio Tovar-Aguilar, Vicki S. Hertzberg, & Linda A. McCauley, Physical Activity and Work Activities in Florida Agricultural Workers, 62 American Journal of Industrial Medicine 1058 (2019).
  • Roxana Chicas, Jacqueline M. Mix, Valerie Vi Thein Mac, Joan Flocks, Nathan Eric Dickman, Vicki S. Hertzberg, & Linda A. McCauley, Chronic Kidney Disease Among Workers: A Review of the Literature, 67 Workplace Health and Safety 481 (2019).
Lea Johnston
University of Florida Research Foundation Professor; Professor of Law

  • E. Lea Johnston & Vince Leahey, Psychosis, Heat of Passion, and Diminished Responsibility, 63 Boston College Law Review (forthcoming 2022).
  • E. Lea Johnston, Delusions and Moral Incapacity, 97 Indiana Law Journal (forthcoming 2022). 
  • E. Lea Johnston & Vince Leahey, The Status and Legitimacy of M'Naghten's Insane Delusion Rule, 54 UC Davis Law Review 1777 (2021).
  • E. Lea Johnston, Reconceptualizing Criminal Justice Reform for Offenders with Serious Mental Illness, 71 Florida Law Review 515 (2019).
  • Christina L. Patton, E. Lea Johnston, Colleen M. Lillard, & Michael J. Viacco, Legal and Clinical Issues Regarding the Pro Se Defendant: Guidance for Practitioners and Policy Makers, 25 Psychology, Public Policy & Law 196 (2019). 
Judy Clausen
Legal Skills Professor; Director, Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic

  • Judy Clausen, Regulate Physician Restrictive Covenants to Improve Healthcare, 108 Kentucky Law Journal 111 (2019).
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