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2020-2022 Tax Law Scholarship
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2021-2022 Adjunct and Visiting Tax Faculty at UF Law
Musaad Alwohaibi, Assistant Professor, King Saud; David Bowen, Professor of Practice, San Diego; Debora Correa Talutto, Tax Director, Veritas Technologies; Honorable Kenneth L. Gillespie, Fla. Circuit Judge; Charles E. Hodges II, Partner, Jones Day; Carlton Huntley, Thomson Reuters Tax Expert; Yvette Lind, Copenhagen Business School; A. Brian Phillips, Founding Owner, A. Brian Phillips, P.A.; Sonia R. Singh, Davis Family Faculty Fellow, UF Warrington College of Business; Bertil Wiman, Professor, Uppsala Univ.
2020–2021 TAX EVENTS
11th Annual Ellen Bellet Gelberg Tax Policy Lecture (Friday, February 5, 2021): Is Universal Basic Income a Good Idea?, William G. Gale (Brookings Institution), Daniel Hemel (Chicago), Melissa Kearney (Univ. of Maryland Depart. of Economics), and Ioana E. Marinescu (Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice).

17th Annual UF Law International Tax Symposium (Friday, October 29, 2021): Toward a Global Minimum Tax, Joachim Englisch (Univ. of Muenster Institute of Tax Law), Carlo Garbarino (Univ. of Bocconi, Department of Law); and Yvette Lind (Copenhagen Business School); Yariv Brauner (Univ. of Florida Levin College of Law) moderates.
  • Reuven S. Avi-Yonah (Michigan), A New Corporate Tax.
  • Jonathan Choi (Minnesota), Beyond Purposivism in Tax Law.
  • Heather Field (UC Hastings), Itemization After the TCJA: How State Election Uniformity Laws Undermined the Goal of Simplifying the Individual Income Tax.
  • Rebecca Kysar (Fordham), Interpreting by the Rules.
  • Emily Satterthwaite (Toronto), Taxing Domestic Workers: Trading a Safety Net for a Living Wage?
  • Johanna Stark (Max Planck Institute), Distributive Justice in International Tax Law.
  • Kirk Stark (UCLA), South Dakota v. Wayfair: One Small Step for Man.
  • Phyllis C. Taite (Florida A&M), Making Tax Policy Great Again: America, You’ve Been Trumped.
  • Clinton G. Wallace (South Carolina), Democratic Justice in Tax Policy Making.
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UF Law Rankings
Fla. Tax. Rev. Ranked #1 Tax Journal
  • Elliot Ash (ETH Zurich) & Omri Marian (UC Irvine), The Making of International Tax Law: Empirical Evidence from Tax Treaties Text, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 151 (2020).
  • Kim Brooks (McGill), A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Comparative Tax Scholarship, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 1 (2020).
  • Fred B. Brown (Baltimore), Designing Nonrecognition Rules Under the Internal Revenue Code, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 424 (2021).
  • David Elkins (Netanya), The Right and the Good: Taxing Rights, Value Creation, and the Rhetoric of International Taxation, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 191 (2020).
  • Michael Hatfield (Washington), The Rise of Law and the Fall of Circular 230: Tax Lawyer Professional Standards, 1985–2015, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 828 (2021).
  • Douglas A. Kahn (Michigan) & Jeffrey H. Kahn (FSU), Tax and Cross-Collateralized Nonrecourse Liability, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 626 (2021).
  • Sarah B. Lawsky (Northwestern), Teaching Algorithms and Algorithms for Teaching, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 587 (2021).
  • Leopoldo Parada (Leeds), Full Taxation: The Single Tax Emperor’s New Clothes, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 729 (2021).
  • James M. Puckett (Penn State), Reasonable Tax Rules: Advancing Process Values with Remedial Restraint, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 277 (2020).
  • H. David Rosenbloom (NYU) & Fadi Shaheen (Rutgers), Treaty Override: The False Conflict Between Whitney and Cook, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 375 (2021).
  • Phyllis C. Taite (Florida A&M), Making Tax Policy Great Again: America, You’ve Been Trumped, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 240 (2020).
  • David I. Walker (Boston Univ.), Executive Pay Clawbacks and Their Taxation, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 522 (2021).
  • Lawrence Zelenak (Duke), Giving Credits Where Credits Are (Arguably) Due: A Half Century’s Evolution in the Design of Personal Tax Expenditures, 24 Fla. Tax Rev. 51 (2020).
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