Explore Selected Scholarship
Mary Jane Angelo
Samuel T. Dell Professor; Professor of Law; Co-Director, Environmental, Land Use, and Real Estate Law Program

  • Mary Jane Angelo & J.W. Glass, Integrated Estuary Governance, 45 William & Mary Environmental Law & Policy Review (forthcoming 2020).
  • John S. Applegate, Jan G. Laitos, Mary Jane Angelo, & Jeffrey M. Gaba, The Law of Toxic Substance and Hazardous Waste (2020).
  • Mary Jane Angelo, Discordant Environmental Laws: Using Statutory Flexibility and Multi-Objective Optimization to Reconcile Conflicting Laws, 38 Stanford Environmental Law Journal 165 (2019).
Tom Ankersen
Legal Skills Professor; Director, Conservation Clinic

  • Alyson Flournoy, Thomas T. Ankersen & Sasha Alvarenga, Recreational Rights to the Dry Sand Beach in Florida: Property, Custom and Controversy, 25 Ocean & Coastal Law Journal 1 (2020).
  • Melissa Hill, Martha Monroe, Raymond Carthy, Thomas T. Ankersen & Tom Kay, Conservation Easements and Coastal Armoring: Protecting Sea Turtle Nesting Habitat through Property Ownership, 182 Ocean & Coastal Management 104944 (2019).
  • Melissa Hill, Martha Monroe, Thomas T. Ankersen, Raymond Carthy & Tom Kay, Coastal Armoring and Sea Turtles: Beachfront Homeowners’ Opinions and Intent, 47 Coastal Management 594 (2019).

  • Rachel Arnow-Richman, The New Enforcement Regime: Revisiting the Law Of Employee Competition (and The Scholarship Of Professor Charles Sullivan) With 2020 Vision, 50 Seton Hall Law Review 1223 (2020).
  • Rachel Arnow-Richman, Integrated Learning, Integrated Faculty, 92 Temple University Law Review 745 (2020).
  • Rachel Arnow-Richman, Harassers’ Rights and Employer Best Practices: The Quest for a Calibrated Approach in the Era of MeToo, 54 University of San Francisco Law Review 1 (2019).
  • Rachel Arnow-Richman, Of Power and Process: Handling Harassers in an At-Will World, 128 Yale Law Journal Forum 85 (2018).
  • Rachel Arnow-Richman, Asmus v. Pacific Bell and the “Unilateral” Employment Contract: Building the House of Cards Higher, 45 Florida State University Law Review 952 (2018).
Stephanie Bornstein
University Term Professor; Professor of Law

  • Stephanie Bornstein, Disclosing Discrimination, 101 Boston University Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
  • Stephanie Bornstein, The Politics of Pregnancy Accommodation, 14 Harvard Law & Policy Review (forthcoming 2020).
  • Stephanie Bornstein, Public-Private Co-Enforcement Litigation, 104 Minnesota Law Review 811 (2019).
  • Stephanie Bornstein, Antidiscriminatory Algorithms, 70 Alabama Law Review 519 (2018).
  • Stephanie Bornstein, Equal Work, 77 Maryland Law Review 581 (2018).
Yariv Brauner
Hugh Culverhouse Eminent Scholar Chair in Taxation; Professor of Law

  • Yariv Brauner, The Klaus Vogel Lecture 2019: The True Nature of Tax Treaties, 74(1) Bulletin for International Taxation 28 (2020).
  • Yariv Brauner, International Tax Policy: Between Competition and Cooperation, 22 Florida Tax Review 571 (2019).
  • Andres Baez Moreno & Yariv Brauner, Taxing the Digital Economy Post BEPS – Seriously, 58 Columbia Journal of Transnational Law 121 (2019).
  • Yariv Brauner, The Multilateral Instrument as a Platform for Coordination of International Tax Policies, 2019 British Tax Review 437.
  • Yariv Brauner, Why Examples? Towards More Behaviorally-Intelligent Regulation, 37 Virginia Law Tax Review 243 (2018).
Annie Brett
Assistant Professor of Law

  • Annie Brett, Transboundary Waters, 44 Harvard Environmental Law Review 473 (2020).
  • Annie Brett et al., Ocean data need a sea change to help navigate the warming world, 582 Nature 181 (June 8, 2020).
  • Annie Brett, Secrets of the Deep: Defining Privacy Underwater, 84 Missouri Law Review 47 (2019).
  • Annie Brett, Ending Illegal Fishing: Data Policy and the Port State Measures Agreement, World Economic Forum (2019).
  • Annie Brett, The Litigation of Exploration, 63 Villanova Law Review 241 (2018).
Neil Buchanan
James J. Freeland Eminent Scholar Chair in Taxation; Professor of Law; Director of Global Scholarly Initiatives

  • Neil H. Buchanan & Michael C. Dorf, A Tale of Two Formalisms: How Law and Economics Mirrors Originalism and Textualism, 106 Cornell Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
Karen Burke
Richard B. Stephens Eminent Scholar Chair in Taxation; Professor of Law

  • Karen Burke, O-Zone Regulations and Flexible Exit Options, 37 Journal of Taxation of Investments 43 (2020).
  • Karen Burke, Section 199A and Choice of Passthrough Entity, 72 Tax Law 551 (2019).
  • Karen Burke, Taxing O‒Zone Investments Under Subchapter K, 37 Journal of Taxation of Investments 3 (2019).
  • Karen Burke, Exploiting the Medicare Tax Loophole, 21 Florida Tax Review 570 (2018).
Clay Calvert
Professor of Law and Brechner Eminent Scholar in Mass Communication; Director, Marion B. Brechner First Amendment Project

  • Clay Calvert, Troll Storms and Tort Liability for Speech Urging Action by Others: A First Amendment Analysis and An Initial Step Toward A Federal Rule, 97 Washington University Law Review 1303 (2020).
  • Clay Calvert, Wither Zauderer, Blossom Heightened Scrutiny? How the Supreme Court’s 2018 Rulings in Becerra and Janus Exacerbate Problems with Compelled-Speech Jurisprudence. 76 Washington & Lee Law Review 1395 (2019).
  • Clay Calvert, Certifying Questions in First Amendment Cases: Free Speech, Statutory Ambiguity and Definitive Interpretations, 60 Boston College Law Review 1349 (2019).
  • Clay Calvert, Testing the First Amendment Validity of Laws Banning Sexual Orientation Change Efforts on Minors: What Level of Scrutiny Applies After Becerra and Does a Proportionality Approach Provide a Solution?, 47 Pepperdine Law Review 1 (2019).
  • Clay Calvert, First Amendment Envelope Pushers: Revisiting the Incitement-to-Violence Test with Messrs. Brandenburg, Trump & Spencer, 51 Connecticut Law Review 117 (2019).
Nancy Dowd
David H. Levin Chair in Family Law; University of Florida Distinguished Professor; Professor of Law; Emeritus Director, Center on Children and Families

  • Nancy Dowd, Children’s Equality Rights: Every Child’s Right to Develop to Their Full Capacity, 41 Cardozo Law Review 1367 (2020).
  • Nancy Dowd, Expanding the Framework of Family Issues: Bringing Children’s Rights and Children’s Perspectives into Immigration, 7 Oslo Law Review 6 (2020).
  • Nancy Dowd, Children’s Equality: The Centrality of Race, Gender and Class, 47 Fordham Urban Law Journal 231 (2020).
  • Nancy Dowd, Equality, Equity and Dignity, 37 Law & Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice 1 (2019).
  • Nancy Dowd, Reimagining Equality: A New Deal for Children of Color (New York University Press 2018).
Seth Endo
Assistant Professor of Law

  • Seth Katsuya Endo, Contracting for Confidential Discovery, 53 UC Davis Law Review 1249 (2020).
  • Seth Katsuya Endo, Discovery Hydraulics, 52 UC Davis Law Review 1317 (2019).
  • Seth Katsuya Endo, Technological Opacity & Procedural Injustice, 59 Boston College Law Review 821 (2018).
Barbara Evans
Stephen C. O’Connell Chair; Professor of Law; Professor of Engineering, University of Florida Wertheim College of Engineering

  • Barbara J. Evans & James Hazel, What Are Your Genomic Civil Rights? 21 Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics (forthcoming 2021-2022).
  • Barbara J. Evans & Ellen Wright Clayton, Deadly Delay: the FDA’s Role in American’s COVID-Testing Debacle, 130 Yale Law Journal Forum 78 (2020).
  • Barbara J. Evans & Susan M. Wolf, A Faustian Bargain That Imperils People’s Privacy Rights and Return of Results, 71 Florida Law Review 1281 (2019).
  • Barbara J. Evans, The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act at Age 10: GINA’s Controversial Assertion that Data Transparency Protects Privacy and Civil Rights, 60 William & Mary Law Review 2017 (2019).
  • Susan M. Wolf & Barbara J. Evans, Defending return of results and data, 362 Science 1255 (December 14, 2018).
Mark Fenster
Stephen C. O’Connell Chair; University Term Professor; Professor of Law

  • Mark Fenster, What Do Leaks Reveal? Foreign Policy, National Security, and the Contingent Effects of Informational Vigilantism, in Foreign Policy Secrecy in the Age of Transparency (forthcoming).
  • Mark Fenster, Bullets of Truth: Julian Assange and the Politics of Transparency, in Cultures of Transparency: Between Promise and Peril (Stefan Berger et al. eds., forthcoming).
  • Mark Fenster, Revealing Secrecy Tools, Harvard Law Review Blog (March 11, 2019).
  • Mark Fenster, The Dramas of Criminal Law: Thurman Arnold’s Post-Realist Critique of Law Enforcement, 53 Tulsa Law Review 497 (2018).
  • Mark Fenster, FOIA as an Administrative Law, in Troubling Transparency: The History and Future of Freedom of Information (David Pozen & Michael Schudson eds., 2018).
Andrew Hammond
Assistant Professor of Law

  • Andrew Hammond, Americans Outside the Welfare State, 119 Michigan Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
  • Andrew Hammond, How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has and Should Reshape the American Safety Net, Minnesota Law Review Headnotes (2020).
  • Andrew Hammond, Litigating Welfare Rights: Medicaid, SNAP, and the Legacy of the New Property, 115 Northwestern University Law Review (forthcoming 2020). 
  • Andrew Hammond, Pleading Poverty in Federal Court, 128 Yale Law Journal 1478 (2019).
  • Andrew Hammond, Poverty Lawyering in the Statesin Holes in the Safety Net: Federalism & Poverty (Ezra Rosser ed., 2019).
Jeffrey Harrison
Huber C. Hurst Eminent Scholar Chair; Professor of Law

  • Jeffrey L. Harrison, After Forty Years of Antitrust Revision and Apple v. Pepper, What Now Illinois Brick?, 11 William & Mary Business Law Review 695 (2020).
  • Jeffrey L. Harrison, Duress and Undue Influence in Contract Law as Cognitive Trespass, 98 Nebraska Law Review 970 (2020).
  • Jeffrey L. Harrison, Ohio v. American Express: Misunderstanding Two-Sided Platforms; the Charge Card “Market;” and the Need for Procompetitive Justifications, 70 Mercer Law Review 437 (2019).
  • Jeffrey L. Harrison, The Best and Worst of Contracts Decisions: An Anthology, 45 Florida State Law Review 927 (2019).
  • Jeffrey Harrison, Fingerprints: An Empirical and Impressionistic Examination of the Impact of Richard Posner on Contract Law, 50 University of the Pacific Law Review 373 (2019).
David Hasen
Professor of Law

  • David Hasen, Section 338 and the Step Transaction Doctrine, 74 The Tax Lawyer 481 (forthcoming 2020).
  • David Hasen, Asset Basis in Acquisitive Reorganizations: General Utilities Hangover, 72 The Tax Lawyer 481 (2019).
  • David Hasen, How Should Gifts Be Treated Under the Federal Income Tax?, 2018 Michigan State Law Review 81.
Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol
Stephen C. O’Connell Chair; UF Research Foundation Professor, University Term Professor; Professor of Law

  • Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol, Religion: Rites vs. Rights – Resolving Tensions between LGBT Equality and Religious Liberty, in Oxford Handbook of International LGBTI Law Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expressions and Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC) Law from an International-Comparative Perspective (forthcoming 2021).
  • Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol, LGBTI-Transnational Law: Sex as Crime, Violence as Control, in Oxford Encyclopedia of LGBT Politics and Policy (Don Haider-Markel ed., 2020).
  • Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol, Introductory Note to Resolution 1006 (2168/18)(OAS) Precautionary Measure No. 731-18, & Precautionary Measure No. 505-18 (IACHR), 58 International Legal Materials 371 (2019).
  • Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol, Hope, Dignity, and the Limits of Democracy, 10 Northeastern University Law Review 654 (2018).
Mindy Herzfeld
Professor of Practice

  • Mindy M. Herzfeld, Racial Justice: Tax Perspectives, Tax Notes International 1331 (2020).
  • Mindy M. Herzfeld, Beyond Digital: Is Cryptocurrency the Next Tax Frontier?, Tax Notes International 1203 (2020).
  • Mindy M. Herzfeld, Corporate Tax in the New Normal, Tax Notes Federal 1134 (2020).
  • Mindy M. Herzfeld, Debate on the US Tax Reform and the EU ATAD: Can GILTI + BEAT = GLOBE?, 47 InterTax 504 (2019).
  • Mindy M. Herzfeld, U.S. Tax Reform: A Multilateral Success?, 2019 British Tax Review 487 (2019).
Blake Hudson
Samuel T. Dell Professor; Professor of Law; Co-Director, Environmental, Land Use, and Real Estate Law Program

  • Routledge Handbook of the Study of the Commons (Blake Hudson et al. eds., 2019).
  • Blake Hudson, Land Development: A Super-Wicked Environmental Problem, 51 Arizona State Law Journal 1123 (2019).
  • Blake Hudson, Moral Limitations on Property Rights in the United States as Human Rights, in Human Rights and the Environment: Legality, Indivisibility, Dignity and Geography (Richard R. May & Erin Daly eds., 2019).
  • Blake Hudson, Fighting Fire with Fire? Adjusting Regulatory Regimes & Forest Product Markets to Mitigate Southern United States Wildfire Risk, 33 Journal of Environmental Law & Litigation 33 (2018).
  • Blake Hudson, Curbing Dense Sprawl, 32(3) Natural Resources & Environment 18 (2018).
Darren Lenard Hutchinson
Raymond & Miriam Ehrlich Eminent Scholar Chair; Professor of Law

  • Darren Lenard Hutchinson, Racism, Trauma, and the Legal Profession, 89 Fordham Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
  • Darren Lenard Hutchinson, Revisiting Race and Sexuality, in Oxford University Handbook on Feminist Legal Theory (Kathryn Abrams et al. eds. forthcoming 2021).
  • Darren Lenard Hutchinson, Legal Scholarship on Race and LGBT Status, in Oxford University Handbook on Critical Race Theory (Devon W. Carbado et al. eds. forthcoming 2021).
  • Darren Lenard Hutchinson, Who Locked Us Up? Examining the Social Meaning of Black Punitiveness, 127 Yale Law Journal 2388 (2018).
Maryam Jamshidi
Assistant Professor of Law

  • Maryam Jamshidi, The Discriminatory Executive and the Rule of Law, 92 University of Colorado Law Review (forthcoming 2020).
  • Maryam Jamshidi, The Federal Government Probably Can’t Order Statewide Quarantines, University of Chicago Law Review Online (April 20, 2020).
  • Maryam Jamshidi, Climate Change is a Human Security, Not a National Security, Issue, 93 Southern California Law Review Postscript 36 (2019).
  • Maryam Jamshidi, How the War on Terror is Transforming Private U.S. Law, 96 Washington University Law Review 559 (2018).
E. Lea Johnston
University of Florida Research Foundation Professor; University Term Professor; Professor of Law; Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Center

  • E. Lea Johnston & Vince Leahey, The Status and Legitimacy of M’Naghten’s Insane Delusion Rule, UC Davis Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
  • E. Lea Johnston, Reconceptualizing Criminal Justice Reform for Offenders with Serious Mental Illness, 71 Florida Law Review 515 (2019).
  • Christina L. Patton, E. Lea Johnston et al., Legal and Clinical Issues Regarding the Pro Se Defendant: Guidance for Practitioners and Policy Makers, 25 Psychology, Public Policy & Law 196 (2019).
Shani King
University Term Professor; Professor of Law; Director, Center on Children and Families

  • Shani King, Contextualizing (Children’s) Immigration in Law, History, Theory, and Politics, __ Michigan State Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
  • Shani M. King and Nicole Silvestri Hall, Cooperative Federalism and SIJS, 61 Boston College Law Review (forthcoming 2020).
  • Shani M. King & Jonathan Todres eds., The Oxford Handbook of Children’s Rights Law (2020).
  • Shani M. King & Nicole Silvestri Hall, Unaccompanied Minors, Statutory Interpretation, and Due Process, 108 California Law Review (2020).
  • Shani King, Child Migrants and America’s Evolving Immigration Mission, 32 Harvard Human Rights Journal 59 (2019).
Charlene Luke
UF Research Foundation Professor; Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Tax Programs

  • Charlene Luke, Response: Continuity as the Key to Reform of Section 355, 69 American University Law Review Forum 39 (2019).
  • Charlene Luke, Captivating Deductions, 46 Hofstra Law Review 855 (2018).
Merritt McAlister
Assistant Professor of Law

  • Merritt E. McAlister, Missing Decisions, 169 University of Pennsylvania Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
  • Merritt E. McAlister, Judging and Baseball, 114 Northwestern Law Review 1765 (2020).
  • Merritt E. McAlister, “Downright Indifference”: Examining Unpublished Decisions in the Federal Courts of Appeals, 118 Michigan Law Review (forthcoming 2020).
Grayson McCouch
Gerald Sohn Professor of Law; Professor of Law

  • Grayson, McCouch, Adversity, Inconsistency, and the Incomplete Nongrantor Trust, 39 Virginia Tax Review 419 (2020).
  • Grayson McCouch, Post-Marital Income Shifting and the End of Alimony Trusts, 54 Real Property, Trust, & Estate Law Journal 179 (2019).
  • Grayson McCouch, Revocable Trusts and Fiduciary Accountability, 26 Elder Law Journal 1 (2018).
Peter Molk
Associate Professor of Law

  • Peter Molk & D. Daniel Sokol, The Challenges of Non-Profit Governance, 62 Boston College Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
  • Peter Molk, Delaware’s Dominance and the Future of Organizational Law 55 Georgia Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
  • Peter Molk, Uncorporate Insider Trading, 104 Minnesota Law Review 1693 (2020).
  • Barbara Bliss, Peter Molk & Frank Partnoy, Negative Activism, 97 Washington University Law Review 1333 (2020).
  • Peter Molk & Frank Partnoy, Institutional Investors as Short Sellers?, 99 Boston University Law Review 837 (2019).
Jason Nance
Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs; Associate Director for Education Law and Policy, Center on Children and Families

  • Michael Heise & Jason P. Nance, Defund the (School) Police?: Bringing Data to Key School-to-Prison Pipeline Claims, 111 Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (forthcoming 2021).
  • Jason P. Nance, Surveillance and Security Practices in Schools, in Oxford Handbook, US K-12 Education Law (Kristi L. Bowman ed., 2020).
  • Jason P. Nance, The Intersection Between Schools and the Criminal Justice System, in Oxford Handbook of Children and the Law (James G. Dwyer ed., 2020).
  • Jason P. Nance, The Justifications for a Stronger Federal Response to Address Education Inequalities, in A Federal Right to Education: Fundamental Questions for Our Democracy (Kimberly J. Robinson ed., 2019).
  • Jason P. Nance, Implicit Racial Bias and Students’ Fourth Amendment Rights, 94 Indiana Law Journal 47 (2019).
Lars Noah
Chesterfield Smith Eminent Scholar; Professor of Law

  • Lars Noah, State Regulatory Responses to the Prescription Opioid Crisis: Too Much to Tolerate?, 124 Dickinson Law Review 633 (2020).
  • Lars Noah, Giving Personal Injury Attorneys Who Run Misleading Drug Ads a Dose of Their Own Medicine, 2019 University of Illinois Law Review 701.
  • Lars Noah, Federal Regulatory Responses to the Prescription Opioid Crisis: Too Little, Too Late?, 2019 Utah Law Review 757.
  • Lars Noah, Does the U.S. Constitution Constrain State Products Liability Doctrine?, 92 Temple Law Review 189 (2019).
  • Lars Noah, Go Sue Yourself!: Imagining Intrapersonal Liability for Negligently Self-Inflicted Harms, 70 Florida Law Review 649 (2018).
Kenneth Nunn
University Term Professor; Professor of Law; Associate Director, Center on Children and Families; Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Center

  • Kenneth B. Nunn, “Essentially Black”: Legal Theory and the Morality of Conscious Racial Identity, 97 Nebraska Law Review 287 (2018).
William Page
Marshall M. Criser Eminent Scholar Chair in Electronic Communications and Administrative Law; Professor of Law

  • William H. Page, Direct Evidence of a Sherman Act Agreement, 85 Antitrust Law Journal (forthcoming 2020).
  • William H. Page, Parker v. Brown, The Eleventh Amendment, and Anticompetitive State Regulation, 60 William & Mary Law Review 1465 (2019).
  • William H. Page, Pleading, Discovery, and Proof of Sherman Act Agreements: Harmonizing Twombly and Matsushita, 82 Antitrust Law Journal 123 (2018).
Robert Rhee
John H. and Mary Lou Dasburg Professor of Law; Professor of Law

  • Robert J. Rhee, The Political Economy of Corporate Law and Governance: American and Korean Rules Under Different Endogenous Conditions and Forms of Capitalism, 55 Wake Forest Law Review 101 (2020).
  • Robert J. Rhee, Corporate Short-Termism and Intertemporal Choice, 96 Washington University Law Review 495 (2018).
  • Robert J. Rhee, A Legal Theory of Shareholder Primacy, 102 Minnesota Law Review 1951 (2018).
Laura A. Rosenbury
Dean and Levin, Mabie & Levin Professor of Law; Affiliate Professor, Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research

  • Laura A. Rosenbury, Toward a New Law of Early Childhood?, 71 Florida Law Review Forum 37 (2019).
  • Anne C. Dailey & Laura A. Rosenbury, The New Law of the Child, 127 Yale Law Journal 1448 (2018).
Elizabeth Rowe
Irving Cypen Professor of Law; Distinguished Teaching Scholar; Professor of Law; Director, Program in Intellectual Property Law

  • Elizabeth A. Rowe & Giulia Farrior, The DTSA and Trade Secret Extraterritoriality, in Research Handbook on Information Law and Governance (Sharon K. Sandeen et al. eds., forthcoming 2021).
  • Elizabeth A. Rowe, eBay, Permanent Injunctions, and Trade Secrets, 77 Washington & Lee Law Review 553 (2020).
  • Elizabeth A. Rowe & Giulia Farrior, Revisiting Trade Secret Extraterritoriality, 25 Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law 101 (2019).
  • Elizabeth A. Rowe, Snapshot of Trade Secret Developments, 60 William & Mary Law Review Online 45 (2019).
  • Elizabeth A. Rowe, Sharing Data, 104 Iowa Law Review 287 (2018).
Katheryn Russell-Brown
Levin, Mabie & Levin Professor of Law; University Term Professor; Professor of Law; Director, Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations; Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Center

  • Katheryn Russell-Brown, Black Criminology in the 21st Century, in Building a Black Criminology: Race, Theory, & Crime (James D. Unnever et al. eds., 2019).
  • Katheryn Russell-Brown, The Academic Swoon over Implicit Racial Bias: Costs, Benefits, and Other Considerations, 15 Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race 185 (2018).
D. Daniel Sokol
Professor of Law

  • Cambridge Handbook of Compliance (Benjamin van Rooij & D. Daniel Sokol eds., forthcoming 2021).
  • Peter Molk & D. Daniel Sokol, The Challenges of Non-Profit Governance, 62 Boston College Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
  • D. Daniel Sokol, Antitrust’s “Curse of Bigness” Problem, 118 Michigan Law Review 1259 (2020).
  • Vivek Ghosla & D. Daniel Sokol, The Rise And (Potential) Fall of U.S. Cartel Enforcement, 2020 University of Illinois Law Review 471.
  • D Daniel Sokol, Rethinking the Efficiency of the Common Law, 95 Notre Dame Law Review 795 (2019).
Amy Stein
University Term Professor; Professor of Law

  • Amy Stein, Energy Emergencies, 115 Northwestern University Law Review (forthcoming 2020).
  • Amy Stein, Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change, 37 Yale Journal on Regulation 890 (2020).
  • Amy Stein & Joshua Fershée, Light-Duty Vehicles, in Legal Pathways to Decarbonization in the United States (Michael B. Gerrard & John C. Dernback eds., 2019).
  • Amy L. Stein, A Statutory National Security President, 70 Florida Law Review 1183 (2018).
  • Amy L. Stein & Joshua Fershée, Decarbonizing Light-Duty Vehicles, 48 Environmental Law Reporter, News & Analysis 10596 (2018).

  • Stacey Steinberg, Documented: My Week at the South Texas Family Residential Center, 30 University of Florida Journal of Law & Public Policy 99 (2019).
  • Stacey B. Steinberg, Changing Faces: Morphed Child Pornography Images and the First Amendment, 68 Emory Law Journal 909 (2019).

  • John F. Stinneford, Back to the Future of the Eighth Amendment, in The Eighth Amendment and Its Future in a New Age of Punishment (Meghan J. Ryan & William W. Berry III eds., forthcoming 2020).
  • John F. Stinneford, Is Solitary Confinement a Punishment?, 115 Northwestern University Law Review 9 (2020).
  • John F. Stinneford, Law like Love like Language, in Christianity and the Criminal Law (Mark Hill et al. eds., 2020).
  • John F. Stinneford, Experimental Punishments, 95 Notre Dame Law Review 39 (2019).
Lee-ford Tritt
University Term Professor; Professor of Law; Director, Center for Estate Planning; Director, Estate Planning Practice Program; Associate Director, Center on Children And Families

  • Lee-ford Tritt, Litigation Blues for Red-State Trusts: Judicial Construction Issues for Wills and Trusts, 72 Florida Law Review 841 (2020).
  • Lee-ford Tritt & Ryan Scott Teschner, Reimagining the Business Trust as a Sustainable Business Form, 97 Washington University Law Review 1 (2019).
  • Lee-ford Tritt, The Stranger-to-the Marriage Doctrine, 2019 Wisconsin Law Review 101.
  • Lee-ford Tritt & Ryan Scott Teschner, Amazon Delivers Diversity: Geographical and Social Influences on Corporate Embeddedness, 16 Berkeley Business Law Journal 1 (2019).
  • Lee-ford Tritt & Ryan Scott Teschner, The Rise of Business Trusts in Sustainable Neo-Innovative Economies, 88 University of Cincinnati Law Review 735 (2019).
Andrew Winden
Assistant Professor of Law

  • Andrew Winden & Andrew Baker, Dual-Class Index Exclusion, 13 Virginia Law & Business Review 1010 (2019).
  • Andrew Winden, Sunrise, Sunset: An Empirical and Theoretical Assessment of Dual-Class Stock Structures, 2018 Columbia Business Law Review 852.
Steven Willis
University Term Professor; Professor of Law

  • Steven J. Willis, Naked Stripping for Alimony and Child-Support Tax Benefits, 73 Tax Lawyer 861 (2020).
  • Steven Willis, How a Spouse Can Profit by Paying Partner’s Principal, 49 New Mexico Law Review 283 (2019).
Michael Wolf
Richard E. Nelson Eminent Scholar Chair in Local Government; Professor of Law

  • Michael Allan Wolf, There’s Something Happening Here: Affordable Housing as a Nonstarter in the U.S. Supreme Court, in Racial Justice in American Land Use (Tony Arnold et al. eds., forthcoming).
  • Michael Allan Wolf, A Common Law of Zoning, 61 Arizona Law Review 771 (2019).
  • Michael Allan Wolf, Supreme Court Roadblocks to Responsive Coastal Management in the Wake of Lucas, 53 Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal 59 (2018).
  • Michael Allan Wolf, Right Environmentalism: Repurposing Conservative Constitutionalism, 50 Arizona State Law Journal 651 (2018).
Danaya Wright
Clarence J. TeSelle Endowed Professor of Law; University Term Professor; Professor of Law

  • Danaya C. Wright, What Happened to Grandma’s House: The Real Property Implications of Dying Intestate, 53 UC Davis Law Review 2603 (2020).
  • Danaya Wright, “Great Variety of Relevant Conditions, Political, Social and Economic”: The Constitutionality of Congressional Deadlines on Amendment Proposals under Article V, 28 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 45 (2019).
  • Danaya Wright, A Requiem for Regulatory Takings: Reclaiming Eminent Domain for Constitutional Property Claims, 49 Environmental Law 307 (2019).
  • Danaya Wright, Disrupting the Wealth Gap Cycles: An Empirical Study of Testacy and Wealth, 2019 Wisconsin Law Review 101.
  • Danaya Wright & Stephanie Emrick, Tearing Down the Wall: How Transfer-on-Death Real Estate Deeds Challenge the Inter Vivos/Testamentary Divide, 78 Maryland Law Review 511 (2019).
Wentong Zheng
UF Research Foundation Professor; University Term Professor; Professor of Law

  • Wentong Zheng, Sales and Intellectual Property Rights, in International Sales Law: Contracts, Principles & Practice (Larry Di’Matteo et al. eds., forthcoming 2021).
  • Wentong Zheng, The Digital Challenge to International Trade Law, 52 New York University Journal of International Law & Politics 539 (2020).
  • Wentong Zheng, A Knowledge Theory of Tacit Agreement, 9 Harvard Business Law Review 399 (2019).
  • Aimin Qi, Guosong Shao, & Wentong Zheng, Assessing China’s Cybersecurity Law, 34 Computer Law & Security Review 1342 (2018).
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