St Paul's College Newsletter #18: 21 August 2020

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Headmaster's Message


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The airways today are certainly full of the blame culture.

I suppose that blaming someone else is historical - not a new problem. We have always seem to want to blame others.

I recall on my second day of being a headmaster in a school - a parent came in and blamed the school (and myself) for her son contracting a compulsive hand washing disorder!

And today - who can we blame for the border problems, the state of the economy, the loss of the BLUES vs CRUSADERS game from Eden Park and the fact that my little toe has a blister..!

Who can we blame for the appalling literacy and numeracy rates among NZ children? The disgraceful attendance numbers in NZ schools? The obesity in the young..? The loss of religion in society..etc..

Who can we blame ..for whatever?

What a waste of effort!

The blame game is, of course, alive and well in these pre-election theatrics where political sides compete for an advantage. Politics is after all, a blood sport.

But I sense that blaming whoever and whatever has become an out of control national sport. It has become the go-to position when life gets edgy and out of control.

The internet has become a new coliseum where some people delight in tearing others to bits - not with spears and axes - but with keyboards, sarcasm and threats.

I am sure that fear is at the basis of all these attacks. Passing the buck to someone else is also part of the issue. Maybe it is something to the effect that we can only cope by lashing out to all and anyone..especially those closest to us. But the hurt of being blamed lingers as a victim. 

This blaming culture was recently brought to our notice about the family who contracted the virus and its cluster. The social media blaming was horrific and vicious. Showing compassion to the family as part of a solution would surely be a better idea.

The virus infection after all is a problem to be solved .The family didn’t ask to be infected.

Maybe we all need to take a deep breath.

The referee is always right ..even when wrong.

Being a teacher is about doing your best with your students..even when it is not.

Leadership of any organisation doesn’t always get it right.


Maybe there is something in the last two letters of the word -blaME- as part of any solution!

I grew up with that biblical phrase from Matthew 5

“Be you perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect”

I have since learnt that the translation really means

“ Be you compassionate as your Heavenly Father is compassionate”

What a difference in thought!

Perfection can lead to guilt and blame when we don’t reach the heights.Compassion leads to understanding and solutions.

Congratulations to those staff who have organised food parcels and support to families.

Thank you to the many families who have helped in their donations to other families.

Your sons are doing well. Keep them at the task of being good students first and foremost.

Many dates of College events have been changed or postponed.

In His Peace






Year 7 & 8 Zoom Meeting. 10 - 10:30am. CBH. MWS.

When: Friday, 21st August 10:00am to 10:30amTIC: CBH, KFY, STU, MWS

7&8 Parent Conference 1-6pm. Champagnat Block - Lvl 2. CBH

When: Wednesday, 26th August 1:00pm to 6:00pmTIC: CBH
Location: Champagnat Block - Level 2

Y9-13 Parent Conference 3pm - 7 pm. Br Anselm Hall. CBH

When: Thursday, 27th August 3:00pm to 7:00pmTIC: CBH
Location: Br Anselm Hall

Rugby League Training. All grades. 3:30pm - 5pm. Cox's Bay. DMT

When: Monday, 31st August 3:30pm to 5:00pmTIC: DMT
Location: Cox's Bay

Chapel 12.30pm

When: Tuesday, 1st September

Choir rehearsal. 8-8:40am. Chapel. GSE

When: Tuesday, 1st September 8:00am to 8:40amTIC: GSE
Location: Chapel

Year 7 & 8 Science Fair 3.30-6pm

When: Tuesday, 1st September 3:30pm to 6:00pmTIC: MTM
Location: Champagnat Block - MWS, MTG Classrooms

Band Rehearsals 7.30-8.40am

When: Wednesday, 2nd September

Mates & Dates Mentoring - Y9&10. Auditorium Space. P4. MTA

When: Wednesday, 2nd September 12:05pm to 1:00pmTIC: MTA
Location: Auditorium Space

U15 Basketball Maroon vs. St. Peter's. St. Peter's 1. 4pm. DSS

When: Wednesday, 2nd September 4:00pm to 6:00pmTIC: DSS
Location: St. Peter's 1

U15 Basketball Yellow vs. St. Peter's. St. Peter's 1. 4pm. MTA

When: Wednesday, 2nd September 4:00pm to 6:00pmTIC: MTA
Location: St. Peter's 1

U15 League vs. Westlake. 4pm. TBC. DMT, STU

When: Wednesday, 2nd September 4:00pm to 6:00pmTIC; DMT, STU
Location: TBC

1st XIII vs. Aorere College. Aorere College. 4pm. DMT, MPA

When: Wednesday, 2nd September 4:00pm to 6:00pmTIC: DMT, MPA
Location: Aorere College

2nd XIII vs. Sir Edmund Hillary. 4pm. DMT

When: Wednesday, 2nd September 4:00pm to 6:00pmTIC: DMT
Location: TBC

7&8 Rugby 7s vs. Royal Oak Intermediate. Royal Oak. 2:30 - 4pn. MTG

When: Wednesday, 2nd September 2:30pm to 4:00pmTIC: MTG
Location: Royal Oak Intermediate

Father & Son Breakfast 7am. KFY, MWS. Auditorium Space.

When: Thursday, 3rd September 7:00am to 8:30amGuest Speaker Karl Vasau
Location: Auditorium Space

Sacramental Programme. FV206. P4. PDA

When: Thursday, 3rd September 12:05pm to 1:00pmTIC: PDA
Location: FV206

U15 Basketball Training 3:30pm - 4:30pm. Gym. HMS

When: Friday, 4th September 3:30pm to 4:30pmTIC: HMS
Location: St. Paul's College Gym

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