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In this issue of Climate Action News ...
  • Dakota Pipeline / Standing Rock
  • 350 Election Thoughts
  • Cows vs. Almonds
  • COP22, News, Events, and much more

Dakota Pipeline at Standing Rock

Since April the Sioux Nation and other indigenous communities have been blocking the construction of the proposed Dakota Access pipeline. Like the canceled KeystoneXL pipeline, it would carry oil from the Alberta Tar Sands to Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.

Around 200 people gathered here in Pittsburgh on Nov. 15 for a Mindfulness Walk and water blessing ceremony as part of a nationwide day of solidarity.

Also on Nov 15, the US Army Corps of Engineers issued a statement saying that the decision on the pipeline will be further delayed for more consultation. responds: Normally, this would be a good thing: delay is often our friend. But, these are not normal times. Donald Trump is going to be President in 65 days and delay could give him the power to decide Standing Rock’s future. We need fast action, and the kind of action that will last. Dakota Access has proven that it has no concern for corporate responsibility and common decency.

President Obama has the power to stop the pipeline, protect Standing Rock’s water, and take the decision out of Trump’s hands.

Sign this petition to telll President Obama to stop Donald Trump from deciding the future of Standing Rock’s water and stop DAPL by rejecting the final permit for the project.

Local activist Johnny Coe at Maren Cooke's monthly Sustainability Salon, Nov 12. Photo courtesy of Maren Cooke.

350 Election Thoughts

From May Boeve, Executive Director,, Nov. 9

Dear friends,

It’s hard to know what to say in a moment like this. Many of us are reeling from the news and shaken to the core about what a Trump Presidency will mean for the country, and the difficult work ahead for our movements.

Trump’s misogyny, racism, and climate denial pose a greater threat than we’ve ever faced, and the battleground on which we’ll fight for justice of all kinds will be that much rougher.

The hardest thing to do right now is to hold on to hope, but it’s what we must do. We should feel our anger, mourn, pray, and then do everything we can to fight hate.

When times get tough, it’s crucial to remember: we are in this together, and when we mobilize, we are capable of the unimaginable. No one man — no matter how cruel or powerful — can take that away.

Here’s what I’m keeping in mind right now:

  • This is a global movement. It’s more important than ever to remember our connection with people in literally every country who are fighting the fossil fuel industry right now — many in the toughest conditions imaginable. I believe in our collective power like nothing else.
  • The fossil fuel industry is in a fight for its life. When we expose their lies, stop their pipelines, divest from their stocks and take away their social license — they fight back. Their investment in this election was no secret, and they’re going to double-down in its aftermath.
  • Local fossil fuel resistance is taking root everywhere. Not only has the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline spread like wildfire, but other campaigns against fracking, pipelines, and coal are too many to name. None of us are giving up or going home today.

There is no denying the fact that our job is harder now. I’m taking a moment to grieve with loved ones today, and I hope you are too.

But tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, the movements for climate justice, for Black and brown lives, for immigrant justice, for democracy and everyone who believes Donald Trump is the opposite of what makes America great — will step into our power together and show that the people who want justice represent a force too great to ignore.

It will take all of us. But together, we can — and we will — blaze a bright path through this dark day.

With hope and resolve,

May (for the team)

11 Ways You Can Help Stop Climate Change

The first of (you guessed it) 11 mini-articles by Warwick Powell

#1: Green your commute: Transportation causes about 26 per cent of US greenhouse gas emissions, so walk, cycle or take transit whenever you can. You’ll save money and get into better shape.  If you can’t go car-free, try carpooling or car sharing, and use the smallest, most fuel-efficient vehicle possible or buy an electric car.

Milking It: Cows vs. Almonds
We've heard about how much water it takes to grow almonds. So do we need to feel guilty about drinking almond milk? As it turns out, cows suck up more of California's water than almonds  Bloomberg

1 gallon cow's milk = 2,000 gallons of water
1 gallon almond milk = 920 gallons of water
1 gallon soy milk =  208 gallons of water

Planet Keeps Warming As We Wait for Trump to Act

Our own Peter Wray weighs in on how the election of Donald Trump may impact the national and global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

350 in Morocco

COP22 in Marrakech is almost over. Read about 350's activities, and add your name to the 'No new fossil development' PETITION to world leaders. 

 Upcoming Events

Nov 25: Black Friday Opt Out (or OptOutside).

Nov 30: Lecture: "From Climate Change to Political and Personal Change: Building a Prosperous, Sustainable World." John Sterman, MIT School of Management. Wed, Nov 30, 4:00 PM, University Club (Pitt), Ballroom B. Free but reservation required.

Jan 21, 2017: Women's March on Washington, D.C.

April 29, 2017: FutureFest. What will it look like to build and inhabit tomorrow's environmentally-friendly society? Interactive fun for all ages. Organized by Communitopia. (Here's the flyer from the most recent FutureFest.) At Phipps Conservatory.

A Trump Presidency May Threaten U.N., Climate Deal. "Trump has also pledged to withdraw U.S. support from the Paris climate change agreement, a deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions and limit dangerously high global temperatures that went into effect this month. First steps from his transition team reportedly will involve canceling billions of dollars from U.N. climate change programs."

Sanders on Trump. Nov. 9: “Donald Trump tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media..."  

Trump and Clean Energy. "No groups should be more worried than those working on the future of clean energy and the fight against climate change. Industries like utility-scale solar and wind, which have been growing dramatically and lowering costs for some time, will likely keep charging ahead under a Trump administration. ... However, it’s the future energy innovations and still immature sectors that still need government support that will suffer." Fortune
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November 17, 2016
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