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December 2016

Dear All,
Before the end of the year, we want to share with you a brief retrospective of our activities in 2016 and give you a preview of what’s coming up in 2017.

What we did!

We released all our joysticks with the R-net interface, we launched the Heavy Duty versions, the Hand Warmer and, of course, we focused on making improvements to products such as our mounting systems and Twister switches. But our most noticeable and innovative launch in 2016 was undeniably the integration of the exiting Road Compensation software. And what's more: all this exiting and exclusive functionality comes free with all our joysticks!

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For the third consecutive year, we attended Rehacare. mo-Vis products were shown at several booths of manufacturers and distributors in the different halls and our own booth was an overwhelming success. Many people were attracted to our unique product range with innovative solutions.


The most substantial improvement we made in 2016 was to reduce the force of the Micro Joystick.  Following requests from users, we reduced the force from 10 gr to 8.5 gr to better meet the needs of some of our Micro Joystick users. As a result, the mo-Vis Micro Joystick is currently the lightest and most durable proportional joystick worldwide. This feature was enthusiastically received at Rehacare. 

What's new?

Hand Warmer with 2-hand dome

The mo-Vis hand warmer improves the flexibility of cold body parts

The Hand Warmer's main functionality is to keep the area around a wheelchair's input device warm. This increases the comfort of the user and their ability to control the input device. This heating can be crucial for some sufferers of muscular diseases, to enable them to maintain control of their power chair.
Air is drawn in at the front, heated, and forced out again through the front using an internal fan. As the air inlet and outlet are on the same side, the warm air is recycled instead of using cold air from the environment. This results in a huge advantage with regards to power consumption and efficiency.

Hand Warmer Set

The Hand Warmer set (P012-62) consists of the following parts:
  Product description Product code
Beschrijving: C:\Users\user-mo-Vis001\Desktop\MARKETING mo-Vis\Hand Warmer\Handheather 0088 donker.png Hand Warmer unit P012-61
Beschrijving: C:\Users\user-mo-Vis001\Desktop\MARKETING mo-Vis\Hand Warmer\Kabel handheather_0093.png Hand Warmer Extension Lead 180 mm P012-40
Beschrijving: C:\Users\user-mo-Vis001\Desktop\MARKETING mo-Vis\Hand Warmer\Toebehoren Handheather_0094.png Hand Warmer Mounting Set M012-45
  Hand Warmer manual, with
Serial number sticker

With the mo-Vis Configurator Software, you can change the parameters of the Hand Warmer. For example, 'auto off', the number of available power levels, the minimum/maximum temperature and minimum/maximum fan speed are fully programmable.

To enclose the area around the hands and to better maintain the air temperature, a Perspex dome-shaped hood is available as an option.

The Hand Warmer and dome are already available.

Warm hands in domed hood

What's coming soon?

Multi Switch and Proximity sensors

Control multiple outputs with one input

The Multi Switch unit enables the use of a single input device to control up to four outputs. This offers more operating options to the user with just one single input.

The input can be any mechanical switch fitted with a 3.5 mm audio jack or a touch contact (the mo-Vis Proximity Sensor set consists of 2 types of round sensors, 12 and 24 mm).
The Multi Switch and certainly the Proximity Sensors are specially designed for people with poor or weak muscular power and/or restricted movement. But thanks to its intelligent adjustability, the Multi Switch can potentially be used by anyone with movement difficulties. 

The Multi Switch proximity sensors are to be used as an input device, where no force or clicking is required, compared to a regular mechanical switch. This increases the comfort of the user and their ability to control the input device. The small 12 mm sensor allows for installation on a very limited surface area. The regular 24 mm sensor offers a more sensitive activation, thanks to a larger sensor surface. The sensitivity of both sensors is fully adjustable.

Multi Switch

A Multi Switch (P014-40) consists of the following parts:

A Multi Switch (P014-40) consists of the following parts:
  Product description Product code
Beschrijving: DSC_0159 bovenkant Multi Switch Multi Switch unit P012-40
Beschrijving: DSC_0208 kabel USB connection lead
A to B micro (100 cm)
  Multi Switch manual, with
Serial number sticker

Multi Switch Proximity sensors
The Multi Switch Proximity sensors set (P014-41) consists of the following parts:
  Product description Product code
Beschrijving: C:\Users\Bruno\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\DSC_0169 .png Multi Switch proximity sensor 12 mm P014-20
Beschrijving: DSC_0169 Multi Switch proximity sensor 24 mm P014-23
With the mo-Vis Configurator Software, you can adjust a large number of settings:
  • the select mode: Click, Start & Scan, Hold and Scan
  • the output mode: momentary/timed or switched
  • 2 operation modes: locked/unlocked in an output
  • the number of active outputs: maximum of 4
  • the calibration method: auto or manual (only proximity switch)
  • the sensitivity (only proximity switch)
  • auditory and visual feedback
  • different time settings: debounce, select, close and quit time
  • different auditory feedbacks: input-, select-, output- and quit beep

The Multi Switch unit and the Multi Switch proximity sensors will be available at the start of 2017.

What's in progress?

Next year will be a very important year for mo-Vis. We have many products in development and we hope to launch most of these during 2017. We are still intensely focused on the development of innovative, intelligent and very flexible proportional input devices.  You may need to exercise some patience while we develop these new products, however, we believe they will be well worth the wait. 
And finally
Our best wishes for a lovely, peaceful and prosperous New Year

We hope you enjoyed it and we hope to surprise you again next time with exiting news about our innovative developments. 

Just a few more … ifs to end with

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