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Today marks the introduction of the all-digital secondary standard SR30 pyranometer. Features such as heated domes, internal ventilation and a tilt sensor, all enabling clear benefits, were met with great enthusiasm when Hukseflux showed a sneak preview of SR30 at the 2016 Meteorological Technology World Expo and SPI show. The next level SR30 is now commercially available.

Each individually tested SR30 pyranometer offers the highest measurement accuracy and highest data availability: it outperforms all externally ventilated pyranometers. Unrivalled in performance (and packed with many value-added features), SR30 has a small footprint and low power consumption.
This newsletter brings you more news on SR30, the BSRN network, and invites you to visit our facilities in the Netherlands.

heated vs non-heated
Non-heated vs heated

SR30 is heated for the best data availability, beating frost and dew deposition. Heating of the domes is combined with internal ventilation, rendering larger, higher power, high-maintenance external ventilation units obsolete. The photo shows the clear benefits of SR30 compared with a non-heated sensor.
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SR30 tilt sensor

SR30 is the only pyranometer including a tilt sensor. In the SR30 test report, delivered with every individual sensor, tilt measurement is included. Remote diagnostics outputs like this allow network- and system owners fast performance analysis, without having to send an engineer to the site.
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Cost of ownership

Besides having support of the worldwide calibration and maintenance organisation (see news item below), SR30 by design reduces Total Cost of Ownership: low power consumption of only 2 W versus 10 W for externally ventilated sensors, efficient servicing and remote diagnostics outputs.
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Hukseflux calibration services

SR30 is an affordable secondary standard instrument, designed for low cost of ownership, which is mainly determined by costs of installation, on-site inspections, servicing and calibration. SR30 is supported by an efficient calibration and maintenance organisation (PDF). Hukseflux offers local support in the main global economies: USA, EU, China, India, Japan and Brazil.
BSRN stations
BSRN network to include 4 stations with Hukseflux sensors

We are proud to inform you that 4 stations equipped with Hukseflux pyranometers, pyrheliometers, pyrgeometers and albedometers have been provisionally accepted for addition to the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN). The stations are managed by NIWE (formerly known as CWET) in India. NIWE is the National Institute of Wind Energy, part of the Indian Ministery of New and Renewable Energy. Readers from India may take a look at the HuksefluxIndia website.
SR30 options
SR30 options

SR30 offers several options for cabling, mounting and levelling. The spring-loaded mounting and levelling options allow for simplified mounting, levelling and instrument exchange on a flat surface or a tube.
See the product brochure (PDF).
next level SR05
SR05 pyranometer

The new SR30 is not the only next level pyranometer on the market. SR05, introduced in January 2016, makes second class pyranometers finally affordable for large (agro-)meteorological networks and small-scale PV system performance monitoring. SR05 is an economical solution for such networks and systems; it offers a unique ball levelling system for easy installations.

Exhibitions & conferences

Hukseflux exhibits at the major events. Please call or mail us to set up an appointment.

Solar Asset Management North America 2017

San Francisco, USA
March 28 - 29

Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
October 10 - 12
Hukseflux Delft
Are you visiting the Expo in Amsterdam? Our office is only 60 minutes away. Consider combining your stay with a visit to Hukseflux. Hukseflux offers guided tours of its state-of-the-art facilities in Delft prior to and during the Expo. Enquire now.
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