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Keeping the Community Aware Since 2005
Vol. 14/ No.47

Western New York Muslims

Assalam o Alaikum!
May peace & blessings upon you,
On behalf of WNYMuslims we would like to wish a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving! We wish everyone the gift of faith and the blessing of hope this thanksgiving day! Be thankful for what we have, for the family we love, the friends we cherish, and for the blessings that will come. Happy Thanksgiving!

Prof. Faizan Haq
Founder & President,

Ms. Farina Mirza
Community Outreach Coordinator,

Know Thy Neighbors

After the success of our first two sessions of the four lecture series, its about time for the third session:

Know Thy Neighbor – Putting Religion into Daily Practice
Wednesday, December 18, 2019

 The Jaffarya Islamic Center

10300 Transit Rd.
East Amherst, NY 14051
(716) 689-3120

At 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Farina Mirza,
Community Outreach Coordinator, WNYMuslims (716) 923-4386

Claire A. Rung,
Director of Communications, St. Joseph University Parish  (716)833-0298 ext 315

For the third time WNYMuslims and St. Joseph University Parish is getting together in their collaborative interfaith effort called “Know Thy Neighbor” ( #get2KTN), which was created from the perspective of conversing about religious articles of faith, worship, traditions, intentions and sacred texts of both faiths.
December 18, 2019, from 7 PM-8:30 PM the public is invited for “Know Thy Neighbor’s” third conversation, Putting Religion Into Daily Practice. Panelists and guests will share their knowledge of Christian and Muslim faiths for the purpose of educating, finding commonality and joining in shared projects of good works and charity that benefit our community. This is a free event. (Refreshments will follow).
We hope that the individuals, communities, and organizations, who want to foster peace and understanding between our communities will join our caravan. We are Looking for partners to help create opportunities for friendship. Women and men are invited to assist and participate. For donations, please click here

“These sessions provide a bridge between the two religious traditions in which each can learn about the other's basic religious ideas and practices. Our vision involves starting a dialogue between the two religions, that moves into the future where we both grow in respect and knowledge of each other, so that both communities can engage with each other effectively in ways that promote peace and relationship in the City of Good Neighbors.” -Deacon Ted Pijacki, Permanent Deacon of the Roman Catholic Church.
We believe in developing new bonds, strengthening interfaith relationship and spread the awareness about religious and cultural values through social exchange and Know Thy Neighbor will serve as an interfaith networking channel to promote understanding and exploration of different religious traditions, which will further fortify the bond between the two faith communities and strengthen the diverse neighborhood of WNY.” Prof. Faizan Haq, Founding President, WNYMuslims.

The “Know Thy Neighbor” Conversation Series Topics:
  1. Concepts of God: Wed. Oct. 23, 2019
  2. Traditions/Worship/Prayers Wed. Nov. 20, 2019
  3. Putting Religion into Daily Practice Wed. Dec. 18, 2019
  4. Our Sacred Text Wed. Jan. 29, 2020

Being one of the most active, dedicated and devoted community organizations of WNY based upon the doctrine of serving the community by creating awareness, encouraging diversity and providing service.
In pursuance of our goals we would request our ever-supportive community members and the students to join us and help WNYMuslims and its' following collaborations:
* Desi Varsa  *United Business Network  * The Collective News/Junior
in emerging as one unified community group of WNY.
 We would also appreciate if our subscribers can participate and can motivate and mobilize other fellow community members to join our caravan.
Our Volunteer jobs & internships are not only associated with community work  but also its a great opportunity to polish marketing skills, build experience,  and fulfill academic credit and service-learning requirements. We specialize in a variety of fields, including public relations, marketing, graphic design, media production, and journalism.
Interested candidates please:
email us, call (716) 923-4386 or click here for more details.
We highly appreciate the tremendous support of the community of WNY in the past and we hope we'll get the same response to our above mentioned request as well. Thanks.

Islamic Society of Niagara Frontier
Masjid An-Noor
745 Heim Road, Getzville NY 14068
(716) 568-1013


RAHAMA Donation Drive 2019
Help support survivors of Domestic Violence by donating home goods on:
 November 22 - 29, 2019
Drop Off Location:
Masjid An-Noor, Jami Masjid & Universal School

Two Jumma Prayers
During construction, there will be two Jumaa prayers. 
Day Light Saving Time Ends on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019:
Juma’ prayers times from November 8th 2019 to March 6th, 2020 (Friday):

Khutbah @ 12:35 PM and Salat @ 1:05 PM
Khutbah @ 1:35 PM and Salat @ 2:05 PM
Please be patient during the time of construction & pray for the timely completion of this project.
* Please scroll down for more details and Iqamah for Daily Salah Schedule. Thanks

Sunday Dhuhr Iqama
On Sundays, 
Dhuhur Iqama @ 1:55 PM
(During Sunday School). 


Town of Amherst Notice regarding Heim Road & Montbleu Drive -
Periodic Overflow Parking

We received a notice from the Town of Amherst Traffic Safety Board due to complaints from the neighbors about:

  • Blocking their driveway, mailboxes & the intersection of Heim Road/Montbleu drive. 
  • Inability of school bus to drive through the Montbleu drive when cars are parked on both sides of the road on Friday.
  • Traffic safety issues & inability to back the car from their driveway due to blocked view of the road.

The Town of Amherst Traffic Safety Board proposed the following changes;

  • No parking on Montbleu Drive on Fridays between 11 AM - 4 PM
  • No parking on the North side of Heim Road (the side opposite to the masjid) from the intersection of Montbleu drive to South Wedge Drive on Fridays between 11 AM - 4 PM.

Please follow these rules & regulations, otherwise you may receive a parking ticket.


The Pinnacle of the Qur'an

Short course: Learn selected Dua's & brief Tafsir
(For young girls & ladies)
Starting Saturday, September 21st, 2019  
(Every Saturday till December 2019)
At 11 AM - 1 PM

Course Materials: $20
At Masjid An-Noor, 745 Heim Road, Getzville, NY 14068
Please register

for more details please

Quran Classes At Masjid An-Noor
Register your child for an after school Quran reading program (for age 5 +)
Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Sunday School 2019 - 2020
Start date: September 22nd 2019.

For more details please click here
For registration please click here 

Expansion Project

Alhumdulilah, we have embarked on a Masjid expansion project consist of the following:
Prayer Area For Sisters Parking Spaces Expansion of the Main Prayer Area
Proper second-floor prayer area for Sisters (2100 sq. ft., about 2/3rd area of the current masjid). Fifty–eight parking spaces are being added. The main prayer-area is being increased from current 3000 sq. ft. (12 rows) to 5028 sq. ft (20 rows).

The site-plan was approved by the Amherst Planning Department in June 2018. We applied for the building permit in January 2019. The Building permit is now available to us once we sign contract with a builder. The lowest bid we have is $1.2 million for the building and $305,000 for the site work. 
Insha Allah, we will start the construction after Ramadan 2019. 
So far we have collected 
$847,000Please contribute generously to complete this project by mailing your donation checks payable to ‘Islamic Society of Niagara Frontier’ at the above mentioned masjid's address either monthly, quarterly or annually, please make sure to write “For Masjid Expansion” on the left bottom corner of your checks. OR you can setup an automatic payment plan from your checking account.
We request you to contribute generously in order to complete this expansion project for our sisters, brothers, and future generations.

Support ISNF at No Extra Cost 
Please click here and pick Islamic Society of Niagara Frontier as your charity organization.
The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases.

For more details please click here

ISNF Operation Fund
The Islamic Society needs $750 daily to operate Masjid An-Noor & Masjid At-Taqwa. This goal can be achieved easily, if each member donates a minimum of $2/day towards operation fund. We encourage the members to sign up for automatic deduction (ACH) in order to run the operation of the Islamic Society efficiently. At present we have 83 members who have signed up for ACH. Our goal is to increase the number of ACH-donors to at least 100 by the Ramadan of 2019. 
Please download the automatic deduction form by clicking here
and mail to ISNF.
You can also donate online 
by clicking
or use MOHID Kiosk in the masjid (outside the library)
Masjid Taqwa    
40 Parker Avenue, Buffalo NY 14214
(716) 568-1013


Saturdays from 5 PM - 6 PM

Sundays from 12 PM - 1 PM

Muslim Society of Buffalo
Jami Masjid
1955 Genesee Street Buffalo, NY 14211



Donation Drive for RAHAMA

Starting this Jummah, Jami Masjid will be hosting a donation drive for RAHAMA (Resources and Help Against Marital Abuse). We will be collecting toiletries and other personal care items for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence. There will be drop off boxes at both the sisters and brothers entrance. Please help support this campaign.
The deadline to donate is Friday 11/29.
Please do not drop off clothes or other items that are not listed on the flyer.
See attached flyer for more details.


Bab Ali's Reading Center - Update
Alhamdulilah, our children's reading center is nearly complete. We thank everyone for their generous contributions! The prospective date for the grand opening will be
Thursday, December 5th at 7pm. 
More details and info to come.

Rules of Bab Ali's Reading Center
The 3 main rules of Bab Ali's Reading Center we ask parents and children to be mindful of:
1) All books are for masjid use only and should be returned in their rightful spot after use. (Books are not to leave the premises as they are an amana for the masjid. Any lost or damaged books should be replaced).
2) No food or drink is allowed in the center.
3) No horseplay - the purpose of the center is to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for reading.
Children abusing the privileges or not following the center rules will be asked to leave the area.

InshaAllah more details will be discussed during the opening ceremony.
JazakAllahu Khairun


Micro Madrasa Classes
9/16 - 12/22
All Micro Madrasa Classes will be off during the vacation weekend.

Items on the calendar are subject to change, those registered in classes will receive the most current information. For any questions on programs, you may contact us at
To view a clear PDF version of the calendar click here



All New Ladies ESL Classes
Already started Saturday, November 02
Every Saturday & Sunday
2:00 - 3:00 PM

For more details please contact:
(716) 533-2343
This class is designed for our refugee mothers to aid their transition here, but any sister looking to further their English skills is welcome. This class will take place in the cafeteria and is running at the same time as the children's Quran class, so mothers and children can learn together. Please contact the number listed at the bottom of the flyer for any q
No pre-registration needed.

$25 For 10 Classes

Qasida Burda Gathering and Remembrance
Thursday,  November 21


Brothers' 99 names of Allah dinner
Tuesday, November 15

Tiger Tae Kwon Do Demonstration
Friday,  November 21
2:30 - 3:15 PM

Please scroll down for the Micro Madrasa Schedule, class flyers and the updated October Calendar


Children's Reading Corner Update 
A brand new Reading Corner is in the works on the ladies side of the masjid! The reading corner will feature only good and beautiful books for our children, with positive morals and themes. We need your help to finish the project! Click here to be directed to our website where you can donate by PayPal. Please specify for reading corner. Every little bit counts!

Jami Bounce House
This is a great opportunity to help make children's' time in the masjid enjoyable during various events/occasions.

Buffalo Nomads

Buffalo Nomads

With the grace and bounty of God, the Nomads have been serving youth of all backgrounds and faiths in the Western New York area for over a decade. Our main goal and intention is to connect youth to our Lord and Creator. For us to do this , we have tried to implement the true spirit of Islam. Teaching honest truthful prophetic character, empathy and compassion to those needing aid, and resilience coupled with determination to please our Lord. 

​What do the Nomads do exactly?
We take yearly international trips to broaden the horizon and get our youth accustomed to different cultures and lifestyles. We offer weekly sporting events from football to wrestling, to even golf. We offer workshops that nurture the mind, soul, and body by holding Quran classes and Islamic sciences needed to acquire sacred knowledge. We also offer classes at universities and programs at the collegiate level. Yearly camping trips and spiritual retreats to tap into the full potential of the youth. 
​We would like to thank anyone who has supported our cause for the past decade. Truly these programs cannot function without your support. We pray for you and your loved ones that you have best of this world and the next. Amen. 


New Years in Mecca:  Dec 24 – Jan 03
We intend on celebrating New Years in Mecca! We would like to thank everyone who helped us raise $5k + for subsidizing Umrah for reverts, youth/first timers, and lovers of Allah ﷻ and His Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
To donate please click


Nomads Nights
With the Tawfeeq of Allah ﷻ we intend on starting up our weekend programs for the youth to connect them to the masjid and brotherhood. More details to come In sha Allah.

Nomads Wrestling
We have been working hard in the summer and fall to get our wrestling team in tip top shape for tournaments. See flyers for current hours of wrestling. We have wrestlers from Elementary School to College training with us.


New Wrestling Mats
Because our team is growing, we were in need of a larger area to wrestle. Alhamdulillah, we were able to raise over $2k to buy practice mats. They came in this week! We now have wall to wall coverage for our growing team. Check out some of the pictures of our practices/mats.
Reminder: The Wrestling Mats are ONLY for the Wrestling Team. We want to make sure the team is able to use them for long time without any damage.

Universal School
Universal School
 1957 Genesee St, Buffalo, NY 14211

Special High School Scholarship Opportunity

40% Off Tuition 

If students score 85% or above on the entrance exam.
9th Grade -  8 Spots
10th Grade - 6 Spots
For more details
Please scroll down for the flyer or 
call 716-597-0102

Islamic Cultural Association of WNY
Masjid Al-Eiman
444 Connecticut St, Buffalo, NY 14213
 (716) 884-3626

Muslim Family Night
Friday, November 29, 2019 
 The Life of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) 
By  Moulana Asim Ahmed

 After Maghreb Prayer
At 5:00 PM

Dinner will be served
(Bangladeshi Cuisine).
Children Are Welcome
For more information please call:
(914) 207-5949  or (716) 432-0233

Lackawana Islamic Mosque
Masjid Al-Huda
154 Wilkesbarre Ave Lackawanna NY 14218
 (716) 825-9490


Daily Readings
From Riyad Alsalaheen or Short Talk After Fajr
Tahfeez Quran for Youth (Before Dhuhr Prayer)
Sisters Lesson (After Asr Prayer)
Tafseer Lesson (After Maghrib)
Lesson on Quran Recitation & Hifz (After Maghrib)
Seerah Lesson (After Maghrib)
Lessons from Sahih Muslim (After Maghrib)
Lesson on Quran Recitation & Hifz (After Maghrib)
General Lesson (After Maghrib)
Fiqh Lesson on Family and Manners (After Maghrib)

Masjid Nu'man
Masjid Nu'man
1373 Fillmore Ave.Buffalo NY 14211
(716) 892 1332


Putting the Neighborhood Back In the Hood

PTNBH started in 1996 as a community walk and has now expanded to a weekend of events geared towards celebrating the neighbors and community around Masjid Nu’Man. The concept was brought forth by W. Deen Mohammed after realizing many of our neighborhoods had lost the concept of a “good neighbor” and were now just known as the “hood”.

Celebrating Muslims and non-Muslims alike, PTNBH has been recognized and awarded by the mayor and city of Buffalo for improving community relationships. Now over two decades strong, PTNBH has become a staple in the Fillmore district and continues to grow every year.

Jaffarya Islamic Center
Jaffarya Islamic Center
10300 Transit Rd. East Amherst, NY 14051
(716) 689-3120


Prophet (SAW) Yaum - Wiladat (Birthday)
On Sunday November 17
3 PM
followed by Maghrebayn prayers and dinner.
Guest Speaker: 
Imam Mazin Ai-Sahlani
 from Erie PA
The Prophet & His Message

Islam The Most Misunderstood Religion In the West

Dinner after Maghreb Prayer
Event is open to general public
All denomination are welcomed
We expect a mixed gathering.
Please be on time so that we can finish on time.


Sunday School

Every Sunday Morning

10:00 am sharp.

Salatul Jummah
Every Friday Afternoon

1:30 pm sharp



Masjid An-Noor

Masjid Taqwa

Jami Masjid

Buffalo Nomads

Google Plus

4011 Bailey Avenue, Amherst, NY 14226
(716) 923-4386

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