Newsletter 2016 # 2
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ECIA President's Greeting 
Anja Dirks: 'Just before the GA in Switzerland a new and fresh newsletter to keep you updated. It is the second one in the new and fresh format, just ahead to our new website, which we will present to you. I am so much looking forward to welcome you all! The program is impressive and the VSI.ASAI as our host organisation has put a lot of effort in it. So already many thanks to them!
In this newsletter you will find, besides the report of our board meetings, some updates about events around Europe. We are strongly hoping that you as members will help us by sending reports, notes and summaries about events or interesting matters about our profession in your country, to share with each other. Just like we are sharing info about the SBID awards, the world interiors day and updates in Estonia in this newsletter. This will broaden the content en open up our perspective and show the richness of interior architecture in Europe! 
As a final note I would like to give a very warm welcome to our last recognized school; CIT Interior Architecture in Cork (Ireland) as a new educational member. And I would like to point out how glad we are that we have met our Spanish member, the CGDI in Madrid the last time.  
 Please enjoy reading the news and lets meet in Switzerland!' 
coming soon:
ECIA General Assembly 2016 in Switzerland
VSI.ASAI organizes the ECIA General Assembly 2016 in Switzerland 2.262 meters above sea level from Sept 16–17 
GA Round Table 2016 Regulation – hated or loved?  is focusing on the topic: The position of Interior Architecture as a profession in the lawsystem in order to generate a discussion of similarities and differences between ECIA member states. The Round Table poses the questions: What should be regulated? Why? Who regulates? Regulation creates, limits, constrains a right, creates or limits a duty, or allocates a responsibility. Regulation & self-regulation – not one without the other. The ECIA Round Table offers a platform for the national organisations to exchange experiences, to learn from each other and to get inspiration for new ways. [photos: VSI.ASAI]
Summit Building by Herzog & de Meuron, 2015
ECIA President Visited EU Border
ECIA president Anja Dirks visited Estonia from August 24-29 in order to give wider international insight and find out the best interiors of 2015/2016 as a jury member of Annual Awards of the Association of Estonian Interior Architects. She attended the summer seminar Organic Architecture held by the Estonian architects, interior architects and landscape architects in European border city Narva and gave also a lecture – Building Biology: the science that leads to natural healthy, ecological buildings – analyzing the role of interior architect in the field of health-care. [photo: K. Haagen]
Narva College by Kavakava Architects, 2012
ECIA Recognized Education
Following the success of the introduction of the European Charter of Interior Architecture Training ECIA has introduced a recognition program for courses in Interior Architecture/Design and an educational membership for recognized institutions. In this program ECIA has recently certified Cork Institute for Technology in Ireland as a new educational member. The recognition program is in the focus of the ECIA board in order to spread the evaluation process widely to improve the quality in the educational training in Interior Architecture/Design.
Interior Architecture training should ensure that qualified practitioners have proper professional competence in Interior Architecture, including knowledge of technical systems and requirements as well as consideration of health, safety and ecological balance; that they understand the cultural, intellectual, historical, social, economic and environmental context of Interior Architecture; and that they comprehend and complet the Interior Architects role and responsibility in society. 
ECIA Board Meeting in Madrid
ECIA board met in Madrid, June 9–11 with the interior architects association in Spain – CODDIM – which connects 19 different federations of interior architects and designers. Their new president Teresa Casas signed the documents with Anja Dirks in order to renew the relationship with ECIA and to be connected with the professionals in Europe. 

ECIA board is focused on strengthening the connections between national organizations and also on developing the contacts with possible new members in Europe, the discussions are open in Bukarest and Budapest. [photo: T.-K. Vaikla]
World Interiors Day
World Interiors Day is an annual event spearheaded by IFI and designed to spotlight Interior Architecture/Design. The event actively engages professionals, national organizations, design enthusiasts and the general public to explore creativity, imagination, vision and passion in relation to the role of Interiors in society, culture and our future built environments.
Michael Heusi (interviewer), Marco Di Biasi (client), Marianne Daepp (interior architect)
'Intelligent created Spaces is a result of good teamwork between the interior architect and the client', said Prof. Dominic Haag-Walthert, who brought the theme of this years' WID to the point. He introduced the three podium talks between selected VSI.ASAI Interior architects and their clients. The audience experienced exciting insights on how – during a short period of time – a relationship is built between these two parties. Project examples in each of the private- and public areas as well as a temporary exhibition installation, were shown.

VSI.ASAI celebrated the annual WID event at the Stilhaus Rothist Switzerland in May 2016. A dedication exhibition of Leo Zimmerman was installed at the Stilhaus showing his furniture collection and other works. Thomas Wachter, president of VSI.ASAI, expressed in his opening speech a praise to the interior architect, who perfectly fulfilled his work combining the aspect of construction and interior design in all of his projects. 'An interior architect’s approach from the inside to the outside of spaces, means that two disciplines work on the same objective, but following other goals and using different functions.' [photos: VSI.ASAI]
SBID Awards
Last year SBID received entries from 41 countries, with literally hundreds of applications from micro business freelance individuals to some of the world’s largest interior design and architects practices all showcasing the most amazing and inspiring projects that demonstrate exactly what the industry achieves.
Vanessa Brady (Founding president): 'As designers for business, for leisure and for general wellbeing we create safe environments for people to move around in. We are an industry that adds value to the bottom line of our clients business by making clever choices that they had often failed to assess. This visual and functional aspect of design advice is frequently ignored by the media who rarely see the added value of great design. Something as simple as a door hinged on the opposite side of the frame can change the flow and safety of movement by users. It is this value of design once assembled collectively makes designers great.
Our objective at SBID is to elevate the status and profile of such global talent to promote and demonstrate exactly why our profession is so amazing. In doing so we showcase our industries stars and emerging talent.' [photo: SBID] 
Public Space Finalist - Atelier PRO Architekten - Klinker Cultural centre
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