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June 15, 2018

What's New in DNA This Week?


1. Genome Mate Pro Series by Leah Larkin

Leah Larkin, Ph.D., author of The DNA Geek, has an ongoing series helping people install and understand Genome Mate Pro. Genome Mate Pro (also called "GMP") is a computer program that helps you manage the data collected from autosomal DNA testing.

GMP has a steep learning curve, so this is an essential series to get you up to speed. Additionally, GMP just released a fully revised version, so this series will help you understand any changes. 

The series, currently at Part 6, begins with HERE with Part 1. According to the blog, it appears the series will have a total of 10 blog posts.

2. I4GG Scheduled for Fall 2018!

The Institute for Genetic Genealogy (I4GG) is one of the most intense DNA conferences held every year! Organized by CeCe Moore and DNA Detectives, this 3-day event features the best DNA speakers from all over the world. 

This year, I4GG will be held in San Diego, California on December 7-9th, 2018. The schedule is not yet finalized, but you can register HERE for the event! 

3. Family Tree University Virtual DNA Conference

Family Tree University has organized a 4-day Virtual DNA Conference June 21-24th, 2018. The 4-Day Virtual DNA Conference includes:

  • Live keynote and Q&A with Roberta Estes (30 minutes)
  • Phasing with Roberta Estes (30 minute video presentation)
  • Triangulation Tools with Roberta Estes (30 minute video presentation)
  • Deep DNA Analysis Tools with Shannon Combs-Bennett (60 minute recorded webinar)
  • DNA Solutions to Real Life Research Problems with Blaine Bettinger (30 minute presentation)
  • DNA Mismatch: Conflicts in Your Family Tree with Blaine Bettinger (30 minute presentation)
  • Plus, 4 PDF research guides by expert DNA consultant, Diahan Southard.
  • Discussion boards and more!
The course is $149.99, and you can register HERE

4. Father's Day DNA Sales Continue (But Not Long!)
Each of the testing companies is offering Father's Day sales. It's not clear if all of these sales are available outside the U.S., so check to see whether there are discounts for your home country. These are the U.S. prices in U.S. dollars:

  • 23andMe: $79 - ends June 17th
  • AncestryDNA: $69 - ends June 18th
  • Family Tree DNA:  $59 for Family Finder, and discounts on all Y-DNA products - ends June 18th
  • Living DNA: $79
  • MyHeritage: $59 - ends June 17th

Take advantage of these sales before they're gone!

Other DNA News

1. MyHeritage Reports Email Address Breach

MyHeritage reports that a file containing the email addresses and hashed passwords of 92,283,889 users who had signed up to MyHeritage up to and including Oct 26, 2017 was found on a private server outside MyHeritage. It is not yet known how the file got there, or who may have accessed it. Note that the "hashed passwords" are not our plain language passwords, and are not useful for hacking purposes. See "MyHeritage Statement About a Cybersecurity Incident" for more information. 

It appears that no DNA data was accessible, breached, or otherwise at risk.

It is highly recommended that you change your password, although you may be prompted to do so anyway based on MyHeritage's resolution measures.

2. Inaugural Midwest DNA Event Held June 9th

On Saturday June 9th, I participated in an online DNA conference organized by Thomas MacEntee and Mary Eberle. The event provided 5 hours of educational content delivered by Mary Eberle, Jane Halderman, and myself. You can now purchase the recordings of this conference HERE. The cost is $79.99 for the full bundle, or $14.99 for individual lectures. 

  1. Using Autosomal DNA for 18th and 19th Century Mysteries | Blaine
  2. Begging for Spit: Encouraging Others to Test | Blaine
  3. DNA & Health: What Can You Really Discover? | Mary Eberle, J.D.
  4. Painting Your Chromosomes with Your Ancestors | Mary Eberle, J.D.
  5. Y-DNA Projects | Jane Haldeman

That's it for this week, stay tuned for more!

Great luck on your DNA journey,

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