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Family Pride of Northeast Ohio is proud to announce our events.
Dear Colleague,
It is our goal to maintain the highest level possible of quality of service, communication, and efficiency.  We appreciate working with other community agencies on the behalf of our mutual clients.  To that end, we want to ask our partners in this endeavor, how are we doing?
Approximately six months ago, Family Pride and The Geauga County Department on Aging came together to discuss a growing concern in Geauga County  – the increasing number of homebound elderly that are struggling daily to live safe, healthy lives.  For this reason, the organizations formed a partnership that focuses on improving the emotional and physical well-being of the homebound elderly throughout Geauga County.  The Geauga County Senior Support Services Program is a pilot program that is funded by the United Way Services of Geauga County.  This program targets individuals ages 55 and above who can identify as part of the “ALICE” (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) population and are struggling in basic needs towards self-sufficiency such as housing, food, financial stability, and mental health.  Participants are linked into the Department on Aging’s supportive programming such as home delivered meals, adult day services, and medical transportation.   For further support, they are connected Family Pride’s Meghan Pizzino, the Senior Support Case Manager who will meet with them at least once a week to develop a self-sufficiency action plan and address their identified needs.  The Senior Support Case Manager will work with program participants, their families, natural  support, and local resources to help them lead healthier, happier lives.  If you are interested in becoming enrolled in the program, please contact the Geauga County Department on Aging at  440-279-2130.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) 

Recently, increased research has highlighted the importance of trauma and the effects of trauma on our children and families.  It has been found that up to a quarter of the population has experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime.   Furthermore, trauma not only affects the emotional well-being of our loved ones, but that it creates a physical change in the body and the brain to make lasting affects throughout the lifespan. Family Pride makes concerted efforts to incorporate trauma-informed therapeutic models into its programming.  One such evidence-based model is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - or EMDR.   

EMDR is a form of therapy that focuses on our information processing and our body’s natural want to heal.  An EMDR therapist sees trauma symptoms as an outcome from a wound that has not properly healed that spreads to other aspects of our life.  With EMDR, the therapist builds and practices skills with the client to use inside and outside of sessions.  Once the client is ready, eye movements or other sensory interventions will be used to help a client reprocess a negative self-belief connected to trauma memory through the emotional, cognitive and physical channels experiencing the trauma.  EMDR allows a client to naturally find a way to replace the negative self-belief with a more positive belief, i.e. “I am not safe” can be turned into, “I know now how to keep myself safe.”  EMDR empowers the client to take the healing process in their hands, with the therapist there to provide guidance and safety through the process.  

Family Pride employs several staff who have been trained in EMDR therapy and others who are working towards certification.  This new approach to trauma has shown to make huge differences in a shorter time period. 


Family Pride now offers a 4-week parent education program that provides an evidence-based curriculum for parents of school-aged children.  Active Parenting Program helps parents to learn ways to raise responsible children who are able to resist negative peer pressure through learn non-violent discipline techniques plus positive communication skills to build a solid foundation with their children for the upcoming teen years.  It is provided at the Family Pride Chardon Office at 695 South Street, Suite 6, from 6-8pm, offers refreshments for the evening as well as childcare as needed, and is COMPLETELY FREE TO PARTICIPANTS! With the support of the Ohio Children Trust Fund, Family Pride strives to help parents reduce their frustration and yelling with both education and peer support.  The next class starts Wednesday, January 30th at 6pm.  Please contact Rachel Humphrey at 440-226-4586 to register. Download Flyer


Family Pride now offers a 4-week parent education program that provides an evidence-based curriculum designed specifically for parents of Teens. Parents interested in learning how to communicate positively with their teens can take just a short trip to Ashtabula County to participate in our Active Parenting Teen Program, a 4-week parent support program to learn what is going on in your teen's head, improve communication, encourage responsibility, and discipline effectively. This class meets at the Ashtabula County District Library, 4335 Park Avenue, Ashtabula on Monday evenings starting February 11, 2019 from 5:00-7:00 pm.

Please contact Family Pride at 440-536-5680 to reserve your spot!   Download Flyer


FAMILY PRIDE EXPANDS TO                               MIDDLEFIELD!

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Family Pride expanded its offices to Middlefield through a partnership with the Cardinal School District.  Family Pride is currently providing counseling support services in the old Cardinal Intermediate Building, which the district is remodeling for use by local businesses in the community.

“We are very excited about partnering with the Cardinal School District and being in the Intermediate School building,” said executive director Angela Daugherty. “It seems like a natural next step to better serve our current clients and families as well as increase availability and access to counseling and support services to the Middlefield community.”

Family Pride leases the front office of the building and the classroom directly across the hall from it. “Family Pride already provides important services to many students and families in our community, it makes sense for them to expand their offerings into east Geauga County,” said Cardinal Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott J. Hunt. “When I spoke with Ms. Daugherty about her needs, our Intermediate building seemed like a natural fit. We’re happy to have Family Pride on campus.”  

Family Pride currently serves more than 1,200 children, youth and adults throughout Northeast Ohio, many here in Geauga County. This past year, Family Pride expanded to offer trauma-focused programming with a variety of options, including increasing the capacity of school-based support services.


Something so simple as a new backpack and school supplies may not seem like a big deal to many, but for those who often start their school year unprepared feel stressed even before the year starts.  For this reason, in 2017, Family Pride, led by Board Member Judy McCoy, started its first annual school Supply Drive. That first year, the organization filled 25 backpacks.  

On Saturday, August 4, 2018 the Middlefield Walmart supported Family Pride in its 2nd Annual “Fill the Box” event to obtain school supply donations for children and youth attending Geauga County Schools.   During this annual event, the store provided a balloon artist to entertain children while parents and grandparents learned about the needs of youth in the community as well as mental health support services that are provided at the agency. 

 This event was a huge success! With the gracious support of the staff at Middlefield Walmart, Regency Hospital and Family Pride volunteers, we were able to fill over 45 back packs with needed school supplies and received over $350 in donations for additional supplies.   Thank you to all that came out to make a difference for our community that day!


          SUPPORT FOR 


In 2016, Family Pride started its gardening program with five plots through the Digging Deeper Community Garden in Madison, Ohio (Lake County). The gardening program was implemented to engage children and families in positive, healthy activities that incorporate communication, family and youth engagement, team work, family goal planning, consistency, and at times, conflict resolution and patience.  Agency team members work with children and family members to grow their own vegetables and plants, which improves the sense of responsibility for children, communication between family members, and offers a positive way to de-stress from daily life.   

“It has been exciting to see the transformation in the children and families who have participated in this year’s gardening season. The knowledge and skills they have learned will be useful for them for years to come.”  says Sheryl Flanagan, case manager at Family Pride and community garden project lead.  

This year, Family Pride had over 10 plots with families and youth from Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula counties  that were utilized as family gardens, youth vegetable gardens, memorial gardens, and butterfly gardens… all self-identified ways to help cope with stress and work with others in a common purpose – to be happier and healthier!  Family Pride will continue its gardening program Spring and Summer 2019, if you are interested in volunteering or supporting the program please contact the Chardon office at 440-286-1553.


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