Sell your business with confidence  |  March 7 2019 - Vancouver
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Thursday March 7th | 7:30am - 12:30pm
Renaissance Mergers & Acquisitions
310-969 Robson Street, Vancouver  

Sell your business with confidence

You have dedicated years of your life to building a successful business and it has now come time to consider selling.  Most entrepreneurs have never sold a company so the process can be unfamiliar, confusing and laden with emotion. The stakes are high and the outcome can vary widely so it is important that you get this right.  Attend the Exit This Way seminar and hear from business transition experts on a variety of key topics including:

  • Increasing the Value of your Business
  • Tax Planing to Maximize Your Proceeds
  • Understanding Valuation and the Selling Process
  • Legal Traps to Avoid When Selling Your Business
  • Pre-sale Investment Planning
Attending this session will give you the information and contacts that you need to successfully sell your business with confidence.

This seminar will be most relevant to owners of profitable companies with revenues in the $5M to $75M range.
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Mark Wardell, Wardell International
604-733-4489 |

Double the Value of Your Business
Two seemingly identical businesses can sell for vastly different amounts of money. It’s important to prepare for a sale well in advance in order to end up on the right side of the equation. 

In his presentation, Mark will discuss key strategies for maximizing the market value of nearly any company, including how to access the untapped value hidden within your people, your systems, and your culture.

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Kevin Walsh, Walsh King
604-646-3436 |

Tax Planning to Maximize your Proceeds
Planning for the potential tax on the sale of your business is a critical component to a transaction.  As with all tax matters, the number of planning opportunities are maximized the sooner you engage a tax professional.  

Canadian tax law and its numerous acronyms and nomenclature can be daunting. Kevin will provide an explanation of some of the key concepts that may be helpful during the sale process.  

Tax planning opportunities exist whether you sell shares or assets.  Kevin will discuss how each of these scenarios may impact the tax planning that you may want to consider.  Kevin will also discuss some common tax planning opportunities that exist for private corporations including: utilizing the lifetime capital gains exemption, multiplication of the lifetime capital gains exemption and certain long-term tax deferral strategies.

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Axel Christiansen, Renaissance M&A
604-928-5522 |

Understanding Valuation and M&A Techniques
How companies are valued can be a bit of a mystery to entrepreneurs who have not sold a business previously. Enterprise value, capitalized earnings, discounted cash flow, EBITDA multiples, synergistic premiums, working capital pegs, etc...what does it all mean?   Axel will explain the art and science of valuation so that you can embark on a sale process with a value expectation based on appropriate valuation concepts.

The best way to maximize value is to conduct a well executed professional selling process which ensures that you reach the right buyers, provide them the right information at the right time and maximize competitive tension.  Axel will outline the techniques used by professional M&A advisors in a typical sale process. Since most transactions will face a few 'bumps' - common transaction challenges will also be discussed.

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Don Sihota, Clark Wilson LLP
604-643-3123 |

Selling a Business – Legal Traps to Avoid
Don will discuss legal issues in selling a business, pointing out pitfalls business owners face in the sale process so you can avoid making the same costly mistakes.  

He will explain the difference between an asset purchase and a share purchase in the sale of a business and which is best for you.  You will learn about the importance of confidentiality agreements and standstill agreements when selling a business, and how to properly deal with non-competition agreements and other restrictive covenants. 

Finally, Don will explain how representations, warranties, covenants and indemnities in the purchase agreement can cause the actual payment you receive for your business to be lower than the price you negotiated, and how you can prevent this from happening to you.

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Stephen Roberts, Connor Clark & Lunn Financial Group
604-643-5799 |

Pre-Sale Investment Planning
Coming to terms with selling your business and deriving future income from an investment portfolio can be daunting. Can I afford to sell? What is my sustainable spending rate? What if there’s a recession or bear market? 

As you contemplate how to deploy your capital, you need to understand the impact of factors you can control versus those you can’t, and how to assess tradeoffs between risk and return. This session will review a real life example and let you “pre-experience” what wealth values can look like under different scenarios and a wide range of market outcomes.    

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Early Bird rate of $99 ends February 28th and only 20
Early Bird tickets available so register now!
($149 regular rate)
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