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September 2018
Vol. 13
Welcome to the Richard Merkin Middle School
7th Grade Art Class Newsletter!
"Every artist was first an amateur". 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every month I award two “Student Artists of the Month”.  Student Artists who are selected consistently demonstrate a passion and drive for the arts both in and out of class. As a reward, in addition to having their photos added to the "Wall of Fame" in my classroom, these students are also invited for a personalized Virtuatl Reality (VR) Gaming session. 
  • Sketchbooks:   At the beginning of the year all were given a sketchbook.  Students are welcome to bring them home to practice drawing. We use our sketchbooks every day in class, so it is very important that students bring them to school every day.  If students lose or misplace their sketchbooks, they may purchase a new one from Ms. Gaechter for $5, or purchase their own outside of class.

  • Art Club:   Art Club is a group of dedicated Student Artists who meet after school weekly from 3:30-4:30 on Friday afternoons.  Please feel free to visit the Art Club page on my website for more information and photos.

  • Virtual Reality Club:   Virtual Reality (VR) Club meets after school weekly from 3:30-4:30 on Monday afternoons.  During this time students have the opportunity to explore, experiment, and play with our HTC Vive Virtual Reality System.

  • Museum Experiences, Hours for You Extra Credit for Them:   If you and your  children visit a Museum, parents can earn hours, and students can earn Extra Credit for their Art Class.  Any students who attend a museum and turn in 1 page written reflection about their experience, with a pamphlet/map/handout from the museum they visit, will earn extra credit.  

Intuitive Sharpie Feather Designs
After studying the intuition driven work of Kelsey Montague, students designed and created their own intuitive feather drawings to assemble into a collaborative wing artwork.  To create these, students were first asked to analyze similarities and differences in Montegue’s work, and explain why they believed these trends existed in her artwork. They also explored the concept of intuition, and how an artist can create work that relies on their gut feeling and artistic flow, rather than methodical planning. Students were then provided a pre-printed feather, and were asked to use their intuition to fill it in with black and white Sharpie designs and patterns. Once filled with designs and patterns, students were asked to complete the sentence “THIS YEAR I WILL BE _____” and hide it somewhere in their design. The purpose of this sentence is to serve as a beginning of the year promise for students to themselves, as this project is largely inspirational with a focus on community building and risk taking, rather than technical challenge.
Radial Element Maps
Mixed Media Drawings

Students created these Radial Element Maps as they studied The Elements of Art. Through a stations exercise, students explored each of The 7 Elements of Art, and created drawings to visually represent each.  Students had 10 minutes to read about, discuss, and draw each Element of Art in their Radial Map. These maps will be used throughout the year as examples for students to reference as we examine the application of The Elements of Art in other artworks.
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