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November 2018
Vol. 15
Welcome to the Richard Merkin Middle School
7th Grade Art Class Newsletter!

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” 

- Frida Kahlo
Every month I award two “Student Artists of the Month”.  Student Artists who are selected consistently demonstrate a passion and drive for the arts both in and out of class. As a reward, in addition to having their photos added to the "Wall of Fame" in my classroom, these students 
are also invited for a personalized Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming session. 
10 Week Awards
Every marking period, every teacher awards 2 students. A big congrats to Joseph Sanchez and Andrea Franco for their accomplishments as the Most Improved and Most Outstanding Student Artists of the first 10 weeks of school! 
  • Art Club:   Art Club meets after school weekly from 3:30-4:30 on Friday afternoons.  
    • 2018 FILM FESTIVAL: Last year we began the tradition of having a Film Festival for students to debut their handmade stop-motion animation projects. Please join us this coming Friday (11/09/18) from 4:00pm-5:00pm for our Festival! Students have been working very hard and are excited to show you their work! 

  • Virtual Reality Club:   VR Club meets after school weekly from 3:30-4:30 on Monday afternoons.
    • VR club has been comparing virtual and real experiences like facing your fears and getting exercise to discover how Virtual Reality can be helpful in peoples' lives.
Artist Statements and E-Portfolios
Digital Slides Presentations 
This year students will be keeping track of their artwork and progress through electronic portfolios, where they will organize photographs and samples of their work and writing from Art Class. Students will update their E-Portfolios for every project we do with their Artist Statement and a digital image of their work.  Students are working very hard to learn how to analyze and critique their own work so that they can determine and work towards their own goals in my class.  One way we track their progress is through these E-Portfolios.  
Kusama Color Theory Orbs
Watercolor 3D Color Wheel Experiment
Before creating these paintings, students studied Color Theory. They learned many concepts in color theory including: pigment primary colors, spectral primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, complementary, analogous, tints, shades, and more! 
The final outcome for this project was originally a 3D Color Wheel, where the completed circles fit into each other. However, students were so afraid to make a mistake and fail, that many were hesitant to even begin the project. I decided to scrap the lesson and change direction (Thanks to Mr. Shahbaz). After working on these paintings for about 6 hours, I asked students to re-do the project entirely and get as much completed as possible in just 1 hour. The images above are their comparison of their 6-hour work and their 1-hour work. Students also wrote Artist Statements evaluating how their skills, attitudes, and time management changed. I hope they were able to take away from this lesson that failure will happen, and it's important to learn how to learn from it and move forward. YAY FAILURE!
InkTober Pumpkin Carving Party
On November 1st I hosted an after-school party for any students who participated in InkTober (a daily drawing challenge for the month of October). We celebrated with pizza and creating our own carved pumpkins! 
Toilet Paper Costume Challenge
On October 31st, students got together in teams and were given one roll of toilet paper. Each team was given 10 minutes to work together and create the most fashionable, unique, and interesting "mummy" wrap design. The results were hilarious and fun was had by all! 
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