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A first look at our new Market layout, designed to keep the area safe for all. 

In light of the current pandemic, the Waltham Farmers’ Market (WFM) needs to reach out to our valued community to look for volunteers to help us keep the market running during our 30th season, June 6 – October 31.

Farmers’ Markets are considered an “essential service” in Massachusetts, and will open following health and safety guidelines from the Mass Department of Agricultural Resources and Department of Public Health.  We will need help from volunteers to implement these guidelines, including monitoring 6-foot distancing and required face coverings, putting out and maintaining our safety signage, hand-washing, and sanitizing equipment, controlling the entrances to the market and the number of people entering, providing translation and other assistance to our shoppers, and many other tasks. The entire staff of WFM are also volunteers, and we are committed to our mission of providing access to healthy, fresh, affordable food and supporting local producers and small farms.

It will take many people each week to operate the market under these new guidelines, so we don’t expect full season commitments from our volunteers. Are you someone who'd like to help and is able to offer some time? Hopefully, we’ll have enough people to offer flexibility about time commitments from volunteers. For more information, please send email to Missy Goldberg,, and she will send you detailed information about volunteering. Please do not hesitate to contact Missy, even if you think you have only a few hours to spare.

Thanks in advance for considering this new way of supporting the Waltham Farmers’ Market.

Are you wondering if the Waltham Farmers' Market will open this summer? And how will it change given that we’re in the throes of a pandemic? We are happy to report that WFM will be open for our 30th season, and yes, we’re sorry to say it will look and feel different. 

The steering committee has spent many hours planning for this extraordinary season, it will open as scheduled on June 6th, at its home location, 119 School Street. We understand how important the availability of fresh food is in these times, and our focus is on creating a safe, healthy environment.

The Market is implementing mandated alterations outlined by new state regulations. One of the consequences of conforming to the new orders and guidelines is that we’ve had to reduce the number of vendors (requirements for social distancing and number of attendees have decreased the amount of tent space) and we’ve also had to cancel concerts. The vendor make-up of the Market will focus on local produce, seafood, meat, dairy, baked goods, and soaps. There will be limited prepared foods for take-out only. Unfortunately, we don’t anticipate having room for our artisan vendors.

The WFM is saddened by the fact that the Market for this season cannot function as a community gathering space; in fact, it’s the opposite. However, in the spirt of supporting our mission “…to provide access to healthy, fresh affordable food and support local producers and small farms.”

Here are WFM requirements and expectations to make shopping safe for everyone: 

  1. Do not come to the Market if you’re sick.
  2. You must be wearing a face mask/covering to enter the Market. (Currently, Waltham has a $100 fine for not wearing a face covering in public.)
  3. If possible, have only one member of the household shop at the Market. 
  4. Parking availability in the 119 School Street lot is now reserved only for vehicles displaying handicap placards. Assume the best place to park is at the Central Garage, only 1 block from the Market. 
  5. Entry and exit points will be limited and will be clearly marked.
  6. There will be lines forming for entry into the Market to control the number of people allowed in at one time. Each person waiting in line is expected to maintain the 6' distance between shoppers.
  7. Follow the signs for pedestrian flow within the Market.
  8. Stand at the designated spots at the vendor tents.
  9. Only the vendor can touch the product, bag the product and take payment. The vendor has to place your product in a paper or plastic bag and hand it to you.
  10. Once you’re done with your shopping, please exit the Market so someone else can be admitted to do their shopping.
  11. The port-a-potty in the parking lot is for vendors only.


  1. All vendors must wear masks and gloves.
  2. All vendors will have hand sanitizer for shoppers’ use.
  3. There is no eating in the Market.  
  4. There will a hand-washing station at the Market entrance and exit. 

In closing, we look forward to seeing you and providing the healthy food we all need and giving support to our local farmers and producers. While this isn’t the Market we all know and love, we’ve worked very hard to keep the Market viable for all.

Will these changes last throughout the summer? It's too soon to know but you can be sure that we’ll be on top of the changing environment. With that in mind, please read the weekly newsletter for important updates. We will do everything we can to make this the best market possible under these trying circumstances. 

Should everyone wear gloves?  No. Vendors are required to wear gloves. But for most of us, disinfecting our hands with sanitizer, which will be available in many places around our market, is more effective, easier to use correctly, and does not create a lot of trash. 
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