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Since the middle of the 20th century, scientists have warned that human technology and economic “progress” have been disrupting the worldwide carbon cycle, one of many fundamental processes on which life on Earth depends. Sixteen out of the first seventeen years of the 21st century have been the warmest years on record for the planet as a whole, and 2016 was the hottest ever recorded.  
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Literacy is at the heart of all learning.  Students who are competent at writing clearly, and who fully understand the texts they read, open doors for themselves to acquire knowledge in math, literature, history, business, and science. Adults who cannot read and write well not only have few chances in succeeding academically and in the workplace, but also find that their personal development is hindered. 
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Is your team missing its mark? Are the results disappointing? Are the performance graphs showing a sharp drop-off? It is clear that a sustainable business advantage can only be found through a team of enthusiastic and engaged employees. The basis of employee coaching is to identify the specific reasons for underperformance, as well as the exact steps to resolve the issue, and their implementation.
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19. 6. 2017
UNYP student launches the Czech Republic into the future of virtual reality
You open your eyes and find yourself along with a few others in a spaceship on the edge of the galaxy. You and your teammates have an hour to solve puzzles, stabilize a reactor, shoot robots and learn how to fly in zero gravity in order to survive.This is just one of many virtual escape games offered by Torch VR, the largest and most exclusive Virtual Reality company in the Czech Republic.
16. 6. 2017
UNYP team is launching new app to take you to dinner - Czech Friendly
Taste the diversity! This is the motto of the new social project called Czech Friendly which will unite the best ethnic food places in Prague in one place. Not only will you discover authentic Russian borsht, Turkish kebab or Indian samosa but also find out more about their origins.
16. 6. 2016
UNYP shows helping others helps us too
Did you know that spending money on others can increase your well-being and happiness? The University of New York in Prague Psychology Department teamed up with DIS–a study abroad institute in Denmark–to investigate further. 
16. 6. 2016
Why you should study Communication and Media in 2017
There are so many options when it comes to studying in Prague. With all of the universities and majors, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Here are our reasons for why you should study Communications and Mass Media at University of New York in Prague.
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LOGISTICS - Junior Planner with ENGLISH
Opportunity to join an INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS TEAM based in Prague
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Alumni Spotlight
Allarik Curtis, Communication and Mass Media, 2016
Auction Administrator SAP Ariba
Jakub Jurga, International Economic Relations, 2015
M&A and Strategy Consultant PwC
Natalia Moscalu, MBA 2013
General Director "ABC" JSC S.A.
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