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On May 18th, 2018 the University of New York in Prague celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Prague Congress Center, Zoom. The event was a culmination of 20 years of excellence in education and success as institution that celebrated UNYP alumni and students alike. The event was attended by nearly 600 guests including students, alumni, many honored guests from partner institutions, ambassadors and diplomats from around the world and Czech ministry officials.
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How often have you had to face a pile of work (whether it be professional tasks or school assignments), but with an energy meter pegged at zero after a long day?  We have all been there – unfortunately, our increasingly hectic schedules make this more and more common.  There may be little that we can do about the amount of work we have in front of us, but there are always ways to increase our energy levels so that we can better achieve our tasks.

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The University of New York in Prague’s 20th Anniversary celebration is very special in itself, however there was one moment during the Gala evening, which brought a new important tradition to life. For the first time ever, UNYP officially announced the winner of the Alumni of the Year Award.
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News & Events
1. 5. 2018
TripAdvisor names Prague seventh best destination
Prague is already considered a great city for expatriates and international students studying abroad. Now, it's getting more recognition for tourism. This year, it climbed TripAdvisor’s list of best destinations by two spots compared to 2017, beating New York, Istanbul, and Marrakech.
16. 6. 2016
How to get to Bohemian Switzerland
Are you living in or traveling to Prague? Do you love mountains, nature, and are ready for a breathtaking adventure in the Northern Czech countryside? Do I have the day trip for you. Let me show you Bohemian Switzerland.
15. 5. 2018
A Vegan Gem in Prague
In a castle far, far away, there is a vegan restaurant on the tallest floor of the tallest tower where people from across the land could dine on veggie burgers and sweet dumplings, all while washing it down with a cold beer. Ok, so maybe it's not that far, and it probably isn't in the tallest tower of the land, but Vegan’s Prague is definitely one of my favorite gems of the city to enjoy good company, top-notch vegan food, and breathtaking views.
16. 6. 2016
Meet UNYP successful Alumni 
“Everyday you’re exposed to so much information and data, you need to know how to process it quickly to make the right decisions. That’s something I learned at UNYP,” Jiří Sýkora says. As an investment manager at PPF, the Czech Republic’s largest private equity firm, Jiří spends much of his time analyzing and evaluating multiple real estate investments. 
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Career Office
If you are looking for an internship or part-time job or if you are our alumni and looking for a full time position, please contact our Career Office. You can obtain a job or contact HR's at companies which cooperate with UNYP.
Marketing Manager for Enterprise
Developing and implementing the brand strategy and overseeing all marketing activities
Atmedia Czech
Sales Director
Creating the sales strategy for the entire company for the Czech media market
Proximity Prague
Junior Account Manager
Coordinating projects related to planning, budgeting and reporting for internal purposes and towards clients
For details of these positions, please contact the Career office at
Alumni Spotlight
Hilary St Jonn
Psychology, 2005
Digital Marketing Affiliate Manager SEMrush
Igor Krajčoviech
MBA General Management, 2012
Principal Project Manager DHL Information Services (Europe)
Daniel Jesenský
MBA in Marketing, 2004
Managing Partner DAGO
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