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Luxembourg ratified ILO Convention 169

In April 2018, the Luxembourgian ministry of Foreign Affaires formally notified to the International Labour Organization that the Grand-Duché has ratified the ILO convention 169. This is the very last act of a six-year-process of awareness raising and lobbying by Climate Alliance and NGO networks in Luxembourg as well as administrative procedures. It is also the fruit of six years of activities in three EU projects: "From Overconsumption to Solidarity“, "The Future we want“ and finally "Change the power“.
The campaign started in 2012 by a Resolution of Climate Alliance Luxembourg asking the gouvernement to ratify the ILO convention 169. After four long years of awareness raising and lobbying activities, the turning point came by winning the minister of Environment, Carole Dieschbourg, as an allied by argueing that strengthening the rights of indigenous peoples is forest protection, and forest protection is climate protection.

In 2016, the minister of labour, Nicolas Schmit, in charge of ILO issues, announced publicly that Luxembourg will ratify this convention. From that moment on, the internal administrative and political procedure  started – slowly. In May 2017, the ratification text was submitted to the Chambers of Commerce, the gouvernement, the State’s Council, and finally the Parliament’s Commission of Labour.
But especially for this last step, we had to keep pushing to make things go faster, for instance during the plenary of Climate Alliance in January 2018 where the president of this Commission was present as mayor of the member municipality Sanem. Following that, on 1st of February, the ILO convention 169 was a topic in the reunion of this Commission, and three weeks later, they published their positive position.

Then, the road was open for a vote by the people’s representants, which happened on 27th of February, when the Luxembourgian Parliament finally voted unanimously in favour of the ratification of ILO convention 169.

Now, the very last formal act of this longlasting story has still to be done by the International Labour Organization itself: confirm the ratification by Luxembourg...


New trailers are available for Martin Kessler's documentary, "Countdown on River Xingu V"!
English version
German version
Portuguese version
The English version of the DVDs will be ready at the end of June, and all documents related to the documentary, such as press releases and texts to translate can be found on the server under Common Activities/Belo Monte.

CA will finalise the German version of all texts and descriptions of activities for the online tool by the 30th of June, so that the communication agency can then work on it. We will send all partners the English version of the contents by the end of July, so that it can be translated into national languages in August.
The update of the campaign is well on track and you'll receive the first visuals in the coming days! The chosen topics are waste, energy and mobility (with a focus on public transportation). Already looking forward to your feedback!


Municipalities 4 Global Goals - Elections for municipalities were held in the Netherlands in March and a lot of new coalitions have been formed. Some parties used the SDGs as the centre of their election program and even some municipalities (Leeuwarden being one of them) chose to use the SDGs as the backbone of their coalition program! 31 local aldermen called for the inclusion of the Global Goals in future policies. There are currently over 40 municipalities that call themselves a ‘municipality 4 Global Goals’. We expect this number to double the coming years. This is something Klimaatverbond promotes together with VNGi (the international branch of the national association of all municipalities in the Netherlands).

“Kids on the move” goes SDGs
The Dutch version of ‘kids on the move’ is going to be connected to the SDGs. Klimaatverbond updated different lessons descriptions so that they include and highlight the SDGs. We’re also working on another very interesting education project, but it is still in the development phase. More about this in the next newsletter…
The Climate Planet comes to Utrecht
The Climate Planet is a big globe with room for 300 people, that tells the story of climate change and connects the SDGs to it. Klimaatverbond is currently looking for ways to use this great opportunity to raise awareness about the SDGs and our project.

Exhibition “We are all witnesses” – Italian version is on the way!
The translation is ready and CAI is working on two new posters focusing on the impacts of climate change in Italy. The first poster will be about the severe drought that hit Italy in 2017 and its impact on the Po River basin - Italy’s most important agricultural area – that has led to a fall in water reserves and put a huge strain on the rivers of the basin. The second poster will deal with the impact of temperature rise on the health of bees. Climate change and the effects of industrial agriculture have heavily damaged the bee population. The production of honey has dropped (up to -80% in 2017) but more importantly the pollination, a vital service bees render to agriculture, is in danger.
Educational materials
ANATOLIKI is organizing lobby events and an exhibition in Greece to be implemented in 2019. During Summer 2018 ANATOLIKI will develop educational materials on 3 themes: food waste, energy and water. The educational material will be used in Kindergartens in 5 municipalities during the next school period 2018-2019. The material will also be used during summer recreation activities for kids of working parents, in 2019 and 2020.
DEAR news
The European Commission consulted on its ideas for a DEAR Call for Proposals to be launched this year. A report on the meeting can be found here.

At the DEAR Inception Seminar, tips, experience and guidance on setting up and managing your DEAR project were shared. The final report from that event is now available online.

Successful events

Energy Safari

In February, The Hague organized an Energy Safari to inspire the city and get the locals acquainted with sustainable energy. 15 special locations opened their doors, for example the geothermal energy plant at Leyweg, where heat from 2 km deep will soon heat 4.000 homes, as well as Uniper's power plant where the public could see how the city center is heated by residual heat. Other locations you could visit were the ski slope & skating rink De Uithof, City Hall and the first A + energy label hotel in the Netherlands, Court Garden Hotel.

Fair Fashion

On International Women's Day, local residents in The Hague and the Fairtrade workgroup organized a Fair Fashion Event. No less than 150 women came to enjoy tasty snacks, Fairtrade coffee and tea and all kinds of activities in the field of clothing. The colourful event included styling advice, a popular clothing exchange and sewing workshops. Lidia van Bodegraven, known for her allaboutfairfashion blog, exchanged with visitors about how much and which clothing you actually need and whether they know where their clothes come from. This way, Fairtrade and consumption were discussed in a casual way.

Sustainable initiatives in neighbourhoods

The Hague supports residents who want to realize sustainable projects in their neighbourhoods by organising network events and supplying small grants. During the first quarter of 2018, 20 new grant applications were made, of which the majority can be awarded. The initiatives range from shared cars to cooperatives for solar panels. On 3 April a network event was organised that around 60 people attended. During this network event residents could get information on energy transition and how to apply for these grants. Many inspiring examples were displayed to inform and motivate people.

In April, CAA showed the land grabbing-exhibition in the municipality of Warth along with a guided tour. They also offered a lecture entitled “Climate. Conscious. Shopping." to discuss possible solutions for climate and environmental pollution in Biberbach.

In April, Focus co–organized a international 3-day event attended by 460 participants, during which a professional forum about “Landscape management in the Carpathian Basin” took place.

Workshop on ecotourism

In April, Focus Eco Center organized an activity concerning sustainable tourism, where more one than hundred persons participated, walking around 11 kilometres in the beautiful landscape and having an experience in nature. Local citizens, other environmental NGOs and people working in the tourism sector participated. After the trip the audience watched Focus’s new documentary about water and discussed about the possibility to organize sustainable tourism activities in the Niraj valley, through a collaboration between NGOs, local authorities and people. It was agreed that it would be good to create an ecotourism network in order to increase of the number of visitors in the area.

Round table about healthy nutrition

In May, at the 16th edition of the NGOs Fair in Tîrgu Mureş, Focus organised a round table discussion and promoted the overdeveloped campaign. The event started with a civil café where local non-governmental organizations, decision-makers and media representatives from Tîrgu Mureş could exchange. This year, the main topic was health, nutrition, healthy communities and environments. On this topic, Focus presented the direct food distribution systems, showing decision-makers foreign and domestic examples on how to promote these initiatives as a local government. During the fair in the city centre, 26 organizations presented their activities, their daily work and their results and Focus promoted the "A good life is simple" campaign.

Recycling festival in Greece
ANATOLIKI participated in the 4th Thessaloniki Recycling Festival, on 3rd - 6th May 2018, offering creative activities to young children on recycling and rational water use. The main objective of the Recycling Festival is to sensitize pupils, students, citizens and visitors to recycling and environmentally friendly attitudes, in order to achieve modernised collection of recyclable materials in the city and to improve its image. Through the activities that ANATOLIKI organized, children had the chance to learn while creating crafts with recycled materials.
Source : Liceo Statale "Plinio il Giovane" - Citta di Castello (PG)

The SDGs at school

CAI has worked with the “Pliny the Younger” high school on “Sustainable Development Goals in the Upper Tiber Valley”. The objective was to discover the relevance of the goals 5 (gender equality), 10 (reduced inequality) and 15 (life on land) for the territory and the daily lives of the students. The starting point was the campaign “A good life is simple” for a research on how the lifestyle of the students, their families and teachers could become more sustainable. The “Festival of Sustainable Development 2018” has been the occasion to present four posters designed and realised by the students. In the second part of the event, two teams had a debate on “Complete equality between men and women” versus “Equality of the Unequals”.

Upcoming events

18-22 June in Macapá, Brazil

CA and CAA will take part in the congress of the COICA (Coordinator of Indigenous Organisations of the Amazon River Basin), don't hesitate to follow the event on CA's Facebook or on the Climate Justice page!

1-3 October in Barcelona, Spain

Climate Alliance's annual conference will be preceded by an evening with Martin Kessler - including a screening of his documentary. Feel free to join us on 30th September!

14 October in Munich, Germany

Public sreening of Martin Keßlers' movie about the Belo Monte Dam, followed by a discussion with Martin and the audience. This event is part of Munich's yearly “Klimaherbst” weeks.

Second half of July 2019 in Munich, Germany

The 2nd Regional Conference will include training on water-, wind- and solar-energies with excursions to renewable energy power plants. Delegates from Capetown and the Asháninka people in Peru will be invited.

Rotating Writing

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