St Paul's College Newsletter #16: 31 July 2020

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The words from my primary school teacher still ring clear:

”Son, you need to understand this (problem) is Subtraction not Addition”

This from a man who told us, and we all believed, that he had won the Second World War single-handedly! I found out later he was wrong on this point.!

But he wasn’t wrong on the statement about Subtraction. Believe it or not - that is what life is actually about. And we have all been taught the lesson of subtraction with the Covid 19 pandemic. There has been a reset. Life is now about getting rid of the non-essentials and changing the way we look at the many things we took for granted. Health in general, breathing in particular, are some of the many things we took for granted. I have noticed in recent months, that many families have stripped away the idea that education/ schooling etc are things to be taken for granted. And conversely I have noticed, on many levels, a renewed energy among parents for the efforts of their teachers and their College in educating their sons. There has been a very positive support in families contributing financially, supporting their son’s sporting games and offering assistance at organising events... Education in general could benefit from a round of subtraction. Stripping away the waffle which seems to surround every educational enterprise would be a good start.

  • For teachers, subtraction means focusing on what is essential in teaching...the basics.
  • For boys, subtraction means to focus on what is needed to get UE, junior diploma or excellence credits...the goals
  • For sports teams and coaches, subtraction means to focus on the basics of fitness, tactics and teamwork...the actual game
  • For our growing number of music players, subtraction means to practice daily, stop the excuses....the performance

The Marist tradition has always spoken about the value of Simplicity..being authentic and subtracting the non-essentials from one’s life

Even Christian theology and the Scriptures talk about “Self-Emptying”, (Subtraction) after the model of Christ . The opposite of self-fulfillment (Addition). Is it time for new maths in this reset? As one of the great mystics of the church said :

“God is not found in the soul by adding anything but by a process of subtraction”
(Meister Eckhart )

Worth thinking about! Another good fortnight and a very good start to Term 3

In His Peace




Board Meeting 5.30pm

When: Monday, 10th August

Rugby League Training. All grades. 3:30pm - 5pm. Cox's Bay. DMT

When: Monday, 10th August 3:30pm to 5:00pmTIC: DMT
Location: Cox's Bay

Chapel 12.30pm Willie Lose

When: Tuesday, 11th August

1st V Basketball BYE/ Training. 3:30pm - 5pm. Gym. HMS

When: Tuesday, 11th August 3:30pm to 5:00pmTIC: HMS
Location: St. Paul's Gym

Choir rehearsal. 8-8:40am. Chapel. GSE

When: Tuesday, 11th August 8:00am to 8:40amTIC: GSE
Location: Chapel

PILOT Program. Unitec. 5 Year 12 students. 9am - 3pm. JBW

When: Tuesday, 11th August 9:00am to 3:00pmTIC: JBW
5 Year 13 students
Location: Unitec

U15 Basketball Maroon vs. Auckland Grammar. Auckland Grammar 2. 4pm. DSS

When: Wednesday, 12th August 4:00pm to 6:00pmTIC: DSS
Location: Auckland Grammar 2

U15 Basketball Yellow vs. Auckland Grammar. Auckland Grammar 1. 4pm. MTA

When: Wednesday, 12th August 4:00pm to 6:00pmTIC: MTA
Location: Auckland Grammar 1

U15 League vs. Lynfield. Lynfield College. 4pm. DMT, STU

When: Wednesday, 12th August 4:00pm to 6:00pmTIC; DMT, STU
Location: Lynfield College

Band Rehearsals 7.30-8.40am

When: Wednesday, 12th August

1st XIII SPL vs. KBHS. 4pm. Victoria Park. DMT, MPA

When: Wednesday, 12th August 4:00pm to 6:00pmTIC: DMT, MPA
Location: Vic Park

2nd XIII vs. Western Springs College. 4pm. Western Springs. DMT

When: Wednesday, 12th August 4:00pm to 6:00pmTIC: DMT
Location: Western Springs 1

7&8 Rugby 7s vs. Royal Oak Intermediate. Royal Oak Intermediate. 3:30pm - 5pm. MTG

When: Wednesday, 12th August 3:30pm to 5:00pmTIC: MTG
Location: Royal Oak Intermediate

7&8 Sports Exchange with Dilworth College. St. Paul's. 1pm - 3:20pm. MTG

When: Wednesday, 12th August 1:00pm to 3:20pmTIC: MTG
Location: St. Paul's Field 1/ Courts

Mates & Dates Mentoring - Y9&10. Auditorium Space. P4. MTA

When: Wednesday, 12th August 12:05pm to 1:00pmTIC: MTA
Location: Auditorium Space

Sacramental Programme. FV206. P4. PDA

When: Thursday, 13th August 12:05pm to 1:00pmTIC: PDA
Location: FV206

Grandparents Liturgy & Morning Tea. Chapel. 9am - 10:45am. MWS

When: Friday, 14th August 9:00am to 10:45amTIC: MWS
Liturgy in Chapel
Morning Tea in Auditorium Space
Location: Chapel/ Auditorium Space

U15 Basketball Training 3:30pm - 4:30pm. Gym. HMS

When: Friday, 14th August 3:30pm to 4:30pmTIC: HMS
Location: St. Paul's College Gym