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Issue 552
26 October  - 7 November 2017

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Phenomenological Organization Website of the Week
Call for Papers

Visiting Professor in Philosophy (Phenomenology, Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Art)
Deadline: 23 Nov 2017 Faculty of Humanities, Charles University Prague

Miscellanea Anthropologica et Sociologica, Vol. XX (2019): Phenomenology, Practice, and Action: Perspectives on East-Central Europe
Deadline: 01 Dec 2017

Society for the Phenomenology of Religious Experience, Berkeley Conference, 2018
Deadline: 01 Dec 2017

Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy, Vol 6, No. 1 (2018): Philosophy and Literature
Deadline: 15 Dec 2017

The 16th annual Conference of the Nordic Society for Phenomenology: Phenomenology of Solidarity: Community, Practice, and Politics, University of Gdańsk & European Solidarity Centre, Gdańsk, Poland, 19-21 April, 2018.
Deadline: 15 Dec 2017

Studia Phaenomenologica, Vol. XVIII (2018): The Promise of Genetic Phenomenology. EXTENDED DEADLINE: 31 December 2017
Deadline: 31 Dec 2017

The Polish Journal of Aesthetics, 49 (2/2018): Phenomenology in relation to the challenges of contemporary art
Deadline: 31 Dec 2017

Conference: Phenomenology of Medicine and Bioethics, 13-15 June 2018, Södertörn University, Stockholm
Deadline: 01 Jan 2018

Call for Panel Proposals 2018: The Society for Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture (EPTC)
Deadline: 07 Jan 2018

Call for Papers 2018: Back to the Things Themselves!
Deadline: 10 Jan 2018

Upcoming Events

Terceras Jornadas: "Fenomenología del Cuerpo y Análisis del Dolor", Instituto de Filosofía (IFS-CSIC), Madrid
23 Nov 2017 - 24 Nov 2017

Tagung: Grundbegriffe und -phänomene Edith Steins, 24.-25. November 2017, FernUniversität in Hagen
24 Nov 2017 - 25 Nov 2017

Reinach Centennial Conference, 14-16 December 2017, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany
14 Dec 2017 - 16 Dec 2017

Symposium: Phenomenology of Love, Universiteit van Amsterdam
15 Dec 2017

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New Books & Translations

Maria Baghramian, Sarin Marchetti (Eds.): Pragmatism and the European Traditions: Encounters with Analytic Philosophy and Phenomenology before the Great Divide, Routledge, 2017

Michael Barber: Religion and Humor as Emancipating Provinces of Meaning, Springer, 2017

Antonio Cerella, Louiza Odysseos (Eds.): Heidegger and the Global Age, Rowman & Littlefield International, 2017

Gerard Kuperus, Marjolein Oele (Eds.): Ontologies of Nature: Continental Perspectives and Environmental Reorientations, Springer, 2017

Joan González Guardiola, Josep Monserrat Molas: Mercancía y Deuda. Aportación de una fenomenologia del dinero a los fundamentos de la teoría monetaria, editorial Jitanjáfora, 2017

Hans Bernhard Schmid, Gerhard Thonhauser (Eds.): From Conventionalism to Social Authenticity: Heidegger’s Anyone and Contemporary Social Theory, Springer, 2017

Nicolas de Warren, Thomas Vongehr (Eds.): Philosophers at the Front: Phenomenology and the First World War, Leuven University Press, 2017

Dan Zahavi: Husserl’s Legacy: Phenomenology, Metaphysics, and Transcendental Philosophy, Oxford University Press, 2017
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