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Winter is coming
As I sit writing this the last of the autumn colour is dropping from the trees and the cold nip of winter is most definitely in the air. It does bring the promise however of warm evenings by the fire, invigorating frosty mornings followed by cool and fresh blue-sky days and perhaps the chance of a little snow now and then to keep things interesting.
The start of winter will mark eighteen months since I joined the firm. I sought out Timpany Walton and approached them about job opportunities as I was impressed by the way they operated as an independent business, yet with the wider support and collegiality of the Lawlink association. The Partners and staff here are dynamic and experienced lawyers who work hard for their clients and I wanted to be a part of that team. Luckily for me they were as keen to have me as I was to join them, and I feel proud to be able to say that I am an Associate at Timpany Walton.
With the coming of winter, and the tendency to huddle down and hibernate a little, comes a good opportunity for business owners to become a little introspective and review some of their practices and procedures to ensure they are complying with the various facets of the law that apply to their businesses.
To that end, in this edition of eConnect, we cover the new privacy laws on the horizon with Mind Your Own Business – The Privacy Bill 2018, My Employees owe me money – Can I take this from their wages?, Update on Health & Safety in Employment Act and Working 9 to 5. We also take a closer look at The Ins and Outs of Land Covenants.
Wishing you a warm and safe winter and, if you have any questions on the topics covered or would like assistance with any other legal queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.
Jenny Carter-Bolitho
Mind your own business
The Privacy Bill 2018
Are you aware of the type and amount of personal data collected and stored by search engines like Google every time you do a search online? Do you know how to consent or not to this? Read this article to find out more about how the long overdue Privacy Bill strengthens cross-border data flow protections, and clarifies the law applicable to overseas service providers engaged by New Zealand agencies.
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My employees owe me money
Can I take it out of their wages?
Special rules apply to employer - employee relationships and special care must be taken before making any deduction from an employee’s wages.
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The ins and outs of land covenants
If you’re going to buy a property it is crucial that you know what interests affect the title and the rights of the owner. Various interests registered against a title may set out rules and restrictions about how the property can be used or enjoyed.
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H&S Concept
Update on Health & Safety In Employment Act

It was often difficult to see how the new Health and Safety legislation differed from the old law, but a steady stream of cases decided under this new legislation may be taking the law in a new direction.
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Man & Woman
Working 9 to 5
The Minimum Wage Act 1983

The ‘standard’ 8-hour day enshrined in the Minimum Wage Act 1983, does not fit the way we work and is virtually consigned to the annals of history. How will we grapple with the new norms as they emerge?
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