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Welcome to the June edition of eConnect.
 It’s been a busy year for the firm so far – half of 2019 gone already!
I’d like to acknowledge the remarkable efforts and achievements of our practice manager Mary Armstrong, who retired at the end of March after 38 years with WRMK. Thank you Mary for all you have done for the firm, your friendly face around the office is certainly missed.
We are extremely fortunate to have Hayley Weber, who has also been with the firm for 29 years, step up into the role of General Manager, in what has been a very smooth transition.
Congratulations to our two most recently admitted lawyers. Dilshaan Mohanaraj in our business team was admitted to the bar on 4 June, and Natalie Robinson, in our Dargaville team, on 13 March.   
Employment matters are the hot topic in this issue of e-Connect, top of mind for most of us with the most recent raft of law changes coming into effect on 6 May. We’ve also got an update on the Privacy Bill 2018 and the ins and outs of land covenants.
If there are any topics you would like to learn more about in the next edition of eConnect, please let us know.
Until then, our warmest regards.
David Grindle
David Grindle
WRMK Lawyers (Webb Ross McNab Kilpatrick)
Mind your own business
The Privacy Bill 2018
Are you aware of the type and amount of personal data collected and stored by search engines like Google every time you do a search online? Do you know how to consent or not to this? Read this article to find out more about how the long overdue Privacy Bill strengthens cross-border data flow protections, and clarifies the law applicable to overseas service providers engaged by New Zealand agencies.
Read in detail
My employees owe me money
Can I take it out of their wages?
Special rules apply to employer - employee relationships and special care must be taken before making any deduction from an employee’s wages.
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The ins and outs of land covenants
If you’re going to buy a property it is crucial that you know what interests affect the title and the rights of the owner. Various interests registered against a title may set out rules and restrictions about how the property can be used or enjoyed.
Read in detail
H&S Concept
Update on Health & Safety In Employment Act

It was often difficult to see how the new Health and Safety legislation differed from the old law, but a steady stream of cases decided under this new legislation may be taking the law in a new direction.
Read in detail
Man & Woman
Working 9 to 5
The Minimum Wage Act 1983

The ‘standard’ 8-hour day enshrined in the Minimum Wage Act 1983, does not fit the way we work and is virtually consigned to the annals of history. How will we grapple with the new norms as they emerge?
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