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A long hot summer
Welcome to the first edition of eConnect for 2019. Our days are getting shorter but still the summer weather continues, making some parts of the country prone to the outbreak of fire with residents and business people alike looking forward to the arrival of autumn and cooler weather with rain.
Many people think about selling property as summer closes, and if you are one of those, do read the article on the implications of changes to the Bright-Line test. Any residential land purchased after 29 March 2018 may have the sale revenue taxed if the property is sold within 5 years. Read more here.
Commercial landlords and tenants should be aware of their rights in relation to commercial lease forfeiture. A summary of key factors in relation to whether relief should be granted can be found in this article.
Many people rent out spare rooms on Airbnb and councils are considering or have applied a business rate to these properties. These rates apply for the whole rating year, so it is important to enquire if the property has been rented on Airbnb before purchase. To find out more about letting rooms or your holiday home, be sure to read this article.
Debt recovery can be a challenge for many businesses. To read about the difference between simple debts and claims and also recovery tips read here.
Do you want to know more about grants for the 1 Billion Trees Programme?  Applications for grants can be made online, and to learn more read this article.
We hope you find this issue of eConnect interesting.
Carol Patton
General Manager
Practical Implications of the Bright-Line Test
Practical Implications of the Bright-Line Test
Changes to Residential Property Tax 
An important development has taken place recently in relation to the sale of residential land. A larger pool of home owners will now be caught under the umbrella of the bright-line test, a method used by IRD to determine whether income derived from the sale of residential land will incur taxation. Do these changes apply to you?
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Relief Against Forfeiture – Commercial Leases
Relief Against Forfeiture 
Commercial Leases
Whether you’re a landlord looking to get out of a lease or a tenant looking to stay in your premises, knowing the ins and outs of commercial lease forfeiture can help clarify your rights.
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The Pitfalls of Airbnb
The Pitfalls of Airbnb
Potential implications for hosts
The recent explosion of online platforms like Airbnb, offering homestays services, has led to noise complaints from neighbours and questions raised around the fairness of the current rates system. 
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Debt Recovery Strategies for Retailers and Individuals 
Debt Recovery Strategies for Retailers and Individuals 

When not managed strategically, recovering outstanding debts can become a long, painful process for both businesses and individuals involved. This article offers tips for developing a successful debt recovery system, including knowing when it's a good time to contact your lawyer.
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Analysis of Forestry New Zealand 1 Billion Trees Schemes
Analysis of Forestry New Zealand 1 Billion Trees Schemes

The New Zealand Government has partnered with farmers to achieve its goal of planting one billion trees by 2028. The One Billion Trees Programme will help farmers extract value from their land while contributing to the social, environmental, and economic development of New Zealand. 
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