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May 17-21, 2017 marks the date for alumni to return to Aix to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of IAU College. Over several days, alumni will have the opportunity to stroll along the Cours Mirabeau, climb Mont Sainte-Victoire and visit the Institute’s buildings, old and new, including the Marchutz School of Fine Arts, 2bis, Le Centre d’Etudes Françaises as well as attend receptions, seminars, an evening gala, and spend time rediscovering the city of Aix.
Prior to the 60th Anniversary Alumni Reunion, IAU is looking for class representatives who would be interested in volunteering to serve as class reunion ambassadors. Class ambassadors would help encourage classmates to attend the festivities in Aix and the chance to remember the Institute: ‘IAU, Je m'en souviens!’. If interested, please contact Coordinator of Alumni Affairs, Rose Guth.
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A Fond Farewell: Yamina Boudellal

By Kristin Ouerfelli ’87, Director of Administration
In 1971, when Yamina Boudellal started at IAU she was just 21 years old. She quickly became indispensable to both the Directors of IAU and the students, so much so that it is difficult for us to imagine IAU without our beloved Yamina.  She has been the friend and surrogate mother to thousands of students.  Whether it be on a trip to the Côte d'Azur, finishing the Cigale at midnight, having a coffee with an alumnus on the Cours Mirabeau, accompanying a student for late night hospital visit, introducing a student to their new host family, giving a hug to a student who is having a moment of homesickness, or simply helping a student find the post office, since 1971 she has touched each and every IAU student in Aix-en-Provence.   During her time at IAU, Yamina has seen alumni send their own children to study with us, generations of host families welcome students into their homes, and even some of her students become IAU Board members and one, President of IAU!
After forty-six years of devoted service, Yamina is retiring, and a page of IAU's history is turning.  She will be greatly missed by students, staff, and professors alike.   Luckily for IAU, Yamina has already promised to return for our 60th reunion which will be held from May 17 - 21, 2017 in Aix-en-Provence.  We are planning a very special tribute to her at this time, so please plan on joining us for this extraordinary event.  If any of our IAU alumni have a special photo or memory they would like to share please forward to We are gathering memorabilia for a special surprise!  All of us at IAU wish Yamina the very best for the future.
To quote the words from the Cigale Staff of 1986, “Thank you, Yamina, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Regional Receptions

By Kurt Schick, Dean of Admissions & Alumni Affairs

We are pleased to report that our next regional alumni reception will be held on Friday, September 22, 2017 at the White Bear Yacht Club just north of Minneapolis, MN. This event will be hosted by 1965-66 alumnus Dennis Murray and his wife Dana. A formal invitation will be forthcoming via email.
In the past, we have been blessed with alumni who have offered to sponsor or host regional receptions, held in local clubs, restaurants, hotels, or even in alumni homes. We are presently searching for a location in San Francisco, so for those familiar with or near the Bay area, we would appreciate any suggestions or hosting offers. (Pictured above: Max Hamburger  '09, Professor Charles Potter and  Sebastian de lemps '09 at the NYC Reception this past October 2016) 

On Campus: IAU in Aix


Spring Lecture Series at IAU

Each semester, IAU puts together a lecture series for students from IAU and other local universities. Topics range from current events in global politics to ‘Van Gogh’s Ear: The True Story” and are facilitated by IAU faculty, staff, visiting professors and Resident Fellows. 

Alumni screen film Free to Rock at IAU, February 2017 

By Professor Philip Breeden, Professor and Coordinator of Public Affairs

On February 2, 2017, IAU College alums Doug Yeager and Nick Binkley returned to Aix 50 years after meeting at IAU in 1967 and presented their documentary film Free to Rock to a standing room only crowd in the Main Hall where they had once studied.  Doug and Nick are co-authors and producers of this powerful study of how Rock music contributed to the end of the Cold War and served as a symbol of resistance and freedom behind the Iron Curtain.  In the discussion period, they and Nick Binkley closed the evening with a moving rendition of Bob Dylan's visionary protest song A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall.  He played on a guitar once owned by Johnny Cash, loaned to him by Guy Sammut, his host family "French Brother" with whom Nick has stayed in touch all these years.  
The next morning Nick and Doug met with IAU students to discuss Film-making, International Relations, Music, the Civil Rights Movement, and how IAU influenced their respective careers.

One student said, "I've learned so much, I can't wait to talk to my parents about this!"  
Nick and Doug were in Aix as part of a series of Free to Rock showings, beginning with the FIPA film festival in Biarritz, followed by screenings in Bordeaux, Paris, Marseille, and Tunisia.
Learn more about the movie here: and look for a screening on PBS later this year!  
Free to Rock - How Rock & Roll Helped End The Cold War
Free to Rock explores how American Rock & Roll music spread like a virus across the Iron Curtain in the last half of the 20th century.

Spring 2017 Early Start Program in Aix

Pour clore le cours Early Start Program, samedi 21 janvier, les étudiants débutants ont étudié les nombres de 1 à 90 en jouant au loto dans la magnifique bibliothèque du CEF avec leur professeure Estelle Roger-Fix. Les deux gagnants ont reçu des cadeaux provençaux de la boutique "La pitcholine" sur la place de l'hôtel de ville! 

The Marchutz School of Fine Arts: Updates &  Message from Dean Roberts

Hello Marchutz Alumni,

As you know IAU College is having a big reunion this May to celebrate 60 years of welcoming students abroad. Associate Dean John Gasparach and I would love to see all Marchutz alums on site this May 17-21 in Aix. We have grown the school in lots of ways with a new, young team in place.  We would love for you to meet them all along with Sam Bjorklund, one of the founders of the school, who will also be with us in Aix for the event. It should be good times, and we hope you will join us!
Alan Roberts
Dean, Marchutz School of Fine Arts

MFA Student Show

New Space for the MFA students

The new ceramics studio currently in development at the Marchutz School
 5, avenue du Général Préaud Route du Tholonet

Ciara Ruddock attended the Marchutz School of Fine Arts undergraduate study abroad program in 2012 and is back completing her MFA ('16-'17). Here she is pictured working in the new MFA studio space on Route du Tholonet.

The French Honors Program: News & Updates!

Un Dernier Chocolat Chaud

Nous nous retrouvons au café Les Deux Garçons en haut du Cours Mirabeau après notre journée de classe pour une dernière conversation en français. C'est LE café historique d'Aix... Ici, sont venus, Picasso, Cézanne, les grands intellectuels... notre professeure quand elle avait notre âge... !!

Danser Dans La Rue: Rencontrer l’Autre- FHP 2016

Mardi, le chorégraphe et danseur Bernard Menaut est venu nous présenter son travail dans notre séminaire. Nous travaillons à partir d'anciennes photos de ses spectacles passés. Christiane Robin, la photographe professionnelle longtemps associée au Festival Danse à Aix, et qui a réalisé la plupart des photos de Bernard que nous regardons, a exceptionnellement accepté de venir participer à notre séance ... Le soir même nous allons suivre Bernard pour une danse semi improvisée dans les rues d'Aix...

Une très belle façon de se synthétiser notre semestre : la relation avec l'espace extérieur de cette ville, la relation avec notre corps, la relation avec les autres... 

La générosité dans la rencontre !

J-Term Programs: News & Updates

Inaugural American Diplomacy January Term Traveling Seminar

By Rose Guth ’14, IAU Coordinator of Alumni Affairs
Twelve students from six different universities participated in this past January’s inaugural “American Diplomacy in Action” January Term Traveling Seminar. Led by former U.S. Diplomat Professor Philip Breeden, the group traveled to Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangiers, Paris, and Brussels, visiting a wide variety of historical, diplomatic, cultural and business sites along the way, including the Villa Mirador (residence of the U.S. Consul General) in Casablanca, the Hotel Talleyrand in Paris (part of the U.S. Embassy), NATO Headquarters in Brussels, a car factory, Roman ruins, and Hercules' Cave!  In every country, the dynamic group of students was privileged to meet with a diverse group of U.S. foreign service officers at all stages of their careers, gaining practical insights into the work and life of career diplomats.  Students also heard from a wide-range of other voices about cultural and business diplomacy, and how other nations conceive of their relationship with the U.S.  Among the dedicated group of American Diplomacy students, we had one Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship applicant and one student who received (during the J-Term!) the FCS Stats NCAA football scholarship, as well as the prestigious George Mitchell Scholarship to study in Ireland after his graduation. It was a wonderful trip, and we look forward to seeing what is next for these aspiring diplomats!

IAU Study Abroad and Degree Students Embark on Europe & the Islamic World J-Term

Makeda Eyasu (MAIR Student), Harlee Skaja (University of St. Thomas), Jena Borel (MAIR Student), Danielle Beiser (MAIR Student) and Arianna Zabriskie ’13 traveled to sites including France (Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille), Morocco (Marrakesh, Casablanca, Rabat), Spain (Seville, Granada, Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba) and the U.K. (Gibraltar) to attend a series of briefings from leading academic, literary and political personalities and experts on the European relationship with the Islamic world. The students attended daily lectures and meetings with distinguished scholars from IAU in addition to local guides and experts in the field of politics, art history, history and culture with a special emphasis placed on the importance of immigration to Europe and its current socio-cultural implications.

IAU in Barcelona!

By Dr. Ignasi Perez, On-Site Director, IAU Barcelona
Located in the heart of Barcelona between Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Universitat, the IAU center offers a fully-equipped facility for students including a computer room, dedicated study space, wi-fi access, printers, TV and more. IAU values experiential learning and site-specific academics. Local visits to museums, historic and cultural sites, businesses and universities, excursions through Spain and Europe as well as relevant field studies are a part of the weekly curriculum. This allows students to learn and observe different cultures, life styles and mentalities first-hand for a better understanding of the world in which we live. A language exchange program with local students, unique and engaging internships, volunteer opportunities, and a broad range of high-quality courses make the IAU Barcelona Program a truly unique experience for students looking to make the most of their time abroad, and we are excited to share this news with our alumni! Stop by and visit us next time you are in Barcelona, and contact with any questions about the program.


From the Archives

“Junior Year Abroad” by Judy and Rosamund du Martin (Class of ’59)
By Dr. Leigh Smith, Dean

At the Forum for Education Abroad in Athens,Greece last October, I was fortunate to meet with Adrian Beaulieu, Dean of International Studies from Providence College. He was kind enough to offer me a gift in the form of a book he had come upon while settling into his new office and going through some of the affairs his predecessor had left on the shelves. The book, entitled “Junior Year Abroad,” and written by Judy du Martin Nelsen together with her mother Rosamond (a well-known author of young adult literature at the time) recounts through her eyes IAU’s 1958-59 class with founder Herbert Maza. From the arrival by boat, to the first weeks of class, to the romances that formed over the year. In my current position as Dean, I might presume that with social media, low-cost airline travel, heightened fears for security, etc. that student concerns are not what they used to be. Reading Judy’s account from the ’58-’59 class, I was reassured to find that some things have not changed. Judy writes about some of the same concerns I hear today: “The first few days of classes, we had so much homework it seemed we’d never be able to keep up with it […] But soon the kinks straightened out and a regular routine was established.” Many of you more recent alumni are familiar with the sense of being overwhelmed within the first week of arrival, despite the fact that so many more of you have already become seasoned travelers.

As Judy told me in a conversation over the phone, she was the very first student ever accepted at IAU and, according to founder Herbert Maza, “the ideal student.” She came to IAU from Park College in Missouri. Her book focuses mostly on her experience and on a romance that developed between her roommate Rusty and Steve. Of the many things that Judy most appreciated about her time at IAU, a crucial element was the fact that she, a more studious, “nerdy” girl from the Midwest would develop a friendship with her more social, outgoing roommate Rusty. The two of them “may never have become friends in any other college context,” she stated. Since her year at IAU, Judy went on to obtain her MA and PhD in social work at Columbia University. She has worked in the field of mental health at Hunter College, University of Chicago, and University of Illinois at Chicago. She retired in 2002 and now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you are wondering what ever came of the romance between her roommate Rusty and Steve, you’ll have to read the book. However, we can tell you that Steve and Barb McCarl of the true class of ‘58-’59 were married, have been longtime friends and donors to the Institute and recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary.


IAU at the CIEE Conference

This past November,  IAU Coordinator of Admissions Arianna Zabriskie ‘13 presented a paper at the CIEE Conference in Los Angeles on the important subject of Mental Health Care Abroad.  Arianna worked with Jessica Hornbrook, Assistant Director of Disability and Learning at the University of San Diego. The presentation tracked the growth of mental health care program growth on college campuses and how the establishment and growth of these types of programs is equally important on study abroad campuses.  They highlighted IAU’s innovative Wellness Center’s provision of support for students dealing with the natural flow of emotions associated with study abroad.

CIEE is a prominent non-profit, study abroad, and intercultural exchange organization in which many IAU partners participate. The CIEE conference is internationally attended by important partners in the field of international education and study abroad.

Dean Honored: Aboubakr Jamai, School of Business & International Relations

IAU Dean of the School of Business & International Relations, Professor Aboubakr Jamai, was honored this past fall at the POMED (Project on Middle East Democracy) award ceremony in Washington, DC. IAU Trustee Ambassador Frances D. Cook was in attendance. Read more about the event here.

Class Updates
 If you have an update you would like to have shared in the next alumni newsletter, please contact US Office Assistant Director, Sarah Maharjan.

Ameena Makhdoomi: School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Diversity Scholarship Recipient, Spring 2016

Ameena participated in the Wine Studies Certificate Program and received a Certificate of Excellence for her thesis on the Marketing of Veuve Cliquot Champagne.

"I am currently working part-time at Ravines Wine Cellars in Geneva, NY. Ravines specializes in French styled wine, and they have a kitchen to provide food pairings with their wine. My title is Tasting Room Associate, and I educate our clients and club members on the 20+ varietals that we carry. I also assist during some of our special events that we have for our club members and the public."

Bret Reitan: School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Summer 2015

 “I moved down to Miami five and a half months ago to work for Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits in their Inside Sales department. I work with about 340 accounts helping to grow their businesses through their cocktail and wine programs using product and industry knowledge. I also work to develop wine menus and dinner events. Since starting my new position, my knowledge of wine and spirits has grown substantially. My manager and I organize trainings on topics like Brandy or South African wines. I am hosting a training on Provence and Rhone wines in a couple of weeks based on my experiences at IAU.
My manager specifically selected me because the company was lacking in wine enthusiasts, and recently, I was selected to manage the Provence wine portfolio due to my experience at IAU. I say enthusiast because I am not an expert, but I am is passionate. I can say with the utmost certainty that if I hadn't taken the Wine Business courses while studying at IAU, I would not be in the position that I am in now. I wouldn't have found my true passion in wine, and I definitely would not have been hired to my position right out of college without having that on my resume. It has been a life changing experience.”

Samantha Farquhar
Mediterranean Basin J-Term Seminar 2015

Inspiring an International Career

A recent graduate of The University of North Carolina Wilmington, Ms. Samantha Farquhar heads to Nepal to work on an aquaculture project to empower women. Read more about her experience on her blog here

Ms. Farquhar wrote us to say, “Thank you to IAU for encouraging my international career.”

Marlana Stoddard Hayes: The Marchutz School of Fine Arts, Summer 1988

“I am now a full time professional artist in Portland, Oregon, with published images and written articles in over 8 journals so far. These include Art Ltd., Orion, Calyx, Fungi, Coastal Living, Studio Visit, Arizona, 101 Contemporaries. You can see I have been busy for many years since 1989....I also adopted a child from China who is now 14!
Attending Marchutz was a positive turning point for me, after coming to terms with postmodernism theory and the darkness it exposed. These philosophies were brought to consciousness when attending graduate school for my MFA, and I felt very sad and trapped by what I was absorbing. Wishing for a way forward, I sensed that incorporating a European approach would open up new avenues of thought that were more holistic. The entire experience of living in France, including the food, pedestrian approach, gardening style and sense of time gave me a new model of what I would like to imagine for myself here in the U.S. Following this model, I have coaxed an acre of land into a sanctuary space that gives renewal and life to those who visit. At the center of it all is a studio practice with grounding from nature at its core.

I lived in Valouse and St. Ferreol, Trente Pas on the weekends and for weeks after the time at the school. To make the site drawings, I rode a bike around the region and carried a portfolio on my back and then hung it on a tree as an easel. It was fun and portable.” 

You can view more of Marlana’s work on her website or visit her current show. and also show with

Dr. Steven McCarl: The Aix Center, Fall 1958

Dr. McCarl, who along with his wife Barbara were a part of IAU’s first ever class of students in 1958-59, recently published a book entitled Identity and Nothingness which addresses the nature of self-identity in western culture and politics. Steven McCarl mines the western canon for extensive evidence of a historical alternative to the self-obsessions of contemporary cultural and political movements, drawing on the work of Plato, Rousseau, Hobbes, Eric Voegelin, and Michael Oakeshott.



IAU Updates

American College of the Mediterranean

As many of you know the Institution has been transitioning to a full-fledged four-year American College. IAU is currently working through the accreditation process and has received favorable responses from accreditors thus far. One of the most important areas the accreditors have requested is a separation between the Study Abroad programs and the New Degree programs. Accreditation is only possible for degree programs, and the US accreditors do not provide accreditation for courses alone or for study abroad programs that are transferred back to US institutions. This is one of the reasons IAU decided to begin offering degree programs and seek US accreditation.

Accreditation is critical for the continued sustainability of IAU as an institution. As such, the education advisors and consultants asked IAU to consider a more appropriate name for the degree granting activity that is more in line with peer institutions in the AAICU (Association of American International Colleges and Universities). There are over twenty institutions such as The American College of Greece, the American University of Rome, AUB in Lebanon and many others in this peer group. After much reflection and deliberation, the IAU Board of Trustees in consultation with senior leadership and staff decided to call the new degree granting institution "The American College of the Mediterranean". This is a name that is congruent with the mission and vision of IAU as an institution dedicated to the language, cultural history, and politics of the Mediterranean. 
Some of you might now be wondering what will happen to IAU? IAU will remain as the Study Abroad Institute while ACM will become the degree granting authority and accredited institution for the BA, MA, and MFA programs. The relationship between the two entities is very simple. IAU will always exist as the historical Institute and will continue to develop Study Abroad programs while ACM will exist under IAU as a subsidiary and will rely heavily on the faculty, staff and administration for its support and success as a degree granting entity. 

New & Updated Partnerships

We are pleased to report that our partnerships with U.S. colleges and universities across the country continue to grow at a steady pace. In the last few months, IAU has signed new and updated agreements with many institutions including Pace University, Fairfield University, Northern Arizona State University, University of Mary Washington, San Diego State University, University of Colorado at Denver, Saint John’s College, Rutgers University, University of Texas at Austin, California State University at Fullerton, Bryant University, Duke University, University of California at Davis, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, University of South Florida and more.

Enrollment Update

This spring, IAU welcomed 200 students through its doors in Aix. This number includes IAU’s graduate degree students who are returning for the spring semester of their respective programs including the Master of Fine Arts, Master of Arts in French Studies, and Master of Arts in International Relations. Many of these students are slated to graduate at IAU’s inaugural commencement ceremony to be held on Friday, May 12th. In addition, J-Term enrollments were at a record high with 139 students on 8 programs throughout Western Europe, North Africa, and Eurasia.

Applications are now open for the Summer, Fall, J-Term, and Spring 2017-2018 Academic Year!
Please Keep in Touch! Feel free to email IAU Dean of Alumni Affairs, Mr. Kurt Schick, with any questions, comments, or suggestions.
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