Update on Rental Property at 3148 Deep Water Lane (08-25-16)
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Update on the Rental Property
at 3148 Deep Water Lane
August 25th 2016

On Thursday August 25th 2016 at 9:00 am the Greycliffe Board of Directors had representatives in court on the Home Owners Association's behalf regarding the temporary restraining order (TRO) that was filed and made effective as of 4:00 pm on Friday August 18th 2016.

The order by the judge was that the TRO was in fact correct and the Defendant was required to comply with the restrictions. Click here to View the TRO.

You may still notice that renters are at the residence. This is due to the fact that the renters and Egeneto Investments, LLC. (Registered agent: Angela Wynn-Stewart, Principles: Angela Wynn-Stewart and Vincent Stewart) entered into a 6 month lease agreement on August 21st 2016 and ending on January 31st 2017. If the renters decide to break the lease early there is no penalty for doing so in the lease agreement and are only required to give a 15 day cancellation notice. If the renters happen to break the lease it is within Egeneto Investments right to look for another renter and enter into another 6 month lease.**   Click here to view the lease agreement.

By removing the listing from Airbnb, getting the vehicle situation under control and entering into a 6 month lease they have complied with the restraining order. Per the judge’s order, Defendant’s counsel will have to report to us and the Court if anything changes in anticipation of our concerns that the lease is all too easy for the tenants to break and really won’t be for a period of 6 months.

In the meantime, the TRO has been converted into a preliminary injunction pending a ruling on Defendant’s to-be-filed motion for summary judgment which is due September 28th 2016 and our response/countermotion which is due October 27th 2016, with oral argument scheduled for December 29th 2016. Coincidentally, that would mean the Court will be ruling on the summary judgment motions about a month before this lease expires.

We will send out a copy of the preliminary injunction order once we receive it. 

**The current renters let members of the board know that they were only renting for 1 month and would be going back to Utah at the end of their month long stay.

Gryecliffe Board of Directors 
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