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Mei 2016

Dear All,

Finally, after months of development and starting up our business, here is our first newsletter. The intention of the mo-Vis newsletter is, as all newsletters I suppose, to inform you on a regular basis about recent developments, new products and interesting news.

We are currently focusing on the production of our actual product range and on the innovation and development of new and smart input devices.

We also want to establish a two-way communication and platform of reflection with you, our distributors, about our products, their functionality and their weak points. Your ideas are important to us and we think that sharing these in our newsletter will be a great opportunity and source of enrichment for everyone.

So, if you have any remarks or ideas about new developments, missing solutions or specific needs on the market, do not hesitate to give us feedback so we can include them in our next newsletter and share them with all our mo-Vis dealers worldwide.

Anyway, we are convinced that we have some very exciting and interesting news to tell in this, our first newsletter. 

The mo-Vis team is already looking forward to your response! 

What's new?

All mo-Vis joysticks now available in R-net version!


Just connect any mo-Vis joystick to the R-net system of the power wheelchair and it works. The joystick then controls all the functions of the wheelchair (driving, electric actuators,…). It’s a piece of cake.


  • All-round R-net heavy duty Joystick (P002-77)
  • All-round Joystick R-net (P002-75)
  • All-round Joystick R-net Light (P002-76)
  • Multi Joystick R-net (P002-62)
  • Micro Joystick R-net (P002-52)

A large format, extremely durable proportional joystick for all-round heavy duty use!

The ‘all-round heavy duty Joystick’ is a durable version of the standard ‘all-round Joystick’ with increased throw and force. As the name suggests, this joystick has been developed for people with excessive force development. It can serve as a hand or foot-operated joystick and has been developed for users with extreme hypertonicity (spasticity, dystonia, …).

The ‘all-round heavy duty Joystick’ is positioned at the top of our joystick series: 

  • All-round heavy duty Joystick: large size joystick, extreme force (approx. 650 gr – 22.93 oz).
  • All-round Joystick: regular size joystick, regular force (approx. 250 gr – 8.81 oz)
  • All-round Joystick Light: regular size joystick, medium force (approx. 120 gr – 4.23 oz)
  • Multi Joystick: smaller size joystick, limited force (approx. 50 gr – 1.76 oz), operated with finger, chin, lip, …
  • Micro Joystick: very small sized joystick, minimal force (approx. 10 gr – 0.3 oz), operated with finger, chin, tongue, lip, … 
  • All-round Omni heavy duty Joystick (P002-73)
  • All-round R-net heavy duty Joystick (P002-77)

Do it yourself Heavy Duty mounting kit for standard R-net joysticks!


The ‘Heavy Duty Kit for R-net Standard Joystick’ is a mounting kit specifically designed to turn an R-net standard joystick into a joystick for heavy duty, making the joystick fit for users with excessive force (spasticity, dystonia, …). The Heavy Duty Kit can be mounted on any wheelchair with an R-net standard joystick with a D51422 sensor.


  • Heavy Duty Kit R-net Standard Joystick (M002-24)·   
  • Can be fitted on R-net joystick CJSM and CJSM2 (see PGDT website)

New interfaces for Alber and Otto Bock wheelchairs!

From now on, all mo-Vis Omni joysticks are connectable with the Alber E-fix 25 electronics and the Otto Bock Curtis Instruments electronics.

The ‘Joystick Interface Omni-Efix’ is designed to be fitted on any power wheelchair with the efix 25 drive package to connect a mo-Vis Omni compatible joystick. 

The ‘Joystick Interface Omni-OttoBock Curtis’ is designed to be fitted on any power wheelchair with the Otto Bock Curtis electronic to connect a mo-Vis Omni-compatible joystick.


  • Joystick Interface Omni-Efix (P002-33)
  • Joystick Interface Omni-OttoBock Curtis (P002-37)

Compatible with:

  • All-round Omni heavy duty Joystick (P002-73)
  • All-round Joystick Omni (P002-71)
  • All-round Joystick Omni Light (P002-72)
  • Multi Joystick Omni (P002-61)
  • Micro Joystick Omni (P002-51)

A very small, light, lovely, colorful, durable, affordable and tactile switch!

Our small round ‘Twister basic’ switch is now also available mounted in an inclined plastic holder of 30 mm diameter. With a required activation force of 30 gr. (1.06 oz.), an activation surface of 17mm (0.65”) and a travel distance before activation of 0.5mm (0.02”) the ‘Twister Button’ is a very small and easy to mount switch that requires very little pressure and gives great audible and tactile feedback. The ‘Twister button’ is available in 5 colours and is delivered with a set of self-adhesive, easy-to-install and durable mounting parts. 

Comes with:

  • Set 3M Dual Lock self-adhesive reclosable fasteners 25x 2mm (0.866” x 0.078”)
  • 1 self-adhesive rubber pad 28x 2mm (1.102” x 0.078”)


  • Twister Button black, long cable (P005-75)
  • Twister Button red, long cable (P005-76)
  • Twister Button yellow, long cable (P005-77)
  • Twister Button blue, long cable (P005-78)
  • Twister Button green, long cable (P005-79)

Multi-adjustable, multi-functional and multi-usable mounting arm.

The ‘Manual Swing’ mounting arm is a mechanical swing away arm, which can be mounted on a wheelchair. The ‘Manual Swing’ is designed for use with a chin control system, but can also be mounted and used for the attachment of small and lightweight communication tools to electronic or manual wheelchairs. The manual swing uses the same parts as the ‘Multi Swing’ but the mounting arm has a mechanical adjustable and lockable part instead of a motor unit. The arm can be mounted to swing away vertically or horizontally, to the left or right, on the back of a wheelchair or other device. The manual swing bundle comes with Q2M mounting set P001-62. There is also a left arm available (M001-10).


  • Manual Swing Right Arm (P001-21)
  • Manual Swing Right Arm Bundle (P001-22)
  • Manual Swing Left Arm (P001-23)
  • Manual Swing Left Arm Bundle (P001-24)

New version of the Configurator Software v00.18 = new exiting functionality for free!

The new Configurator version 00.18 is packed full of new, surprising, previously non-existent and innovating functionality. From now on all our joysticks are equipped with this functionality. 

To set the parameters and adjust the devices you need to download the latest ‘Configurator Software’ from our website

All our joysticks have built-in technology that detects the position angle and moving/vibrating of the device. In the new applications we use this technology to make wheelchair driving safer and more comfortable. 

So, our engineers extended the Configurator with 2 new functions: ‘Tilt’ and ‘Road Compensation’. 

Secure tilt & flip

All mo-Vis joysticks can detect the joystick tilt angle set to the earth’s gravitation. The wheelchair stops when this parameter is enabled and the joystick is tilted more than the angle defined in the Angle setting. This option can be very useful and handy if the joystick is built into a tray or mounted on a swing away arm. 

Loss of control on bumpy terrain

Many people find it hard to maintain control of the wheelchair outdoors on an uneven, bumpy road or on cobbles. 

This feature is especially for those who use the extremely sensitive joysticks, such as our micro or multi joystick, but even more for people using chin, tongue or lip control (All-round light, multi and micro joystick). But it is particularly useful to anyone (with muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, progressive neurodegenerative disease as ALS – MS…, spasticity, dystonia,…) on a very bumpy road with any joystick.

With ‘Road Compensation’ the user no longer has to reduce the speed of the wheelchair themselves on a bumpy road (instantly losing even more stability and control) but the wheelchair itself will automatically adjust to the situation. This means that an user suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, for example, can continue to hold the ‘Micro joystick’ at the maximum (and by doing so, can stabilise the finger position and global position) on rugged terrain, all without losing control of the powered wheelchair. The same applies for someone with ALS and chin control devices. 

When it reaches a better surface, the wheelchair automatically speeds up again according to the improvement of the road. So, when on a flat and well maintained road, the wheelchair will reach its highest speed again.

This new feature is globally unique and only works with mo-Vis joysticks.

The user can activate and deactivate this feature at any time. If the wheelchair is equipped with one of our joysticks with R-net interface (out this month) it’s even possible to program a supplementary profile for ‘outdoors’ in the R-net electronics of the wheelchair where the compensation of the road is activated at all times. 

For example: 

  • Profile 1 = ‘indoors’ with road compensation always off
  • Profile 2 = ‘outdoors’ with road compensation manually activated or deactivated with a code of successive movements by the joystick 
  • Profile 3 = ‘outdoors’ with road compensation always on. The client only has to choose at the time which profile they prefer. This choice of different profiles is only possible with R-net equipped wheelchairs.

For all other wheelchairs (with electronics other than R-net) the wheelchair user has to activate and deactivate the road compensation manually. But this can be done at any time.

Since this month (April), all our joysticks are equipped with this feature. For joysticks with Omni interface: all joysticks with serial number 2000 and above; for the R-net versions: all joysticks with serial number 1000 and above.

To set the parameters for ‘Tilt’ and ‘Road Compensation’ you need the latest version of the ‘Configurator Software’. 

When you download this version, the older version of the ‘Configurator’ on your computer is automatically overwritten and a new link installed on your desktop. Remove the old link and you can get started.


  • The latest version will still work with already delivered mo-Vis products (joysticks, Multiswing,…)
  • This new functionality is not integrated in the mo-Vis products you already bought. If you want to upgrade your existing demo equipment or the device of one of your clients you need to return it to mo-Vis. 

We will upgrade it for free!

What's improved?

We listened carefully to our clients and made some improvements.

1. Quick to Mount system: Dogbones 

We noted that more and more wheelchairs on the market are fitted with mounting rails on the wheelchair chassis and less with frame tubes. To respond to this we adapted our ‘Q2M Dogbone Slide In’ (M004-11) and provided multiple slots in the slide-in plate. As such, the ‘Dogbone Slide In’ can easily be mounted on a rail or attached on a metal or other sturdy surface.

For a better universal fit, we resized the Q2M Dogbone Extension Straight (M004-12) and made the piece a bit longer (10mm). 

Both upgraded parts also come as standard with the mounting bundles P001-62 (Multi Swing Bundle), P001-63 (Multi Swing Left Bundle), P001-22 (Manual Swing Bundle) and M001-70 (Multi Swing Mounting Set).

2. Better Prices

Many cheap USB chargers on the market are used to charge electronic devices through the battery power of the wheelchair. We all know or should know that these chargers, as they are not dual-isolated, do not conform to the Medical Device Directive (MDD). 

To promote our dual-isolated USB chargers P010-61 (Dual-Isolated USB Charger, 3A, R-net) and P010-62 61 (Dual-Isolated USB Charger, 3A, DX/2) we are offering them for lower than the RRP (Recommended Retail Price).

Our existing customers will soon receive a new pricelist.

3. Swing-away mounting arms

We now offer our swing away mounting arms (Multi Swing and Manual Swing) with a left arm as standard and at no additional charge.

The new order codes are: 

  • Manual Swing Left Arm(P001-23)
  • Manual Swing Left Arm Bundle (P001-24)
  • Multi Swing Left Arm (P001-61)
  • Multi Swing Left Arm Bundle (P001-63)

What's coming soon?

Some missing devices in the pipeline.

Our engineers have been working hard and some devices that were missing from our product range are now in production and will be available in a few weeks. 

1. HandWarmer with hood

The main functionality of the ‘HandWarmer’ is to keep the area around a wheelchair input device warm. This increases comfort for the user and their ability to control the input device. The device is mainly a heater which warms up the air, working directly from the wheelchair battery power (24V) and with its own built-in control electronics. With the ‘Configurator Software’ it will be possible to adjust the working of the ‘HandWarmer’ according to the client’s needs. The number of power settings (max.3), the min/max. temperature of the heater and the min/max. speed of the fan (airflow) will be adjustable. A Perspex dome-shaped hood will also be available to enclose the area around the hands and maintain the air temperature.

2. Chin Harness

In a few weeks we will launch a flexible harness that attaches to the shoulders and the chest with adjustable belts. The mounting system will be so flexible that you can hold any mo-Vis joystick where you need it. This ‘Chin Harness’ can also accommodate e.g. a Micro joystick to be used with the lips or tongue. 

What's in progress?

New stuff in mind.

Our engineers are intensely focused on the development of innovative input and control systems for the wheelchair and environment. mo-Vis is constantly working to complete its product range and to come up with a complete solution of flexible and smart solutions for special needs.

But we can’t reveal anything just yet that’s it for our first newsletter.

We hope you enjoyed it and we hope to surprise you again next time with exiting news about our innovative developments. 

Just a few more … ifs to end with

  • If you know anyone who might be interested in receiving the mo-Vis Newsletter
  • If you do not wish to receive our Newsletter
  • If you have any questions, comments, concerns or advice please let us know.
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