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Secretary Sentiments Issue 4
Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hello All,

Apologies for sending out late this month. Just a reminder that as promised, I will only send updates when necessary and in return I ask that you read through the full email, and complete any assigned directives with timeliness. Here is a few general notes...

Great job to all clubs who submitted June MRFs, and remember you can always submit MRFs from past months to bring your submission rate back to 100%, if you missed a month. Please keep in mind that I must also meet a deadline closely following the 7th of each month, so it does make a difference when you submit on time. If you ever find yourself unable to meet the deadline, all I ask is that you
notify me before the 7th has passed. I am also available and happy to assist you with any questions or clarifications you might have, prior to the deadline. Keep in mind I will giving gifts to all secretaries who have submitted all their MRFs, so get them in!

📝 Getting Personal 👦🏼

Each month I will include a small section about service, volunteerism, and social impact in my own life and/or with my home club. I firmly believe sharing these parts of our lives is the best way to promote stronger and more engaging involvement with our community. You can feel free to skip over this if you are in a rush, but be sure to use the buttons below to add me on social media so I can see what you are up to as well!
On the surface the service we do with Circle K may generally work pretty smoothly. However it is important to remember that there is always coordination and long hours going on behind the scene at every level. Perhaps you weren't able to join in on that charity walk last week, or the food bank yesterday, but you spent your whole week putting together hours for your club, or coordinating meeting space for the semester, and after all without the office work, the field work wouldn't happen! Give yourself a pat on the back and know your club appreciates it. This past weekend your NY District Board gathered to do just this type of work and I can't wait to share some notes with you in my next update. In the meantime, here's a group picture.

Service in the Summer Initiative 🌞

We've officially launched our Service in the Summer Initiative! Volunteer this summer to give back to your community, gain new experiences, and continue to log service hours. 

Here is a promotional video to share and check out our guide on the district website.


DLSSP Registration 🏞

Registration for the 2016 New York District Large Scale Service Project has opened! As our most affordable district event of the year, this is a great opportunity to get your members more involved, but the date comes up quick, so share with them now.


CKIx House of Delegates Recap 👔

Our Laws and Regulations Chair Ashley has posted a recap of the amendments passed at this years CKIx House of Delegates. Check it out for some insight on what happened in Toronto this year. 


Service Spotlight 🔦

NYCKI's Service Spotlight is a platform where clubs from around New York can share their service projects, fundraisers, and event highlights. It's a fantastic place to pick up new ideas, share your own, and congratulate clubs on their successful events. Head over now to browse recent posts or submit your own!

Monthly Report Form 📑

One of your monthly duties as a club secretary is to submit a Monthly Report Form (MRF) to the district. This form will include data about your club meetings, service, and social events, the service hours your members log, and the funds you raise. Each 7th of the month, you will submit an MRF for the previous month through an online uploader. This form is available on the district website along with the submission uploader. There have been several changes to the MRF form and submission process since the beginning of the year so please download the newest version! Please also note that detailed instructions for each section of the form have been added to the website. The next MRF will be due August 7th.

🍴 Kiwanis Family Picnic ⚽️

All members are welcome to join us this weekend for our 6th Annual Kiwanis Family Picnic in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Click below to learn more and RSVP!

📱 Facebook Secretary Group 💬

Please join our Secretaries Facebook Group where I will be posting quick updates and reminders throughout the year that can help me cut down the amount of emails I need to send out. It will also be a great way to get to know your counterparts throughout the district. 🤓
NYCKI Secretaries Facebook Group
That's all for now - please be in touch with anything,

Jack Curzon
NY District Secretary | Intl. K-Kids Ambassador
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