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April 2020
Our dedicated webpage gathers a range of information, resources and latest news in relation to the current pandemic and the challenges it raises to all of us as a society and to older persons in particular. 

You will find: 
  • guidance to individuals, families, carers and public authorities
  • good practices and initiatives from our members at national/local level
  • EU & international recommendations and statements
  • our position on Covid-19 and its impacts on human rights in older age

Special Briefing

COVID-19: with great challenge must come great solidarity

COVID-19 is a serious global challenge, which requires strong action at EU, national and individual levels to protect the population and leave no one behind. Our response to the pandemic poses unique threats to the equal enjoyment of human rights by older persons, and makes it crucial for public authorities to take proportionate measures that do not strengthen discrimination.

Read our Special Briefing

---    AGE NEWS  ---

Older Roma, a forgotten dramatic experience of ageing in time of pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic has put Roma people at risk of severe health consequences. On 8 April, International Roma Day, we share the main challenges experienced by the oldest members of the community and some initiatives put in place to help them cope with the virus. 
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World Health Day 2020: Investment in health for all is the best reward we can give to nurses 

Older persons wholeheartedly join the global applause for the healthcare professionals who work relentlessly to contain the spread of the COVID-19. But beyond the applause, they will need more than a reward: sound investments are urgently needed. 
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COVID-19: Older persons’ rights must be equally protected during the pandemic 

Thanks to the evidence collected from our member organisations and external experts, we have published a report of our main human rights concerns for older people. We are particularly concerned by the situation of older persons living in institutions, the lack of support for older people who receive care in the community and the risk of isolation of older people living alone. 
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Our Annual Report 2019 is out!  

2019 confirmed to be a very busy year for AGE and our members, and a transition year in many senses. Our key milestones for the year was the European Parliament elections, the new EU Commission & its commitment towards demographic change, the growing movement for equal rights in older age, and our AGE Barometer on older people's socio-economic situation across the EU. 
Read AGE Annual Report
Digital literacy + Sharing of health date:
We need your input!  

  • As part of the EU project DIGITOL, which conducts research on digital literacy and older persons, a EU-wide survey (available in 5 languages) has been launched to identify needs and good practices in relation to digital skills and combating fake news. 
    Read more on the survey
  • Do you know who controls your health data? Are you willing to share it and with whom? We thank you for taking one minute of your time to answer 5 simple questions for a survey by the Digital Health Europe project on data-sharing governance. The survey is available in 21 EU languages. Access the survey here
    AGE Members' News 
Les Petits Frères des Pauvres calls for new forms of solidarity & denounces growing hate speech against older persons 
Les Petits Frères des Pauvres, a large network providing support to older persons facing social exclusion and loneliness in France, has launched a call for new forms of solidarity to be developed to help the most vulnerable cope with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their daily lives. Read more
Flemish older people’s organisations get mobilized to relieve older people's isolation during the quarantine 
These last few days, the Flemish Older Persons Council (Vlaams Ouderenraad) and its members have been very active in raising awareness and promoting inspirational practices and tips in order to make older people feel connected, included and provided for. Read more
COVID-19: Spanish Red Cross strengthens attention to the most vulnerable 
Since the beginning of the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus, the Spanish Red Cross has implemented different actions to contribute to the containment of the epidemic and take care of the most vulnerable. 
Read more
New French legislation removes age limits on disability benefit  
A new legislation adopted on 26 February 2020 in France will from now on enable disabled people to benefit from the disability compensation allowance regardless of their age. This is an important victory for the mobilised civil society and older persons in France.
Read more
COVID-19: Age & Opportunity provides online physical activity classes for confined seniors
Age & Opportunity, AGE member in Ireland, has published a series of videos and reading resources to help older persons remain physically active during confinement. Read more
Catalan organisations address public authorities on older persons' rights during Coronavirus crisis  
Our member organisation FATEC has joined forces with other Catalan organisations to issue a joint manifesto intended to public authorities on protecting the rights of older people during the Coronavirus crisis.
Read more
How to maintain older persons' well-being during confinement - ALIM 50+ advice  
ALIM 50+, AGE member organisation in France, provides 8 tips to keep older persons in good physical and mental health during a period of confinement. Read more
---    OTHER NEWS    ---
Have your say on reinforcing Social Europe! - EU public consultation 
The European Commission is launching an open consultation with all partners including civil society and individuals to support the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights, the EU's social strategy to ensure socially fair and just transitions of climate-neutrality, digitalisation and demographic change. Access the consultation
COVID-19: EU Commissioner for Equality reaffirms older persons' rights 
"There is no place for ageism in the EU" - The European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, issued  on 2nd April a powerful statement to reaffirm older persons' rights during the Coronavirus pandemic. 
Read more
COVID-19: Beware of falsified medicines from unregistered websites  
In this time of confinement, fraud on the internet is on the rise. To protect the general public from fraudulent vendors, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is urging not to buy medicines from unauthorised vendors. 
Read EMA's recommendations
UN Human Rights Council appoints new Independent Expert on the Rights of Older Persons  
We warmly welcome the appointment of Claudia Mahler as the next United Nations’ Independent Expert on the Enjoyment of All Human Rights by Older Persons.
Dr Mahler will take over this post from Rosa Kornfeld Matte who has been holding this mandate since 2014. 
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Good Practices
COVID-19: collection of good practices & initiatives 
We have gathered worldwide examples of good practices and initiatives from civil society organisations, citizens and other stakeholders to help overcome the challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Find them out here
COVID-19: free online platform supports community assistance & volunteering 
The Belgian matching website for volunteering Give a day provides a free  platform for organizing community assistance and volunteering for cities and NGOs worldwide during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more
---    PUBLICATIONS   ---
Doddery but dear?: Examining age-related stereotypes   
This report from the UK Center for Ageing Better looks at the role and impact of language and stereotypes in framing old age and ageing. 
Read more
Gender equality in ageing societies - UNECE Policy Brief  
The latest UNECE Policy Brief on Ageing explores the challenges of addressing gender gaps in ageing societies, providing recommendations on how to strengthen gender equality measures. 
Read more
New call:
Calls for proposals are available on AGE website at:
  Did you know that...? 

In these difficult and uncertain times, research gives us some hope: Facing the coronavirus crisis together could lead to positive psychological growth, new appreciation of life and stronger relationships with others.
Read more in this article
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