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Please consider me for Executive Director. I have more than 30 years in digital and mainstream media experience and a unique presidential campaign experience.  - Taft Moore (818) 800-6999

Why Competition in the Politics Industry is Failing America

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Trump administration reportedly orders military newspaper Stars and Stripes to shut down

good 24 hours later. First, Barr pointed to a 2005 Federal Election Reform report that found absentee ballots “remain the largest ...
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The Jolt: ‘America First’ is ‘totally impossible,’ says Andrew Young

that echoed the findings of the bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform in 2005. Carter’s comments came shortly after ...
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Barr's big example of vote-by-mail fraud didn't happen, DOJ and local prosecutors say

good 24 hours later. First, Barr pointed to a 2005 Federal Election Reform report that found absentee ballots "remain the largest ...
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Jimmy Carter: 'I Approve the Use of Absentee Ballots'

on Wednesday claimed that Carter's nonpartisan 2005 Commission on Federal Election Reform found that "mail-in voting is fraught ...
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Vote twice? It's been tried. See what happened.

voting was created by the legislature last year as part of an election reform package. A voter who has been issued an absentee ...
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‘Can you imagine if we’re waiting on Pennsylvania?’: State Dems scramble to avoid voting fiasco

Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman defended an election reform bill they introduced, saying, “Our ...
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U.S. attorney general calls mail-in voting 'playing with fire'; experts say fraud rare

rare in the United States. Barr cited a 2005 report by the Commission on Federal Election Reform, chaired ...
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Ranked Choice Isn’t Immune to Strategic Voting

In Burlington, Vermont, instating ranked choice voting wasn’t a one-time fix. In fact, a mind-boggling result from a 2009 mayoral ...
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Never forget that our presidential electoral system is an abomination

That could be us too, whether we do it through the National Popular Vote compact or through a constitutional amendment. Let’s ...
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Kathryn Murdoch thinks her surname ‘is mostly an advantage’ as she advocates for electoral reform

of kidney dialysis. AD It is being organized by the nonpartisan group Unite America, which says upward of 140 people have signed ...
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