Barnes Primary School Newsletter #1
7th September 2016
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This week’s photographs show some of the positive developments that have taken place over the summer holidays. There are also some inspiring photographs of Year 6 performing ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in July 2016.

News in Brief

House events
The first four house events this academic year will be:
  • House Handwriting: all this week
  • The Vine Park Relay: next Friday, 16th September (Years 4-6: 9.15 a.m start; Years 1-3: 9.50 a.m. start)
  • Key Stage 2 Autumn Term Sports Day: Friday 30th September
  • Tugging in the Park (Years 3 to 6): Friday 14th October
Secondary Transfer meeting - Thursday 15th September.  Please see article below.

Thank you to those parents who have kindly volunteered to take on the important role of class rep for this academic year.
Unfortunately we still do not have a PTFA committee.  Without a PTFA there will be no Barn Dance, Advent Fair, Quiz Night or summer BBQ.  The OSO Arts week event will also need to be scaled back.  The successful fundraising from last year will sustain the extra curricular projects planned for this academic year, however 2017/2018 will be severely hampered.  Here are just some of the implications:
  • children wouldn’t be able to go on trips to The London Connected Learning Centre
  • we won’t be able to lay astro turf in other areas of the school
  • we won’t be able to further develop our forest school environment for young learners
  • we might not be able to keep bees
  • theatre events such as the Orange Tree theatre workshops would not go ahead
  • important infrastructure projects would be delayed
  • we would be unable to purchase new equipment in different parts of the school
If you would be interested in joining a new PTFA committee please can you speak to Jo Patience in the Key Stage 1 office in the first instance. Jo will put you in contact with members of previous committee. Please be aware that if you simply want an exploratory conversation – and a chance to ask questions such as: what kind of a time commitment will be involved? – that is absolutely fine at this stage. 

School Lunch - accounts will be updated for the half term within the next couple of weeks.

Musical Theatre Success - congratulations to:
Monty Holmes
George Summers
Louis Tafler-Hyde
Florence Woods
Sienna Pepper
Demi Kilian
Emily Pegler......who all passed their LAMDA Musical Theatre Grade 1 exams with distinction.  Sadie Kilian passed her solo grade 2 exam with distinction.  

Other musical success - congratulations to Milo Farquhar who recently passed his grade 2 singing exam.

After school clubs  - start on Monday 12th September and finish on Friday 21st November.
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The school’s new ICT suite (in the Key Stage 1 area) which replaces the old suite in the Key Stage 2 building

Welcome back
It’s really good to be back at school with the children experiencing even more learning, love and laughter. A very warm welcome to the new academic year to every member of our school community from all staff working at Barnes Primary School. A special welcome to the parents and carers of children who have just joined us. We hope that you will very quickly feel part of our school family.
Children enjoyed a highly successful 2015-16. It was yet another exceptional year. Academically pupils reached incredibly high standards . . . and on new, significantly more challenging assessment tests. On the stage, on the sports field, using computers, in the kitchen, performing music, on film and artistically pupils achieved so much . . . and they had enormous fun doing so.  
As ever, a number of new and exciting initiatives are planned for the year ahead along with many old favourites. We will continue to work together, with you, to offer our children the very best provision. We remain a relentlessly ambitious, aspirational organisation, fully committed to a process of continual improvement. You can see that by how many positive developments have taken place over the summer – before term had even started.
We are also aware of the need to consolidate and reinforce established aspects of our provision. This newsletter contains the first series of news articles for the academic year ahead.

A staff list can be accessed here.

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The table below shows you where our children reach by the time they transfer from us to secondary school. It is clear once again, that the outcomes they achieve compare extremely well to the national and the local picture.
Key Stage 2 (Year 6) 2016 National Richmond Barnes
RWM Expected Standard 53% 67%  92%
Reading Expected Standard 66% 81%  93%
Reading Average Scaled Score 103 106.6 108.7
Writing Expected Standard (TA) 74% 77%  93%
Writing Greater Depth (TA)   TBC 19%  42%
GPS Expected Standard 72% 85%  90%
GPS Average Scaled Score 104 107.3 108.8
Maths Expected Standard 70% 81% 95% 
Maths Average Scaled Score 103 105.9 108.2
100.0 is the scaled score nationally expected standard for an 11 year old.
A further analysis of the performance of pupils in all Key Stages will follow in next week’s newsletter.
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New staff
Welcome to:
  • Jane Lawler, our new reception teacher
  • Katie Duncombe, our new Year 3 teacher
  • Lucy Baldwin, a new learning support assistant 
    Welcome back to:
  • Justine Vaughan, who will be covering the vacant Display Coordinator post for the Autumn Term 
    Congratulations to:
  • Sally Will (nee Bagnall) who got married in the summer
  • Kelly Thomas who got engaged to Owen over the summer.
A full staff list outlining who works where and who does what can be accessed here.
What happened over the summer?
The following developments have taken place:
  • A new computer suite has been installed in the Key Stage 1 area (2P’s classroom in 2015-16). This replaces the previous suite, on the Key Stage 2 site, which has now become the music room.
  • A new school meal contract has been established
  • The Key Stage 2 reception area has been extended. An open planned office area has been designed (just a little more still to do here).
  • A new Year 3 learning area has been created at the far end of the Key Stage 2 building. The old music room is now 3D’s classroom.
  • A new music room has been created.
  • There is new flooring in the Key Stage 1 toilet area (a sweeter aroma pervades!)
  • The Island of Tranquility has been created in the Key Stage 2 climbers playground.
  • A new fence has been put up in the Reception outdoor area
  • New plants have been planted in the Key Stage 1 entrance area
  • The school has also been thoroughly cleaned.
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I would like to publicly thank Sue Jepson and Antonia Lord for their enormous additional endeavours and the time they spent over the summer vacation enabling this work to be completed.
School uniform
This will be a priority focus this term. We now expect all children – with no exceptions – to wear the school uniform stipulated here. Thank you to all parents who supported their children to make an extra effort to start the new academic year looking smart.  In addition may we remind parents that long hair needs to be tied back or plaited using plain hair bands.  No more elaborate hair adornments please!
2016-17 is the year of looking smart at Barnes.
This week classteachers will be checking that all pupils are in the correct uniform. They will also be checking to see if all uniform is named. We will be contacting you, politely of course, if your child is either not wearing our uniform, or if their clothing (especially Barnes sweatshirts) has not been named.
We want to create a sense of collective identity and belonging. Our children will look smarter if they are all wearing the same uniform. In previous years a number of children have been wearing items of clothing that are variations on the stated items that make up our uniform. We really don’t want to come across as being officious, but going forward we will take polite, but appropriate, steps to enforce the wearing of our uniform.

We would also like to phase out the school fleece – as we think it looks scruffy.

You can access the full uniform policy here.
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Going forward we would like all main school items – especially sweatshirts, PE tops and coats - clearly named. There are now more pegs around the school than there have ever been before and there is no excuse for pupils – especially older pupils in Key Stage 2 - losing items of clothing. If items are left around and are named we can quickly return them to their owner. We are simply not prepared any longer to have box after box filled with discarded clothing.
There are an infinite number of providers that can be found quickly online who supply cotton sew-in name labels, or iron-on name labels:
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These are the seven core values we wish to instil in every one of our children:
  • Integrity – being honest
  • Self-sufficiency – showing independence
  • Creativity – being original
  • Personal responsibility – taking initiative
  • Empathy – understanding others
  • Self-belief – success is always possible
  • Resilience – never giving up
8 principal targets for 2016-17
We will continue to focus on the targets outlined in our 2016-17 School Improvement Plan. A review of the progress we have made will appear in a future newsletter. In brief, our priority foci for the coming academic year will be to:
  • maintain the highest pupil performance standards across the school by fully preparing Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 pupils for the 2017 tests
  • continue to raise the standard of pedagogy through the ongoing professional development of staff
  • induct and enable new colleagues
  • firmly embed the revised national curriculum
  • achieve the Science Quality Mark & offer outstanding opportunities for pupils
  • implement Key Stage Review recommendations
  • further develop our new assessment system
  • raise the profile of Design Technology at Barnes.
I can inform you that we have already achieved one of these targets! On Monday we heard that we had been successful in our application for the Primary School Quality Mark Gold Award (the highest award) for the teaching of science. Rachel Wilson, our science leader, broke the news to staff and it is clear that the assessors were mightily impressed with our submission. We received extensive feedback containing comments such as:
" The school demonstrates itself to be a light for science challenge. It embraces fully its own need to continue to develop and has open doors for sharing and reflecting"
"Pupil enjoyment oozes throughout this submission."
Rachel will be writing an article in next week’s newsletter about what the award means and the future plans for science teaching at our school.
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These simple guidelines are offered in a spirit of partnership and respect. We believe that if everyone is kind enough to follow them, the strong, positive relationships we enjoy will continue.
The perspective of the classteacher
  • Classteachers think that at least 95% of parents use e-mail communication appropriately and reasonably. Thank you.
  • They are very happy to respond to parents who send occasional e-mails to them communicating a query, important information, or a lower level concern
  • Classteachers are busy: their job is an intense one and they work long hours. Their priority focus is educating children and they only have a small amount of time available to read and respond to e-mails. 
    Please do:
  • use e-mail to communicate information about children’s learning, homework and any upsets or concerns that classteachers need to know about
  • keep your e-mails succinct and to the point: less than 8 lines is appreciated.
  • understand that if an e-mail is sent in the morning or within the working day teachers may not have time to open it until the end of the school day, or even later if they are involved in a meeting.  
    Please don’t:
  • e-mail classteachers at the weekend. They are not at work at that time.
  • e-mail classteachers to relay information about your child’s absence; trip details; school clubs; lost clothing; parent consultation meeting scheduling or other administrative matters. This administrative information should be communicated directly to the school office
  • send long, highly detailed e-mails relating to a concern – simply send an e-mail requesting a face-to-face meeting
  • send highly emotive e-mails (containing words in bold; in capitals; with multiple exclamation marks) or e-mails that contain sarcasm. If you feel strongly about something (and you may have a very good reason for doing so) a politely conducted face-to-face meeting is required.  
    Please know that if a classteacher has any concern about an e-mail they have received that fails to follow this polite protocol they will not respond, but instead forward the e-mail to the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher who will make a decision regarding what course of action to follow.
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Secondary transfer meeting – Thursday 15th September at 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm
  • to outline the process for applying to a secondary school
  • to look at data regarding where children have transferred to in previous years.  There will also be a chance for parents to ask any questions they have.
Paul Mundy-Castle, new Principal of Richmond Park Academy
I spent two and a quarter hours talking to Paul last Friday afternoon. We shared a lot of thinking together. I would like to inform all parents that I feel enormously excited by his appointment. It is abundantly clear to me that he has a very ambitious vision for the development of the academy. I came away from the meeting having no doubt whatsoever that he will be able to achieve the very exciting vision he outlined. Paul knows that he has my full support and I look forward to hearing about Richmond Park Academy’s success in the months and years to come.
Mark Hartley will offer two opportunities next week for parents of pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 to hear about the process of transfer to secondary school. He will lead a 45 minute meeting at 3.30 pm and again at 5.30 pm in 6R’s classroom.
Older children are welcome to attend and a staffed creche will be available for younger children. The purpose of the meeting will be threefold:
  • to outline the process for applying to a secondary school
  • to look at data regarding where children have transferred to in previous years
  • to distribute a very comprehensive factsheet about all the secondary schools (state and private) within a five mile radius of our school (including their examination results).There will also be a chance for parents to ask any questions they have.
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  • a full list of events for the coming term
  • the first of three articles about the performance of different groups of children
  • Reaching Rwanda – an article about current developments and future plans
  • an article about science teaching and our Gold award.
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In 2015 Education Health and Care Plans were launched along with an extension to SEN education to cover the ages 19-25.  This year Achieving for Children's  launched its three year SEN strategy for Richmond and Kingston.
All are ambitious for improvements in outcomes for children and young people with needs that disadvantage them from school and into the workplace.
On 8th September, 10.30-12noon, Cole Court, TW1 1HD, families are invited to meet local MPs Zac Goldsmith and Dr Tania Mathias. 
If you think there are families that you work with who would welcome a chance to have their voice heard please alert them to this opportunity. This is a great way for people to explain the lived reality as their family experiences it against the vision. Families can make their views known directly to our elected representatives on the successes and problems we know about. The parents may have a child aged 3 to adult ... whatever their child's age parents will have valuable knowledge that others can learn from.
The meeting with the MPs is being organised by RUILS, the Richmond Charity that champions independent living for people with disabilities in the borough.  A flier is attached, please use the contact details on this for any further information.
With very best wishes 

Sam Silver
Telephone: 0208 392 9946
Action-attainment Ltd
Company Number: 08818323 
(Registrar of Companies for England and Wales)
29 St Leonards Road, SW14 7LY
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Barnes Primary School Newsletter No 1 - 7th September 2016

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