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February 2017

i3-food Mid-term review held in Brussels


Past November 14th the mid-term review of the i3-food project was held at the Research Executive Agency building in Brussels (Belgium). 

In this meeting the project coordinator, Peter Holl, along with the work packages leaders, presented the current state of the i3-food project for the first half of the project period (that extends from 2015 to 2018) to the European Commission Officer and two external reviewers. Also, some demonstrations of the PEF, HPTS and LS extrusion technologies were done. + Read more

i3-food scoping workshops held in Frankfurt

bb_03 bb_05

Past October 4th and 5th Scoping Workshops about three i3-food technologies were held at the Frankfurt Airport. That was an opportunity for project partners and interested stakeholders to work, discuss and advance in the project for every technology (PEF, High Pressure and LS Extrusion). + Read more

Stefan Toepfl, new Managing Director of ELEA

Professor Stefan Toepfl, formerly advanced research manager of DIL (and leader of i3-food WP2: Optimum process control), has been designated as Managing Director of the German company Elea, a partner of i3-food and the world’s leading provider of PEF technology. + Read more
What is 'Extrusion'? - Juliette Herpich interview

New video interview: What is Extrusion?

Juliette Herpich, researcher of DIL and expert in LS Extrusion technology for the i3-food project, explains in this interview the key points of the LS-Extrusion tech.

New video interview: What’s HTPS?

Ariette Matser, researcher of Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and expert in High Pressure Technology, explains in this interview the key points of the HTPS (High Pressure Thermal Sterilization).

Stefan Töpfl from DIL on the 30th EFFoST International Conference: Targeted Technologies for Sustainable Food Systems

Stefan Töpfl
Dr. Stefan Töpfl, from German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) did the talk "Processing concepts towards a sustainable food industry". + Read more
Next i3-food events:

IFTPS Conference  08/03/2017

SNAXPO   01/04/2017

PEF School BOKU   09/05/2017

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