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We Need YOU to Call Your Legislators to Support Safe Routes to School!
Join Our Conference Call on March 1 at 10 a.m. MST for More Info on How to Help


We are hoping there will be a hearing soon for Senate Bill 1121, which would establish state funding for Safe Routes to School. Join us for a conference call on Wednesday, March 1 at 10 a.m. MST for tips on talking to your legislators and urging them to support this legislation. Visit this news post for links on messaging, legislator contact info, how to find out who your representative is, and more.

Why Idaho Needs to Dedicate Funds for Safe Routes to School
by Cynthia Gibson, Idaho Walk Bike Alliance Executive Director


As parents, our greatest concern is for the safety of our children. That is why Idaho Walk Bike Alliance is determined to secure state funds for Safe Routes to School. Whether this happens in the 2017 legislative session or not, we will not quit until we have dedicated funding. We are working to ensure every Idaho community—no matter where it is located or how few people live in it—has the opportunity to build more sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, pathways, or greenbelts. And we know having Safe Routes to School Coordinators in every district throughout the state will increase awareness and education for parents and students, giving every child in Idaho the chance to grow up safe and healthy.

The statistics are alarming. According to Idaho Transportation Department’s 2015 Crash Report, on average from 2011 to 2015, 191 children per year between the ages of 4 and 19 were injured or killed while riding their bicycle or walking. We expect 2016 to be no different.


That is why Idaho Walk Bike Alliance, American Heart Association and our partners are working at the legislature every single day to secure state funds dedicated to this valuable program. Idaho’s children deserve to be healthy, safe, active, and ready to learn when they arrive at school each day. Their trip to school should not be dangerous. Additionally, parents should not worry about their child becoming obese or subject to chronic disease because they lack access to places to be physically active.

We hope you will join us and our growing coalition of partners, working to help our children grow up in a safe and healthy environment. And we ask you to reach out to your state Senators, Representatives, and Idaho Transportation Department staff and board, and tell them our children deserve the best opportunity for a successful future.


Share YOUR  for Walking and Biking all Year Long!
Join the Monthly StRider Champions

US: a statewide bike/ped nonprofit looking for  .

LIKES: advocating for safer streets for all users, and helping communities and local bike/ped groups get the money, support and technical assistance they need to build and maintain great walking and biking networks.

YOU: a dedicated, and possibly avid, walker and/or bicyclist, an Idaho community or a local bike/ped advocacy organization.

LIKES: walks, or rolls, on wide open, and obstacle-free, sidewalks and bicycle rides in buffered bike lanes that provide enough space to avoid open doors.

If interested meet us here anytime to let us know you want to Share YOUR Love for walking and biking all year long.

We hope to have 50 of our supporters sign up to be Monthly StRider Champions, a new monthly giving program of the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance.


Your monthly gifts WILL make a difference!
Instead of Buying
2 lattes
1 lunch out
2 movie tickets
1 tank of gas
1 dinner for two
Make a Monthly Gift, & See it Add Up!
$10 / month = $120 a year
$15 / month = $180 a year
$20 / month = $240 a year
$35 / month = $420 a year
$50 / month = $600 a year

Monthly donations help us by providing a stable, year-round source of funds that support our statewide efforts. This allows us to do the day-to-day work necessary to ensure active transportation is healthy, safe and reliable for all Idahoans.

Monthly donations help you by spreading out your giving over the course of a year and adding up to make a big difference! It’s convenient and safe, and you can set them up with just a few clicks.


Please join the Monthly StRider Champions today!

Thank you for SHARING YOUR     for walking and biking.

Safe Routes to School Campaign Update

What an exciting week for the Safe Routes to School – Healthy Kids Campaign, led by Idaho Walk Bike Alliance and the American Heart Association! Our bill was printed last Friday, and we hope to have a committee hearing soon.

Senate Bill 1121  calls for a dedicated fund just for Safe Routes to School dollars, and we would love your grassroots support to make this a reality! Calling and emailing legislators is truly effective and influential. Receiving concise, informed, and passionate messages from constituents helps remind lawmakers who they represent. Join us for a conference call on Wednesday, March 1 at 10 a.m. MST for tips on messaging and to find out which committee will be hearing the bill. You can find more info on the call here.  And make sure to follow the bill's progress at every stage on the Legislature's Bill Tracking webpage.

Legislative Update

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance is closely following developments on legislation and issues in Idaho, and beyond, pertaining to walking and bicycling safety so we can contribute to the process and keep our members informed. Read the update from February 27 to find out more about the following topics:
  • Safe Routes to School – Healthy Kids Campaign
  • electric bike legislation
  • crossing guards
  • hybrid cars
  • non-motorized users on rural highways
  • passing speed law
  • personal delivery drones
  • autonomous vehicles
Don't forget to read the February 9 and January 27 updates too for history on some of the above issues. If you know of other policy proposals that would affect our core mission, or if you have questions or comments regarding this legislative update, please contact us right away!

7th Annual Youth Lobby Day was February 3
Students Advocated for Safe Routes to School Funding at Idaho State Capitol

Students getting ready with their advisor for their first meeting. Check out our Youth Lobby Day Facebook Album for more photos.
High school students from Treasure Valley youth leadership organizations advocated for Safe Routes to School legislation during Idaho Youth Lobby Day at the State Capitol on Friday, February 3. The students discussed the importance of physical activity to the health of children. Having access to safe places to walk, bike and play allows children of all ages to make physical activity a part of their day, which leads to a lifetime of healthy habits. Safe Routes to School funding helps improve opportunities to walk and bike to school promoting the ability for all students, and entire communities, to be physically active – safely and easily.

Representatives from the Safe Routes to School – Healthy Kids coalition (Idaho Walk Bike AllianceAmerican Heart Association, Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School program and  Idaho Smart Growth) and other adult volunteers were on hand to help escort students to scheduled meetings with legislators, stay on topic and keep them on schedule. Some students conducted walking meetings with the legislators as well, to help identify those things that enhance safe walking and biking, as well as barriers.
Students Delphia Lloyd and Alexander Olsen meet with Rep. Eric Redman (R), Athol.
This 7th annual youth lobby event was sponsored by the American Heart Association / American Stroke Association to give students the opportunity to see firsthand how government operates and to participate in the process. It also allowed them to learn more about the Idaho State Legislature and issue advocacy and to meet with their representatives.

Where in the State is
Idaho Walk Bike Alliance?

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance has been busy working for better walking and bicycling statewide. We usually have images of the Idaho communities we've visited, but we haven't been out of town recently because we've been so busy at the State Capitol.

Kids from a YMCA program safely crossing a downtown Boise street; and children participating in a GoNoodle activity demonstration during Youth Lobby Day at the Capitol.


On a recent #HikewithMike we spotted people exercising on their lunch hour, and staying out of the inclement weather, in the underground tunnel between the Idaho State Capitol and state office buildings. We also saw lots of cool murals including the one included in the newsletter header.

Have You Cycled Southwest Idaho's Wine Region?
Help Us Create a Tour Map!

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance is looking for bicyclists who are familiar with the southwest Idaho wine region to help us pinpoint safe roads for bike tourists wanting to explore the wineries. Have you cycled around Canyon County and collected your rides through Strava or Garmin? Would you be willing to share that information with us to help us create a wine tour map? We are also interested in identifying other points of interest and places to stay and eat. Please send your information via email.

New Technical Assistance Program Available for MPOs
Attend an Informational Webinar on Wednesday, March 1 at 12:00 p.m.; Apply Before Friday, March 10 at 3:00 p.m.


Transportation for America is "launching a new technical assistance program to help metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) go further with measuring and quantifying the multiple benefits of transportation spending decisions to help ensure that every dollar is aligned with the public’s goals and brings the greatest return possible for citizens."

The organization "has designed a suite of tools to help MPOs not only satisfy the modest new federal requirements, but also go beyond them into other areas such as public health, access to opportunity, social equity; and to help them translate their big picture targets and goals into specific criteria for choosing and prioritizing what transportation projects to build and where."

Learn more and apply before Friday, March 10 at 3:00 p.m. MST. Attend an informational webinar to learn more about the program on Wednesday, March 1 at noon.

Congratulations Twin Falls!
City to Receive Technical Assistance from Smart Growth America


The City of Twin Falls will receive free technical assistance from Smart Growth America. This program helps cities integrate small-scale manufacturing spaces into their economic development work. According to Smart Growth America, "buoyed by a strong agriculture and food processing industry, Twin Falls seeks to find uses for its underutilized warehousing district in unison with other downtown redevelopment initiatives. The City, the smallest and most remote of the four to be selected, now wants to diversify its economic base, with a focus on outdoor recreation products given their location and beautiful surroundings. Twin Falls is also a refugee resettlement community, and would like to provide skill-based training programs to this disadvantaged population."

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance Staff Step Up for the
Idaho STEP Challenge

To encourage others to be active and healthy, Congressman Mike Simpson is attempting to walk over 2,900 miles; the 'journey' began June 1. This is the equivalent of walking from the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. to the Idaho Capitol Building in Boise.

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance staff have joined the #HikewithMike and are walking at noon on Thursdays in Boise. Meet us at the center of Capitol Park for a stroll around downtown. Follow Rep. Simpson's progress, sign up for updates and STEP UP to join the challenge too. If you are hosting #HikewithMike walks in your communities, let us know so we can encourage others to join you!
You Can Shop AND Do Good!
With Fred Meyer Community Rewards
and AmazonSmile

Did you know you can support active transportation while you shop? It’s something you have to do anyway, so make every pantry staple, splurge or special occasion purchase count.
Fred Meyer
Community Rewards


Link your Fred Meyer rewards card to Idaho Walk Bike Alliance (#91348), scan it every time you pay, and we'll receive donations from their Community Rewards program, at no extra cost to you. It's easy to do, so sign up to link your card today!
  1. Visit Fred Meyer and sign in or register for an account at top right.
  2. Scroll down and click Link your Rewards Card Now.
  3. Enter Idaho Walk Bike Alliance or 91348.
  4. Select the bubble next to our name and click the Enroll tab.
  5. Start shopping to benefit the walking and biking movement!
NOTE: If you did not re-link your Fred Meyers Rewards card with the nonprofit of your choice after Fred Meyer's June 2016 customer re-enrollment period, you were dropped from the system on July 1. You can check the bottom of your Fred Meyer receipts to see if your purchases are supporting the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance:



Shop online at AmazonSmile, choose Idaho Walk Bike Alliance as your charity of choice, and 0.5% of each qualified purchase will be donated to us, with no extra fees for you. Sign up now!
  1. Visit AmazonSmile and sign in with your existing account info or create an account.
  2. Scroll down to pick your own charitable organization instead of choosing one of Amazon's spotlight charities.
  3. Enter Idaho Walk Bike Alliance in the search box and hit the Search button.
  4. Click on the Select button next to our name.
  5. Check that you understand you always need to shop via to support Idaho Walk Bike Alliance.
  6. Start ordering online to support active transportation!
  7. You can even keep track of your AmazonSmile impact. Hover your cursor over the 'Supporting: Idaho Walk Bike Alliance Inc." link located just under the search bar and see how much your purchases have added up. Sample below.

Click image to enlarge.

IWBA Lunch Walks
for #HikewithMike
Idaho STEP Challenge

Thursdays @ noon
Center of Capitol Park, Boise

(read more here)

Boise Movie Night
The Flicks

646 W Fulton St., Boise
(more info TBD)

Boise Fundraiser
Boise Brewing

521 W Broad St., Boise
(more info TBD)

May 29, 5:00 - 10:00 pm
Payette Brewing Company
733 S Pioneer St., Boise

(read more here)

Click image to enlarge.

YOUR support makes it possible for us to work for safer walking and bicycling for all Idahoans.

Youth Lobby Day
February 2-3
Idaho State Capitol, Boise
Idaho Walk Bike Alliance joined the American Heart Association in helping high school students meet with legislators to advocate for dedicated state funding of Safe Routes to School.

Idaho Transportation Board
February 22
March 15-16

Boise, Idaho Transportation Department District 3
Cynthia Gibson, Executive Director, will attend these two Idaho Transportation Board meetings to learn more about issues in Southwest Idaho and across the state. These meetings are open to the public; you can attend too!

Idaho Legislature
January - March
Our Executive Director and Safe Routes to School Campaign Coordinator will attend various legislative and committee meetings to follow issues and legislation pertaining to walking and bicycling safety and that concern the mission of the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance. Check out our 1/27, 2/9 and 2/27 legislative updates.

As a nonprofit organization, and  Idaho's only statewide advocacy group promoting safety on  our roadways for all non-motorized users, we rely on support from PEOPLE LIKE YOU! It allows us to carry on vitally important work to ensure active transportation is healthy, safe and reliable for all Idahoans.

Please consider becoming a member or donating a tax-deductible gift to bring us closer to the day when all Idahoans can move freely throughout their communities however they choose.

Want to donate more but can't afford to do it all at once? Be a Monthly StRider Champion and support walking and biking all year long.


Transportation for America Technical Assistance for MPOs
Deadline: March 10
Transportation for America has launched "a new technical assistance program on performance measurement to help metropolitan planning organizations respond to federal, state and local requirements." More info here.

U.S. Department of Transportation Transit, Highway and Safety Funds
Revised August, 12, 2016
The U.S. DOT updated table of pedestrian and bicycle funding opportunities.

Your opinion matters! Here's your chance to have a say.

The League of American Bicyclists
Do you know of a business that "encourages a welcoming atmosphere for bicycling employees, customers, and the community?' Tell them to apply for this business recognition program!

PlacesForBikes City Ratings
Deadline: April 15
PeopleForBikes is hoping to "identify the best U.S. cities for bicycling and reward those that are improving the fastest." They will publish "data-driven" city ratings in fall 2017. Take the survey today.

Do you have walking and/or biking related events, accomplishments or issues going on in your community? Let us know and we can help get the word out to your local media outlets. Because the more people hear about the work being done to ensure active transportation is healthy, safe and reliable, the safer we can make our roadways for all Idahoans. Contact Robyn by email,, or phone, 208-345-1105.

Webinars, conferences and other resources on active transportation issues:

Transportation for America
New Metropolitan Planning Organization Technical Assistance Program
March 1
12:00 - 1:00 pm MDT

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Preparing for Successful Education and Enforcement Efforts
March 14
11:00 am - 12:30 pm MDT

Smart Growth America
Creating Value: Assessing the Return on Investment in Complete Streets
March 23
11:00 am - 12:00 pm MDT

America Walks
2017 Webinar Series
12:00 - 1:00 pm MDT

The Right to Walk

The League of American Bicyclists
National Bike Summit
March 6 - 9
Washington, D.C.

America Walks
National Walking Summit
September 13 - 15
St. Paul, MN

Every Body Walk! Collaborative
Social Justice Toolkit
Toolkit Resources

Perils for Pedestrians
Video Episodes

Smart Growth America
Webinar Recap

U.S. Department of Transportation
Toolkit Resources

U.S. Department of Transportation
Toolkit Resources

Voices for Healthy Kids
Toolkit Resources

Don't miss these stories, reports, plans, etc. on walking and biking issues:

Commuter survey sees decrease in public transit users

America Walks
American Walks statement on 2016 traffic fatalities

Transit-walkability collaborative established

This glowing intersection is taking US bike safety in a bright direction

New plan proposes pushing patios back to make room for pedestrians, people with disabilities

Chicago Reader
Ex-CDOT chief: focusing on crash hot spots could save lives, reduce profiling

Citizens' Institute on Rural Design
Riding the trail to revitalized: rural and small town trail-oriented development


A new twist in guerrilla bike lanes: toilet plungers

Bicycle people: speak your mind

Don’t demonize driving, just stop subsidizing it

The four horsemen of the bike share apocalypse

Here’s how godawful NYC bike lanes used to be

Is America breaking up with cars?

London police will pose as cyclists to catch unsafe drivers

Oslo offers citizens $1,200 to buy an e-bike

Ride Angry

San Francisco takes a step back from raised bike lanes

Seattle puts side guards on trucks to protect cyclists

What if bike paths looked like subway maps?

City Observatory
Playing Apart

What can $2 per day buy you? A look at priority #2 – State Highway 44 / State Street

The Denver Post
Bill to let bicyclists roll through stop signs gains speed, but there are roadblocks ahead

A civil debate: are driverless cars good for cities?

Edmonton Journal
Pedestrian shift challenges Edmonton’s ‘beg buttons’ and traffic signals

European Cyclists' Federation
70 million € of investment to make Bordeaux a top cycling city in France

European Transport Safety Council
Dublin is the latest 30 km/h city

Greater Greater Washington
All 119 US bikeshare systems, ranked by size

A protected bikeway on Florida Avenue? Yes please!

Houston Chronicle
Unsafe streets: Houston continues to build a car-centric city that is dangerous by design

Idaho Business Review
Boise struggles with limited public transit options

Plan calls for removing a lane of Fairview and Main in Boise’s West End

State to widen heavily used road between Meridian, Caldwell

Survey_Treasure Valley residents would like more public transit options

Treasure Valley leaders face off on the future of public transit

Idaho Statesman
Boise’s population booms, but people aren’t getting on the bus
The true cost of car commuting to work (hint: it’s a lot more than you think)

Idaho students lobby for healthy living

The League of American Bicyclists
Americans support increasing funding for sidewalks, bike lanes and paths

Bicycle Friendly America Winter 2017 magazine

Manchester Evening News
‘Grey graffiti’ gang hits streets of Levenshulme to spray paint potholes and damaged pavements

Mobility Lab
A closer look at Arlington’s bike counters show how riders are using the trails and bike lanes

Modern Cities
The (place) doctor will see you now

Ybor City bans truck traffic, eyes a balanced future

Momentum Mag
Biko – the app we never knew we were missing

National Geographic
Mapping the urban bike utopias of the 1890s

The New York Times
Get up and move. It may make you happier.

U.S. traffic deaths rise for a second straight year

Next City
Cameras can speed cities to improving pedestrian safety

Researchers examine race factor in car crashes involving pedestrians

Biking and walking soar, collisions plummet along Oakland’s protected bike lanes

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Brake lights, sharp turns, and sudden stops on Bucks County’s crash-prone Street Road

The trifecta: urbanism, architecture, and nature

Popular Mechanics
The Dutch put in LED crosswalk lights to save us from ourselves

Public Square A CNU Journal
Great idea: pedestrian shed and the 5-minute walk

Great idea: tactical urbanism

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Op-ed: how Secretary Chao can save lives in active communities

The Sidney Morning Herald
A bus stop in Melbourne’s north has been transformed into a 1970s living room

How New York’s bike share system pays riders to make it run better

Streetsblog USA
Draft CA statewide bike and pedestrian plan ready for public comment

The injustice of subsidizing jobs people can only reach by driving

The Toronto Star
Step by step, schools push to get kids walking

Travel + Leisure
Soon you could walk from New York City to Canada on a new trail

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

National Science Foundation awards Ahn and Nam a research grant for walking study

University of Washington
New route-finding map lets Seattle pedestrians avoid hills, construction, accessibility barriers

Urban Milwaukee
New bike route would cross state

Urban sprawl to urban stay: walkable housing is making a comeback

Voices for Healthy Kids Success Stories
Atlanta secures $166M for safer walking and biking

Biking bond passes in Rhode Island

Walking and biking progress in Santa Clara County, CA

The Washington Post
Cities, suburbs are requiring too much parking near transit stations, study says

The Western Planner
Bicycle tourism in rural Oregon

Rural millennials still dig driving. Well, they have no choice
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