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                            Newsletter January 2019 Issue

Be Satisfied!

I recently came across (social media) a hand written prayer from an old High School friend. It said, “Lord, I pray that 2019 is better than 2018, because last year was rough.” As if we need a reminder that prayer serves as a reminder that life is challenging. From many within our church community impacted directly or indirectly by the government shutdown to challenges in our families, and our health, life can be tough. And most of us have lived long enough to know that there is nothing about a new year that by itself changes our life. The truth is, through our new perspective in Christ any day cannot just be the start of a new year, but a new life! 

This is the same message we are hearing in our new weekly Bible Study, from the Book of Ecclesiastes that we are calling “Be Satisfied”, based on the Warren Wiersbe book and study of the same name. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon is looking backward over his life and pondering the point of all that he has accomplished, achieved and experienced in his life. In the first few verses, Solomon asks, what is the point of all of man’s work on earth. Through this study we are coming to see that these questions of the futility and purpose of life are common to us all. We may express it differently and the details may differ but really the question of life has to be grasped, “What’s the point?” 

Wrong Measurements

 I remember the weeks leading up to my first sermon, I was debating about whether I should buy a new suit. Eventually, I decided to go all in and buy a new suit so that I could at least look the part when I stood to deliver God’s Word. I was roughly twenty years younger and much more athletic than am I today, so buying a suit always required a lot of tailoring to get the suit to fit right. When I went to pick up the suit from the tailor there was a huge problem. The tailor, the best in town, had marked the pants incorrectly and instead of lengthening them, he cut them. So, get this image in and then out of your head quickly, when I tried the pants on, they stopped about 3 inches below my knees or you can say about 8 inches above my ankles. Either way you look at it miss-measurement and misinformation leads to an embarrassingly bad fit. 

In the same way, people measure life incorrectly. We use what we do and what we have as the measure of where we are in life. However, neither our stuff nor our accomplishments were ever intended to serve as measuring sticks for our lives! Our wrong measuring sticks is what leads Solomon to see and say of life, “Vanity of vanities, it is all vanity” - it is all emptiness. I don’t need to ask if you want a different thought for your life. Of course we all do. Instead of the emptiness of vanity we all want to live full and meaningful lives. Well the only way to get there is to be satisfied through your relationship with Christ! 

As this New Year kicks off, I pray that you are determined to learn of the Lord in a new and different way. It is only in the Lord that we find satisfaction in work, love and life. I pray that you would partake in one of our new studies intended to help you see Christ in a way that satisfies the longing of your soul. 

Would your life be more satisfying if you were debt free and could give and live life fully to the Lord without the bondage of debt and financial strain? How about those long held questions of salvation? It is time to live satisfied in the Lord.

Be Blessed,
 Edward Lee

Good News Club
Good News Club (GNC) is a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).  It equips teachers to meet with groups of children in schools, homes, community centers, churches; anywhere the children can easily and safely meet with their parent’s permission.  Each week the teacher presents an exciting Bible lesson using colorful materials from CEF Press.  This action packed time (usually 90 minutes in schools) also includes songs, Scripture memory, a missions’ story and review games or other activities focused on the lesson’s theme.

LongView Bible Church
Long View Bible Church has sponsored the Good News Club (GNC) at Winand Elementary School (kindergarten – 5th grades) since 2016. The GNC team meets on Tuesday, 4pm – 5:30 pm each week during the school year.  Each year the GNC Team members are requested to attend the relevant workshops, conferences and training events.  The 1styear, (2016-2017), the GNC had 8 children in attendance and 4 team members (Gloria Griffin, Marilyn King, Alita Kite and Shirley Wise).  The children and their families were invited to the church where they sang 2 songs they learned at the club.  During our 2nd year, the Lord blessed the club to have over 40 children enrolled, with approximately 32 attending weekly.  We initially had 3 GNC adult team members, yet our teams declined to two, Joanie Dorsey and Shirley Wise during that year.  Prayerfully, we were blessed with James and Yolanda Redd who joined our team and the generous donations, by members of LongView who help defray our cost for snacks and incentives for GNC participants.  This year, our 3rdyear, we have 23 students enrolled and 3 team members, Joanie Dorsey, Bernice Langley and Shirley Wise.
The GNC at Winand Elementary School has been a most rewarding experience for all involved.  The team members have seen an improvement in the children’s attitudes. Teachers have expressed the notable changes in school behavior, that has positively impacted academic achievement and benefited the overall school climate.  Parents, guardians/family members have expressed seeing positive changes as well.  It’s a joy as well as we witness the children volunteering to pray, read and memorize Scripture, show compassion, and complete weekly home activities called “Quiet Time”,  Although teaching the class and actively engaging the children at times overwhelming, the team sees the spiritual growth and God’s Love during each session. 

Shirley Wise
Greeting LongView Family and Friends,

On behalf of the Longview 2018 Angel Tree* Committee, I would like to thank all that volunteered, donated, and sent up a prayer in support of this “season of giving” effort. Thanks to the grace of God and your efforts, we were able to serve 6 families and 13 children. In addition to the many wonderful gifts received by the children, each family was given a basket with a whole turkey and fixings for the 3rdconsecutive year. Those that attended enjoyed music and songs of the season, fellowship with our guest and a tasty buffet menu.  The expressed appreciation of the Angel Tree families, the smiles on the children’s faces was both a joy and true blessing to all that attended. 

For the 5thyear our Longview Angel Tree activities have been a great way to begin celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, `who came not be served, but to serve.’ This year will be the AT ministry’s 5thanniversary. Again, thanks for your continued support. Look out for LongView Angels 365.

Brother Darryl L. Kearney                                                                                                                   Angel Tree ’18 Coordinator

(*) Angel Tree is a program of the Prison Fellowship Ministry that partners with churches and         organization to connect the parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts given on the parent’s behalf.]
It has truly been a joy and privilege to work with the young people of Longview. We’ve covered a range of biblical subjects since our launch in October: 1. What does it mean to be saved? 2. What does it really mean to be blessed? 3.He died for me, I live for Him. 4. How do we worship? 5. God corrects us because He loves us.

“What an Awesome Year! 2018 will be remembered as a year of growth and bonding for Rising View! We look forward to more awesomeness in 2019! Stay tuned to see what we have planned ahead…”.

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is share Jesus. However, the most important decision we can make is to follow Jesus and surrender our lives to God. Please encourage your kids to try and be involved in these exciting opportunites.

Min. Aaron W. Flood
Youth & Young Adult Pastor

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