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#ConnectingCities: Creative Hubs, Social Entrepreneurship and the Future of Europe

Dear Fellow Changemakers,

To commemorate Europe Day, on Wednesday 9th of May 2018, Changemakers Lab (Visions2Ventures) and the University of the Aegean (Lab for Social - Cultural  Digital Documentation) with the support of the Municipality of Lesvos, Iliaxtida and Siniparksi, will be hosting Changemakers Summit for the second year!

We would hereby like to extend an invitation to you for this important dialogue where we will collectively co-create an inclusive and enabling environment, through which we look to transform the humanitarian challenges to opportunities, inspiring positive change and creating the #Future of Europe that we all want.

The purpose of our initiative on Lesvos is to catalyse the paradigm of social entrepreneurship and innovation as a major source of wealth and job creation, economic and technological growth and social transformation.

Together, we aim to show how an inclusive and collaborative network of coworking spaces / creative hubs across Europe, are platforms through which social entrepreneurs convene to invent, make, collaborate and cocreate sustainable and impactful solutions, that accelerate the sustainable developments goals and help stimulate the local economy!

We will bring together diverse and key stakeholders that represent social entrepreneurs, academic institutions, refugee communities and impact investors who will co-create an enabling environment to develop tangible and sustainable solutions, responding to the multidimensional challenges of humanitarian crisis, helping in effect to build inclusive communities.

Our target is to live stream this event, across Europe, through participating coworking spaces that have shown support and solidarity to Lesvos and its people, aimed at connecting and redefining Europe.
Event Details:

#ConnectingCities: Creative Hubs, Social Entrepreneurship and the Future of Europe 

Wednesday, 9 May from 9:30h until 20h10

University of the Aegean - Mytilini 
Lesvos, Greece

The theme of our event is #ConnectingCities



















Wednesday, May 9th
Registration, Networking and Coffee

Opening Remarks - Europe Day: Vasili Sofiadellis and Eugene Guribye - Why we are here and what we will achieve today

Keynote: Vice Rector Elena Thanopoulou - University of the Aegean
Keynote: Dr Ioannis Spilanis - University of the Aegean

Panel discussion #1: Effect on local economy / Civil Society / Opportunities 
- Marios Andriotis - Municipality of Lesvos
- Astrid Castelein & Theodoros Alexellis - UNHCR
- Antonios Zeimpekis - Iliaxtida
- Michael Bakas - University of the Aegean

+ Q/A from the Community for Summary Panel

Keynote: Sotiris Chtouris - University of the Aegean


Panel discussion #2: Skills Development / Education (stimulating local economic development / edtech))  
- Barbara "Bobbi" Kurshan
- Madga Veloutsou - Ilaktida
- Kostas Karakousidis - Metadrasi

+ Q/A from the Community for Summary Panel


Panel discussion #3: Knowledge Exchange (Best Practices) Coworking spaces / Creative Hubs as catalysts for change - stimulating local economic development, programs, integration and investments
- Esra Gonen - Originn
- Tânia Santos - Cru Cowork
- Relja Bobić - Nova Iskra
- Germana Girelli - Materahub
- Laura Vantornout - iDrops

+ Q/A from the Community for Summary Panel

- #1 Green Sustainable Camp
- #2 The Birds
- #3 SAP Refugee Code Week (EdTech)
EU Programs - Kerime Eskiocak - IPEC


Panel discussion #4: Building Bridges with diverse stakeholders
- Eugene Guribye - Agder Research
- Olympia Mouzala - Local Representative 
- Iva Fragou & Sophia Koufopoulou - Siniparksi
- Vasiliki Andreadelli / Maro Chatziantoniou - Iliaktida
- Sotiris Chtouris - University of the Aegean

+ Q/A from the Community for Summary Panel

Presentations by Changemakers:
- Rouddy Kimpioka
- Qasemi Qasem


Key Note: Marselos Rallides - President of IDEA

Panel #5: Bringing it together / Connecting Cities - Support of coworking space / incubation project / investors 
- Barbara "Bobbi" Kurshan
- Esra Gonen
- Tania Santos

+ Q/A from the Community for Summary Panel
Address by : Vasili Sofiadellis - Changemakers Lab (Visions2Ventures)

Concluding remarks and networking
Changemakers Lab enables entrepreneurs and key stakeholders to cooperate and create impactful solutions that solve social challenges #socent #impinv #SDG17
A Visions2Ventures initiative.