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The most important skill in the world of work is not being taught in schools...

Think back to what you learnt in school that has helped you in the ever-changing world of work.

Of course, there was reading, writing and math… there is one fundamental skill that isn’t being taught in our schools, but it is the most valuable skill an individual can have.

That skill is communication.

Communication is continually the top skill that employers are seeking* – and what should be considered the most vital life skill.

Now, importantly, we do not mean reading poetry or playing a role in a play or even being given an issue to debate. It is far simpler, and far more important than that. 

It is the ability to express one-self confidently on a day-to-day basis. In short, we are talking about talking.

Through extensive research, Jump Start Communications has recognised that despite the critical role that confident self-expression plays in the professional world, it is largely absent from the school and university curriculum across Australia. Jump Start has created a solution for you, through the design and delivery of customised development programs for your students.
Schools need to explore new, exciting and vital skill development as part of the curriculum. We also need to recognise the impact that digital media has had on young people. 

Digital technology has brought with it unprecedented global opportunity but it is having a significant impact on the skill development of our young people.

Is your school responding to the digital and social world our children now live in? If not, it is at risk of falling behind.

In fact, it is possible to live in an almost entirely ‘virtual’ world and never speak or communicate with another person other than through digital media. We know it sounds extreme, but it’s not too far from the truth in a young person's world - A ‘fantasy’ life in a digital world.

There is no doubt that the internet and the digital revolution have reshaped the way we live, but it has also transformed the most fundamental aspect of human behavior.

Our ability to communicate verbally with each other.

It is our fear that we are allowing the next generation to neglect this absolutely vital life skill as they develop and mature to adulthood. 

Whilst technical and academic skills are vital, equipping our young people with the ability to express themselves confidently and authentically will dramatically transform their career prospects and be extremely beneficial to their well-being. 

At Jump Start Communications, we believe passionately that the future of young people lies in their ability to communicate with confidence, to speak with passion and above all speak their truth.

We are passionate about helping young people achieve their full potential to become confident individuals with strong self-expression and excellent communication skills that are required in the ever-evolving job market.

*QS Global Employer Survey 2018

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Want to discuss how Jump Start can customise the best program for your students? Simply click HERE
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