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April 2017
Shire Matters is a monthly newsletter which summarises events and news within the Shire of Katanning. Community members can subscribe at and hard copies are still available at the Shire Administration, Library, Visitors Centre and Katanning Leisure Centre. If you have any suggestions or feedback please send them to
Harmony Festival Feedback
The 2017 Harmony Festival has proven to be the biggest and most successful to date.
Thank you to the Katanning community for your support, participation and involvment- without you there is no Harmony Festival!
If you haven't yet completed the survey can you please let us know your thoughts on the 2017 Harmony Festival: 
If you would like to be involved or updated on the 2018 festival please email
Mosquito Control
The Shire has acquired a new mosquito fogging device that is extremely efficient and will help to reduce the prominence of airborne adult mosquitos.
Fogging operations will commence and be conducted by the Shire Ranger at various times of the day including early mornings and evenings. Timings are dependent on wind velocity as the most effective application is when there is little  or no wind.
The chemicals used are registered and approved by the WA Health Department as being safe to humans, all wildlife including aquatic species, poultry and domestic pets, the fogging specifically targets mosquitos, flies and other airborne insects.
When operations are underway it may be advisable to shut doors and windows as the fogging does have a faint odour and may enter dwellings, as harmless as it is, some people may find the odour unpleasant.
When fogging is underway the Ranger vehicle will have the lights flashing and the machine does make a loud distinctive noise from the pulse jet motor that generates the fog.
When this is being undertaken, some may perceive that there is a fire due to the large white plume being emitted, there is no need to call the Fire Brigade.
Only parks, reserves and wet areas will be treated. At this stage there are no plans to fog residential streets or business premises.
Normal mosquito larva control operations will continue by treating creeks and water bodies to attempt to break the breeding cycle, residents are reminded that they can assist by controlling standing water on their properties. 
Experts in the science of mosquito control have determined they can breed in a container the size of a small coffee cup and the life cycle of a mosquito from egg to adult is 14 days.  Any assistance from residents would be greatly appreciated as well as feedback in relation to fogging operations.

Restricted Burning Period 

The Restricted Burning Period commenced on 15 February 2017. All burning must be carried out with a ‘Permit to Burn’ obtained free from the Shire office or your local Fire Control Officer. Please view the Fire Management Requirements Notice for further information. 
There have been a number of people reported burning without a permit, if you do burn without a permit you will incur an infringement. Please note also that if the fire escapes and causes damage you are not covered by insurance.
Council Meeting Highlights
February 2017
Council approved:
1. That the Shire gives local public notice of the proposal to permanently close the portion of Round Drive road reserve east of the Katanning Country Club ‘entry gate’ through to the common boundary of Lots 3 and 4; and; 
At the conclusion of advertising a further report be prepared for consideration by the Council.

Community Strategic Plan Achievement:
Development & Leadership - Governance:
  • Legal & Ethical Compliance [CBP Ref. P10.5.3]
Community & Culture:
  • Community Spaces, Cultural Opportunity and Cultural Diversity.
2. That the Shire gives local public notice inviting submissions on the proposed disposition of Lot 512 Daping Street, Katanning; and;
At the conclusion of advertising a further report be prepared for consideration by the Council.

Community Strategic Plan Achievement:
Development & Leadership - Governance:
  • Legal & Ethical Compliance [CBP Ref. P10.5.3]
  • Old Saleyards site - LIA [CBP Ref P6.5.28]
3. The purchase of a side tipper truck.
Community Strategic Plan Achievement:
The purchase of a new side tipper truck will improve key community aspirational elements as listed on page 10 of the Katanning Strategic Community Plan; Transport systems – maintain freight routes and road linkage, the new side tipper truck is able to efficiently cart gravel for the rehabilitation of gravel roads.

4. For the 2016/2017 Round 2 of the Katanning Community Financial Assistance Funding:
- $1,950ex GST to Great Southern Regional Middle School Campus Committee Scoping Study.
- $842.73ex GST in kind to Katanning Senior High School P&C for the 2017 Senior School Ball.
- $2,572.76ex GST to Palmerston Association towards the 2017 Sorry Day Katanning concert. 
- $1,024.22ex GST towards the Katanning CRC for Cooking Up a Storm oven costs.
- $1,775.73ex GST to Katanning Playgroup for their Open Day. 
- $1,000ex GST to Apex Club of Katanning towards the cost of a replacement donut machine.

Community Strategic Plan Achievement:
Community and Culture
  • Lifestyle
5. Donation of 33 art display boards to the Katanning Agricultural Pastoral & Horticultural Society Inc. and the condition that the boards are made available to the Shire of Katanning and other community groups, free of charge as required.
Community Strategic Plan Achievement:
Community & Culture
  • Lifestyle
All Council Agendas and minutes can be found at
Library Update
Life Long Readers
Meeting date: Friday 5 May
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Next Book: Nora Webster
Author: Colm Toibin

Set in Wexford, Ireland, and in breathtaking Ballyconnigar by the sea, Colm Toibin's tour de force eighth novel introduces the formidable, memorable Nora Webster.
Widowed at 40, with four children and not enough money, Nora has lost the love of her life, Maurice, the man who rescued her from the stifling world she was born into. Wounded and self-centred from grief and the need to provide for her family, she struggles to be attentive to her children's needs and their own difficult loss.
In masterfully detailing the intimate lives of one small family, Toibin has given us a vivid portrait of a time and an intricately woven tapestry of lives in a small town where everyone knows everyone's business, and where well-meaning gestures often have unforeseen consequences.
REMINDER: Upcoming Hardwaste Verge Collection

The Shire of Katanning is providing one hard waste verge collection for residential properties that currently receive a rubbish (or bin) service. This is all residential properties within the town site. As verge collection are picked up by mechanical means, please follow the information below to avoid any concerns.
Please Do:
  • Place your waste neatly on the verge no more than 7 days prior to the scheduled start date for your area
  • Have your waste on the verge by Monday 6.00am on the scheduled start date for your area as the contractor will only check your verge once
  • Allow 5-7 working days for your collection
  • Residents who have restricted verge access are requested to contact the Shire for advice prior to the collection commencing in your area
Please Do Not:
  • Obstruct the footpath, your normal bin service or the line of sight of pedestrians, cyclists or car, place your waste next to trees, power poles, walls, streets signs, sprinklers or water meters (as these may be damaged)
  • Place your waste inside your property line
  • Waste placed on the verge more than 10 days prior to your area collection commencing, or after the truck has passed, may render you liable to a litter infringement notice
  • Place your waste on other verges as it will not be collected from vacant properties or public reserves, and may render you liable to a little infringement notice.
 What will be collected:
  • Old furniture
  • White goods (fridges, stoves etc)
  • Scrap metal Timber Products (up to 2m in length)
  • General junk
  • Up to 3 cubic metres of material (ie 1x1x3 metres)
 What will NOT be collected:
  • NO green waste
  • NO asbestos or fibre cement products
  • NO foodstuff or domestic rubbish
  • NO bricks, sand or building rubble
  • NO tyres, batteries or oil
  • NO car bodies or vehicle parts
  • NO liquid waste
  • NO household hazardous, medical or veterinary waste
  • NO cement or concrete
  • NO stumps, palm logs or tree roots
  • NO paints, chemicals, oils or acids
  • NO object exceeding 2m in length
How to pile your collection:
  • Place your bulk rubbish on the verge without obstructing footpaths into two separate piles
  • Pile 1: White goods only         
  • Pile 2: General goods only
To prevent the risk of child entrapment, doors MUST be detached from fridges & freezers. The truck collecting metal products is a separate truck from the general collection vehicle.
Leisure Centre Update

Travelling, Camping & Bushwalking
If you are travelling or staying near bushland, fire is a real risk to you. Be aware of your surroundings and carry a printed map of the areas you are visiting. Plan your trip ahead by checking the weather forecasts and Fire Danger Ratings for the areas you are planning to visit. Pack an emergency kit to take with you including important items such as woollen blankets, drinking water and protective clothing.

What to do if you encounter a bushfire while travelling, camping or walking near bushland?

Travelling by car
  • Slow down as there could be people, vehicles and livestock on the road
  • Turn your car headlights and hazard lights on
  • Close the windows and outside vents
  • If you can’t see clearly, pull over and park away from vegetation
  • Turn your engine off
  • Stay inside your car, it offers the best level of protection from the radiant heat as the fire front passes
  • Lie on the floor and cover your body with any available woollen or cotton blankets or cloth
 Travelling on foot
  • Do not panic
  • Move to clear or already burnt ground
  • Don't try to run uphill
  • Stay low and seek shelter behind a log, rocky outcrop or embankment to protect yourself from radiant heat
  • If your clothes catch fire, don't run. Stop, drop, cover your face and roll over and over to extinguish the flames
  Camping near bushland
  • Always check the weather conditions for your camping area
  • Find out what bushfire safety plans are in place in the area where you are camping
  • Ask for information on alternative routes to leave the area
  • If a fire occurs you should always take advice from emergency services personnel
Important Information
Find the local ABC radio frequency in the area you are travelling through. In a major emergency, when lives and property are at risk, ABC radio will issue broadcast warnings at a quarter to and a quarter past the hour. Main Roads provides updated information on road closures throughout Western Australia. Call 138 138 or
For more information:
Public Art Gallery Update
Remembering Them

20 April – 12 May 2017
Remembering Them is a project taking place in regional museums across Western Australia to commemorate the First World War. Up to 32 regional museums are working with the Project Group, made up of the WA Museum, Museums Australia WA Branch and the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, to develop exhibitions about the impact of the First World War on their communities.
The exhibitions will look at the social impact and human cost of the war and its effects on rural Western Australia. Themes will include experiences of loss, gallantry and survival – both at home and in combat – and the effect of the war on those left behind. The war had an impact even in communities that did not exist at the time, as it changed the landscape and population of Western Australia.
While many Centenary of Service projects will explore the big stories and grand narratives of World War One, Remembering Them will give communities the chance to anchor the stories of the war in their own homes. Those who served and those who stayed on the home front will be represented, as well as the changing community responses to the war and the ongoing impact.
Free entry to all Gallery exhibitions- call 9821 4310 for more information.
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