Biosis #52
Autumn 2016
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Dr. Verigin's Comment

Don’t Treat Illness – Restore the Body’s Coherence & Function Instead

melancholy expressionMany seem to think that health and disease are random things, matters of chance. How else can they explain how people can live under virtually the same conditions – same home, same foods, same water, same products, same air – yet have totally different health outcomes?

One person gets heart disease. One gets cancer. Another gets Alzheimer’s. Some may develop type 2 diabetes; some, arthritis or thyroid disease. Ad infinitum.

And most of us these days are sick. According to the CDC, about half of all American adults have at least one chronic health condition. One in four have at least two. Seven of the top 10 causes of death are chronic diseases. Just two of them – heart disease and cancer – led to nearly half of all deaths. Most health care spending – 86% - goes toward people with chronic medical conditions.

What accounts for so much sickness? Just the random luck of having parents who gave you bad genes? Or is it what happens to those genes over the course of a lifetime?

Our regular readers and longtime biological patients alike know that the answer is in epigenetics – the impact of environment on gene expression...


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From Our Blog

Should You Try an "Oil Pulling Mouthwash"?

fractionated coconut oil

With a headline asking “Is Fluoride the New Mercury?” how could you not go see what it has to say, even if it’s on a site you never, ever visit – in this case, Vogue?

Is fluoride the new mercury? Neither belongs in the human body. Both are neurotoxins.

But that’s not what the article was about, and it’s not what made it interesting. Under the headline was a slideshow of “natural toothpaste alternatives,” which included, weirdly, a lot of mouthwashes – and mouthwash just can’t do the job that brushing and flossing are needed to do.

But that’s not the interesting part either.

No, what caught our attention was one product in particular – an “oil pulling mouthwash.” Instantly, we suspected that this was one of those products trying to piggyback on the popularity of something genuinely healthful, like “organic water,” to use perhaps the most notorious example.

Oil pulling, as we’ve noted before, is a practice that can really do wonders, especially for periodontal (gum) health and especially when done with coconut oil. And there’s good science backing it up – as well as demonstrating the antimicrobial qualities of coconut oil in particular. Clinically, we see that it works.

But it’s nothing like using a mouthwash...

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