NEWSLETTER, December 2016
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Ultra-Seal announces new distributors for the United Kingdom, Norway and the Netherlands

Ultra-Seal has come to an agreement with Trans UK Equipment Management Limited, Truck & Trailer Industry Norway AS and VDL Weweler Parts, for the distributorship rights for the sale of Ultra-Seal in the UK-, Norwegian- and Dutch markets.

Trans UK

Trans UK has over 40 years of transport related industry experience and specialises in Semi-Trailer Rental, Leasing and Trailer Fleet Management with a portfolio of over 1000 assets in the UK and Europe.

The company operates from Tamworth near Birmingham and will distribute the Ultra-Seal product from its central warehouse towards OEM customers and end-users.

Furthermore, Trans UK is the official partner for Kögel trailers in the UK and offers a wide range of trailer types and container chassis, with a 24 hours Europe wide breakdown and customer assistance number.


Truck & Trailer Industry Norway and VDL Weweler Parts are 100 percent subsidiaries of VDL Groep.

TTI is the market leader for Commercial Vehicle spare parts in Norway. With 4 owned stock-holding locations and 16 workshop locations through partnerships, TTI can cover all of Norway within a 50-kilometre range.

VDL Weweler Parts owns 5 stock-holding locations in the Netherlands and focuses on the sales and aftersales of truck and trailer parts for the professional transport industry.
Parent company VDL Groep, with about 13,000 employees and an expected combined turnover of 3 billion euros in 2016, is an international industry leader devoted to the development, production and sale of semi-finished products, buses and coaches, other finished products, and the assembly of passenger vehicles. VDL Groep has a total of 89 operating companies, spread throughout 19 countries.


After extensive testing, Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone GmbH has chosen Ultra-Seal as its official tyre sealant liquid supplier for its new Easy Rider tyre series.

The new Easy Rider tyres from Krone are private-labelled quality tyres, developed to cover its complete range of sizes, and are 5-tonne rated. Krone will start filling Easy Rider tyres with Ultra-Seal as a factory fitted option from its OEM trailer facility in Werlte.

Ultra-Seal participated in the IAA in Hannover from 22-29 September 2016. An impression can be found here!
Ultra-Seal is now rapidly following with new large customer names;treading in the footsteps of Krone, companies like DSV, ICTS, Ancotrans, TIP Trailers Sweden, MAN-dealer ROSIERVANDENBOSCH, and Mezger Rent & Service, amongst others, started using Ultra-Seal.

Mezger owns a mixed fleet of 500 truck- and trailer units, with its operational area in the South of Germany. Mezger is specialised in rental and service for its fleet, with its headquarters in Möckmühl near Heilbronn and with 32 employees in its office and workshop.

After official approval from Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone GmbH, for insertion of Ultra-Seal in its new Easy Rider tyre series, Westlake has now officially also approved the use of Ultra-Seal in combination with its tyres. Westlake tyres are produced by one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world: ZC Rubber Group Co. Ltd.

With over 50 years of experience and modern industry technology, ZC Rubber Group Co. Ltd. has a worldwide distribution network, with which it provides a full range of premium tyres to clients all over the world, in every Commercial Vehicle sector.

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It remains effective for the complete life of the tyre, without having to undergo extra maintenance. Ultra-Seal is environmentally friendly and provides the driver with an extra safety factor.

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Tested and approved by DSV and other leaders in the transport industry.
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