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We are excited to launch our inaugural newsletter, which is specifically designed to bring you cutting edge news and stories for organisations just like yours that want to transition to renewables or zero net emissions. 

Did you know that the average regional council can save its ratepayers $1m per year by implementing a sustainable energy plan?

In this first edition, we will look at how councils can achieve these savings, we will examine funding energy projects and setting up revolving energy funds. We are also introducing the book 'Energy Unlimited' by one of our directors Barbara Albert, which contains our method for helping
organisations transition to 100% renewable energy. 
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How the average council can save ratepayers $1m per year

100% Renewables undertook an investigation of how much regional councils spend on electricity, street lighting and fuels, on average. The results are that a typical rural council in NSW spends about $2.5m per year on electricity, $250,000 on street lighting electricity and roughly $1m on fuels like diesel and petrol. By implementing energy efficiency measures like…
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Financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

A few years ago, there were few options to invest in energy efficiency or renewables – to buy and own the equipment, or finance it with a loan. Nowadays there are many innovative and flexible financing mechanisms available. You can decide on how to structure the cash flow, what party will own the asset and …
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Setting up a Revolving Energy Fund

A lot of times in our work the question comes up as to how energy efficiency and renewable energy projects can best be financed. One financing option is to create a “Revolving Energy Fund”, also known as a ‘Green Revolving Fund’ or ‘Sustainability Revolving Fund’. A Revolving Energy Fund (REF) is an internal fund that …
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Introducing the book trailer 'Energy Unlimited'

If, as a society, we are to meet the Climate Agreement that was signed in Paris in 2015, we need to reach zero net emissions by the second half of this century.Organisations will play a big part in reaching this milestone. The time is now to commit to 100% renewable energy or zero net emissions and to start planning for the transition.

At 100% Renewables, we want to share our knowledge with the world, so that more organisations can feel confident in making the switch. We packed everything we know into a book, which details the four-step-method on how organisations can transition to a renewable energy future.

To learn more about the book, please watch our two-minute trailer or visit our website for more information.

Book Trailer

This is a 2 min book trailer of Barbara Albert's first book:
"Energy Unlimited - Four Steps to 100% Renewable Energy".
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