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The Banner Saga

Stoic Studio, started by three ex-Bioware employees, released The Banner Saga in 2014 to universal acclaim. Inspired by Viking legend and featuring a standard of dialogue more often found in literature than gaming, this game carves its own unique corner in the gaming universe. The recent release of The Banner Saga 2 has in nearly all respects exceeded the high bar set by its predecessor. The Banner Saga's deceptively deep real-time strategy mechanics encourage thoughtful planning. The beauty of the game alone, with hand painted designs evocative of the Golden Age of animation, is enough to warrant you picking it up. 

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At this point we’re all familiar with Robert Kirkman, the Geek God who fathered The Walking Dead, the show that routinely vies for the prize of breaking the internet most often. Kirkman has big plans for a new kind of media empire: the anti Marvel. Kirkman's vision is to keep comic book creators at the core of every production, to remain true to their vision for a story and its characters. The way things seem to be going, he just might pull it off...

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