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Succession - 4th in the Series

By Don Moore

Succession covers such a wide range. In the space of 12 months I have talked with families with the following incredibly different situations. Just a few examples:
  1. A large family of siblings in their 60’s and older who have children in the business but who have yet to hand executive leadership and ownership to the next generation.
  2. A family in which the children and spouses share in decision making with the parents…but, in which the succession process is stalled and the children now believe that it is going to stay stalled.
  3. A husband and wife who wish to exit now, while they are in their early 50’s. They want to sell to their employees but have an aversion to sharing the executive roles with employees. And yet, they want the employees to make life changing decisions.
  4. Two young men (40’s) with lots of manufacturing experience who are looking to make a purchase, but, who don’t really know what it means to own a business.
Some people who read the above will think, “that’s me he’s talking about!”  Maybe, maybe not.  You’d be astonished at how common some of these scenarios are, even the first one.   (Read more)

Does Your Organization Have a Winning Culture?

By Aaron Phillips

Have you ever wondered why teams that had no business winning a game actually pull off a championship? Have you ever thought on paper this team should be winning but they consistently lose? I reflected on this past Super Bowl and attempted to digest what happened on the field. The New England Patriots pulled off a historic win. A team that was down 25 points in one of the biggest games on the world stage wins – how did this happen?
I think the answer is rather simple. The New England Patriots have a winning culture. Bill Belichick, when interviewed after the game, said they never felt winning was not achievable. Organizations that have winning cultures believe they can win games that seem impossible. Organizations that have winning cultures have a game plan and stick to it. They may tweak the game plan, but they never lose sight of what has made them successful. Organizations that have winning cultures have winners on their team.
(Read more)

Proven B2B Digital Marketing Tactics to Get and Keep Buyer Interest

By Ricardo Guardiola

Did you know that today’s buyer prefers to be contacted by email for new business development opportunities? Do you know how to use your website and social media to engage buyers and triple to quadruple your lead-to-close rate? Today’s buyer is an adept online researcher. He or she reads online testimonials, conducts keyword searches and asks peers on social media for referrals. Industries today want more services with fewer, carefully selected suppliers.
What are the best practices for staying in front of buyers to build solid relationships and gain new, profitable business? We cultivated the following insights through our own research into the regional perspectives of buyers on contract manufacturers and suppliers, complimented by nation-wide research into buyer behavior and the benefits of using B2B social media to effectively engage this audience.
The Decision Associates Marketing Practice welcomes your questions and continued discussion on how to use these tactics to drive sales and sustainable strategies for profitable growth.   (Read more)

Decision Associates M&A News

By Don Moore

In this newsletter, you’ll find announcements for two companies that Decision Associates M&A represented in their sale transaction. There are many and varied reasons that lead company ownership to decide to sell.  When they make that decision, they are universal in asking us to find a buyer that will keep the company in the region. They want to preserve the jobs of employees whom they truly care about and to continue the economic impact to a community of which they’ve been a part. As you know from the media, this is not easy; a buying company often finds it far more productive to consolidate a new acquisition into existing facilities elsewhere.
Over the last 5 years, Decision Associates M&A has been able to find that “perfect buyer” for each of the companies we’ve represented; the buyer that values our client’s current location, market reach, facilities, employee skill set and operational capabilities. And, in looking at the history of every transaction, the buyers have invested in the companies that they’ve bought, adding jobs and expanding as they’ve integrated their new asset.  (Read more)

News Clips

Decision Associates M&A Completes Sale of Lakeview Forge
Lakeview Forge is one of Erie’s oldest companies, founded in 1902 by the Bacon family and owned continuously by that family until this year. From 1902 to today, the company has had a strong dedication to its employees and the Erie community throughout every generation of the family. In making the decision to sell, the company turned to Decision Associates to help them find a buyer who would keep the company and its employees in Erie. We found the ideal buyer in DMT, Inc, a company that specializes in heavy industries such as forging. They have committed to keep Lakeview Forge in Erie and will be investing in long term growth.
Decision Associates M&A Completes Sale of Process and Data Automation
Process and Data Automation is an industry leader in automation industrial controls. What’s that mean?  They develop the software that runs the equipment that manufacturers everything from juice plants to refineries to water treatment to metals manufacturing. Decision Associates represented Process and Data in the sale to Krones Inc., a German company that is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of food processing equipment. Process and Data will remain headquartered in Erie, PA and the new company expects continued growth here and throughout Krones’ US market.

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What our Clients are saying:
"When I first decided to purchase a business, I chose Decision Associates M&A to assist in the process. It was the first time that I had used an M&A firm and it went very well. Don Moore and B.J. Lechner had the ability to facilitate meetings and keep us, the seller and our attorneys talking to work through the questions that we had. They kept us on track and updated on each turn along the way. Decision Associates is a reputable, professional and knowledgeable firm, and I would recommend them to anyone who is selling their business or looking for a new venture."
Steve Henderson, President
Great Lakes Cast Stone, Inc.
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